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  1. What I have read is that after all of the negotiations from the demands of the players this summer, changing names of buildings, funding more minority programs, etc., which the university did with the compromise that the players did not have to sing The Eyes of Texas but would remain on the field. Some of the players wanted the song gone but all of the other demands were met so giving one thing as a compromise seemed logical. All of the other sports programs have complied with this except for the football team. Herman did not enforce it so the players have been leaving. Del Conte, the AD,
  2. From what I gather from the ones that are opposed to the song is that it was sung at a minstrel show originally. There is a forced connection to what the song is actually referring to as well. If indeed this song was "racist" I am sure that it would have been dealt with long ago. Even if it was originally meant to be racist it has long lost that connection. I was on campus from 1984 through 1988 and I was never made aware of the "history" of the song.
  3. I partially agree with this post. The head coaches for OU during the time that the other players played were Gary Gibbs, Howard Schnellenberger, and John Blake. The OU that we know today was not the OU of then. These coaches did not perform well so it is safe to assume that the defenses were not stellar then either. I will agree that the stats are irrelevant because of the progressiveness of the game and through in 4 OT's. And, the losses are not on Sam.
  4. Hallsville may not win many, if any, games this year but they will be much more competitive than in recent years. The athletes that refused to play under Drennan are back and are contributing.
  5. Coaching makes average players good and good players great. Texas is lacking player development which leads to draft picks. The talent is on the 40 Acres it is just not being coached up. Do not just look at draft picks. Look at the Texas players that are in the NFL and are contributors that were UDFAโ€™s. To me, that screams lack of coaching at the collegiate level.
  6. I think the political environment at Texas is being overplayed by those that are saying so and so will not come because of the politics. While it does take some hand grabbing and fake pats on the back I see that being less of an issue; 10 to 15 years ago, yes, but not today. The boosters that demanded that type of involvement are literally dying off. They were all there during the SWC days of winning. A different era of football and life. The remnant of them were present during the Mack years. The new boosters are those that remember the Vince and Colt years. Today's business is bri
  7. I disagree with your premise that there are no studs on Texasโ€™ roster. They may not have the inherent passion that Sam has but to say they are not exceptional football players is a stretch. Being a head coach is more than teaching fundamentals, techniques, Xโ€™s And Oโ€™s, you must also foster the killer instincts that supplements all of the rest. Herman lacks both. He is not teaching nor is he developing an attitude with his players. The latent talent is there it is just not being utilized or even tapped into save some God-given exceptions.
  8. I am hearing that the BMDโ€™s in Houston are rallying to get Herman out. I am not just talking about the old money people but some of the younger, next generation crowd and contributors too. This was all prior to the OU game. May go into overdrive now! Stay tuned?!!
  9. If I recall correctly there was still about 20 seconds on the play clock when the ball was snapped on Ingramโ€™s fumble play.
  10. Saw them in Austin in 1988 during the OU812 Tour. I was a student at UT at the time and worked at the Frank Erwin Center as security. I was usually stationed in front of the stage or near the band's sound board in the front-center. I was at the sound board for this concert. i always had great "seats"!
  11. There are so many ways to look at records. If you use the "decades" metric it can be deceiving as one or two strong years can offset a decade of mediocracy. The entire time (1984 thru 1988) I was on the 40 Acres I considered Texas football to be poor. My freshman year Texas was ranked number 1 until they tied OU in the Texas/OU game after narrowly missing out on the NC in 1983 on a botched punt return that should have never been fielded. From there it was a downward slide until 1990 (blip) then it was bad again. From '98 thru '09 Texas won no less 9 games per year. 2001 thru 2009
  12. Texas is frustrating to watch. I have gotten to a point where it is excruciating to watch the Horns play. I would enjoy watching them if I knew that they had no chance at all to win and I would enjoy watching them if a win was a no brainer. But to sit and watch them game in and game out knowing that just one or two plays determine a game is stressful. They have the overall talent but something always happens. I was really hoping that Herman was going to be the guy but he does not seem to be so. I just want consistency and it is simply not there. All schools go through down times and
  13. Is this in play this year? I thought that it was being waived this year because of Covid? If so, and A&M loses the next couple of games for some reason, do you start to roll with King to get him some "free" exposure? That way Jimbo would/should have all of his recruits in place.
  14. Not that Hallsville has ever been a power in football but under Plunk they were competitive in most games. His successor really depleted the enthusiasm to even suit up as the numbers really dropped. The 3 years under this coach were horrible. A new coach is now in place and the numbers are back up. There are multiple starters that have not played football in 2 to 4 years because of the previous regime. What little I have seen and heard of the new coach is much more promising.
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