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  1. The Vine and the Branches In the Book of John, Jesus shows us one of the many examples of how the Church would be. John 15:1-8 In some places the Church is called the body. In other places it is called the kingdom. It is also called a temple, and a family. In this passage it is compared to branches on a vine. Today we are going to study this text and the figurative imagery used here, so we can see the lesson being taught by Jesus. First we look at the vine. The vine is the Messiah, Jesus. He cleanses us from sin through the Word. John 15: 3 Ep
  2. Vol.VIII No.V Pg.4 July 1971 Ambitious Tent Dwellers Dan S. Shipley In 2 Cor. 5: Paul pictures the body as a tent-house (tabernacle) which the Christian will one day put off in favor of a heavenly habitation with the Lord. After showing that to be at home in the body is to be absent from the Lord (vs. 6) he concludes in verse 9, Wherefore also we make it our aim, whether at home or absent, to be well pleasing unto him. The word aim as used here means to be ambitious in a good sense. It is to act from love or honor; in this case, the honor which comes from the Lord. (
  3. Good eating at Momma Jack's or Captain Rons in Kountze. ...
  4. Vol.VIII No.V Pg.3 July 1971 Saving The Church, Ii Robert F. Turner I wrote an article on this subject several years ago, but some must have failed to read it —, otherwise, why would these foolish notions continue to circulate? Hmmmm!! One fellow said Foy once saved the church from premillennialism, but now his influence has waned, and he cant save the church from institutionalism He thought it was a pity we didnt have someone whose influence was such that he could save the church now. I said (hours later, when I usually think of my best replies) Yeah, what a pity th
  5. And 14 to 12 Colmesneil was the final......
  6. Last I heard it was 14 - 12 Colmesneil early 4th......
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