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  1. WestHardinfan1

    Since there is talk of assimilation

    I don't doubt you on that ....lol
  2. WestHardinfan1

    Since there is talk of assimilation

    He already said his daughters were smarter than him ....I'm a believer.....lol
  3. WestHardinfan1

    Media FOIA requests jump 669% post-Obama

    No charges filed because the goppers are just as guilty......drain the swamp ....
  4. WestHardinfan1

    Houston Astros Off Season

    Very glad they locked Bregman in for the long haul.....
  5. WestHardinfan1

    School cancelled for the rest of the week so....

    They were losing on ADA and paying subs ...I think I'm one of the only ones who doesn't have it .....
  6. WestHardinfan1

    Two Nearly-Identical Dark Matter Studies Have Conflicting Results

    Dark matter does not exist ...this is their atheistic way to try to explain the universe without God....
  7. WestHardinfan1

    School cancelled for the rest of the week so....

    You'll be ok ....you ain't nearly in as bad of shape as some of the old geezers that play at Wildwood..... lol
  8. WestHardinfan1

    Since there is talk of assimilation

    So what happened to theoldcoach???
  9. He should take care of his own constituents......
  10. Screw that radical muslime.....
  11. Golf til I drop.....lol......
  12. WestHardinfan1

    Since there is talk of assimilation

    His leash on THIS site is extremely short......
  13. WestHardinfan1

    A Study of Leviticus

    Leviticus 7 By: Jim Crews Leviticus 7: 1 - 10 Here is the law of the guilt offering. God details how the guilt offering is to be handled by the priests. The male priests could eat of this offering, but it had to be eaten in a holy place. The guilt offering was just like the sin offering. The priest who offered a man’s guilt offering could keep the skin for himself. If it was a grain offering baked in the oven, the priest who prepared it could eat it. Other grain offerings were to be shared equally among the priests. Leviticus 7: 11 - 18 Here God details the law of the peace offerings that could be offered unto Him. If this is offered for thanksgiving, it was to be unleavened loaves or unleavened wafers smeared with oil. One loaf from each offering was a gift to God. This one belonged to the priest who threw the blood of the peace offering. The flesh of the sacrifice was to be eaten on the day it was offered. None was to be leftover. However, if this is a vow offering or a freewill offering, it could be kept over and finished the next day, but any left on the third day must be burned with fire. If the flesh were eaten on the third day, the one who offered it would not be accepted and it would not be credited to him. It was tainted, and the one who ate it would bear the iniquity of the one who offered it. Leviticus 7: 19 - 21 Flesh that touched any unclean thing was not to be eaten. All who were clean could eat flesh, but if an unclean person ate of the flesh of the peace offering, he was to be cut off from the people. Anyone who touched unclean things then ate was to be cut off from the people. Leviticus 7: 22 - 27 The fat of any animal was not to be eaten. Animal fat could be put to other uses, but it was not to be eaten. Those who ate of the fat of the offering were to be cut off from the people. They were not to eat blood at all, either. Those who ate blood were to be cut off from the people. Leviticus 7: 28 - 36 This section details how the portions of the peace offering are to be divided among the priests. Leviticus 7: 37 - 38 The burnt offering, grain offering, sin offering, guilt offering, ordination offering, and peace offering have been revealed to them by God in detail, and He will accept only that which follows His details to the letter.
  14. WestHardinfan1

    Plain Talk

    Vol.IV No.VII Pg.6 August 1967 "Societies" And "Adjunots" Robert F. Turner The word "Society" has a bad connotation among members of the church of Christ, especially when applied to some church adjunct. The "adjunct" is freely accepted by "marching" liberal brethren everywhere -- World Radio, Campaigns for Christ, Inc., Herald of Truth, Boles Home, etc. -- although there is hesitancy in calling these adjuncts "adjuncts," and downright aversion to calling them "societies" (Some brave reader will "Refuse" this paper on the basis of the above.). But facts are stubborn things. The word "society" as used in this context means, "a voluntary association of individuals for common ends". The bad connotation, mentioned earlier, developed among members of the church of Christ in earlier years, when "missionary societies" "ladies aid societies" and the like were issues among brethren, leading to the so-called "Christian Church" division (Today's "Christian Church" is simply yesterday's liberal brethren, gone to seed.). A missionary society consisted of "a voluntary association of individuals" intent on furthering the preaching of the gospel (As those forming today's Gospel Press society.). It became an "adjunct" to the churches because churches voluntarily contributed to its treasury, using it as a media through which to do some of their "mission" work. Domination of the churches by the societies was not an avowed purpose or intent. In fact many societies had clauses in their charters sharply forbidding such. Autonomy was not wrested from churches -- certainly not in early stages of the development. The churches freely gave away their autonomy, in their zeal to do "good works" via these adjuncts. These things are clearly revealed in "our" history, and why men like Reuel Lemmons can not see it, I do not understand. Words have their "day" and then give place to other words. "Society" was a popular word in the latter half of the last century. It was freely attached to Orphan Homes, Schools, and the like by brethren whose counterparts now shun the word like the plague (Today's "fellowship dinners" and "area-wide young people's meetings" were once called "fairs and festivals" and are outlawed as such in many "creeds in the deeds" today.). The point in all this in most obvious to any who will THINK. Liberal brethren today are condoning, encouraging and supporting exactly the same things -- in principle -- that led the digressive movement of the last century. Benevolent Societies, Missionary Societies, Advertisement Societies, Promotion Societies, and many more, are made adjuncts to the church, and sap the strength of that divine institution. Today's promoters have simply relabeled the mess, and gullible brethren are swallowing it, hook-line-and-sinker. Early stalwarts contended that the single independent local church was its own "missionary society" and "benevolent society". They were called, "Anti-s" by the digressive element of yesteryear -- even as those who object to today's adjuncts are societies are so branded. AM I BECOME YOUR ENEMY BECAUSE I TELL YOU THE TRUTH??