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  1. I do not understand the need to jack up 3's. Michigan was down one and they were shooting 3's. They had time to work the ball inside to get a nice shot while burning the clock. Their last 3 shots were all 3's and misses. Stupid.
  2. Won his first NC just 2 or 3 years after arriving at Texas. Won his second one during my senior year at Texas. Has won many more since then. A Longhorn Legend.
  3. I remember one of my 5th grade teachers in 1977 reading The Mouse and the Motorcycle to the class.
  4. What? We talking about the same Shaka that "coaches" at Texas?
  5. I thought Kerry Strong is in the running for HC at Allen.
  6. I believe they were down one, time is expiring, so let's jack up a 3 from the corner with some time still on the clock. Shot missed, of course, goes out of bounds off of Tech. Texas gets the ball back and fortunately the Texas guard drives the lane and thankfully is fouled with 1.8 seconds left. Seals the win with 2 free throws. It does not have to be like that.
  7. Watching Texas play is frustrating. So much talent...such poor coaching.
  8. Thanks for the breakdown. I knew that both Hallsville and TH were strong in baseball and that most likely neither one dominated the other but did not have the stats to support the thought. Hallsville has been good since the early-to-mid 80’s.
  9. “Bold” as in “bold text” not “bold” as in a grandiose statement.
  10. That is right. Hallsville has made it to State a few years ago. But have they (TH) "ruled" the district yearly?
  11. Mavchamp, I tried to find some records for the last 15 years or so but I have not been successful in my research. Perhaps Mavgrad may have some but I question the bolded statement above. Hallsville is annually strong in baseball. It is definitely one and two for baseball between TX High and Hallsville but I am not sure which one is on top. Marshall I would think would be a far distant third at best.
  12. The local TV station ran a story on this last night. Though they showed both sides of the story it was still probably 60/40 to 70/30 slanted toward the ones that wanted it removed. To the casual observer, who fails to do critical thinking or any thinking at all, I can see how the opinion is formed to have it removed. As an alum I receive calls throughout the year from current students asking me for donations to the school above what I already give. I am going to start my own poll on what they think of the song as that will be my leading comment after they ask me for more money.
  13. Who is to say who is an “up and comer”? How can you project future success? Hallsville got rid of Plunk because he was a .500 coach because the Board Members thought that Hallsville had better athletes than what were walking the halls. Hallsville then hired a State Championship coach who failed miserably once he sat foot in Hallsville. He is now gone and Hallsville just went winless with his replacement. At least Plunk made “use” with the football athletes he had at his disposal while at Hallsville. Perhaps Atlanta will have better athletes for football per capita than what Hallsville had
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