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  1. Agree. But at least he can say that he played D1 at a major university and hopefully parlays that into something credible post football. Good for him. I watched Josh Cochran dominate at Hallsville at RT and he went to the Horns and started as a freshman. Unfortunately injuries derailed his career. Never saw the dominance with Trainor.
  2. Always thought that he was a project at best. To me he was recruited based upon size only.
  3. Did not watch the game. How did the Trainor kid from Hallsville do? Mince no words.
  4. Hmmm. I was a student there in the mid-to-late 80’s graduating in 1988. My daughter graduated from UT in 2014. There was a night and day difference between her campus and mine. My college roommate’s daughter will graduate from UT this coming May and her campus has changed some more even since my daughter graduated. The kids that can’t get into Texas are now going to A&M, Bama, LSU and the Mississippi schools. Walk the campus and see for yourself and not to just what you see in the stadium on game day.
  5. Your last paragraph is not a stretch. There are many who believe that Texas is not committed to winning from the top down. The demographics on the campus has changed and Texas, as a university, even though already academically challenging, is becoming more of a Stanford, Cal, Ivy League type of school that just happens to have a wealthy, older fan base that expects football to be better.
  6. I know that the schools are not paying for this. I should have put more emphasis on "consumers". The pool of people wanted to get paid has just gotten larger plus there are new or more companies, etc. that may start to have deals with these athletes. These companies will have to come up with money somewhere particularly if these deals do not generate additional income. Companies are not going to compromise their bottom line. The prices of goods will go up to offset any losses. Additionally, if things go through the roof because of endorsements, then there is a supply issue and then price
  7. I get that. However, I am not going to buy a product because of some 18 year old is endorsing it. Of course there will be those that will. Also gone are the days where kids run down to the field in hopes of getting their favorite player's autograph after the game/practice. I suspect that if they do they will have to have a PayPal or Venmo account handy on their phone to ensure that the player gets his money.
  8. I haven't followed all of this NIL stuff that closely for multiple reasons. One reason is that I have a hard time about offering a large amount of money to kids which have largely yet to prove themselves in their chosen field of work. The cost of supporting these deals will ultimately fall back on us fans (consumers). Should they receive a "salary"? Sure, but it should be a flat consistent rate across the board. The whole issue of collegiate athletes getting paid has been around forever. In fact, recently on TCM, there was a movie about it. Saturday's Hero was released in 1937 starr
  9. I am legitimately trying to think of recent CFB players that have nicknames (that stuck and were referred to commonly). The only two that I can think of is Manziel and Kenny. Now there have been stud players recently that are identified by just either their first or last name but cannot think of a nicknamed one. Once someone mentions one then I will have better recall. But for now I am drawing a blank. Name some and help me out.
  10. Highlights are highlights for any players. They are not going to show their less stellar moments. So that may be the difference. Perhaps Manning, due to his pedigree and training, is a more cerebral player and makes less mistakes?
  11. You have to know that Texas and OU both have a targets on their chest coming into the SEC. There is no way that the SEC schools do not want to show the newcomers exactly what SEC football is like as compared to the B12. Whether Texas has been competitive or not in the lifetime of the actual players they are still "Texas" and OU is still "OU". And it is not "caring" about winning one game or another or even a rivalry. No one wants to lose any game. The SEC programs will be out to make a statement against the newcomers and what they bring to the table.
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