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  1. More collateral damage from the Chinese Coronavirus!!
  2. China has a way of dealing with those who step out of their lane.
  3. I personally have not heard too much other than the fact that, on the surface, the profile looks very similar to the road that was just traveled down with Drennon. At least it cannot get any worse than it already was. Just hope that he can get Hallsville to be "competitive" again. I will buy my season tickets again and will be there when I can cheering the team on.
  4. I think the information available to determine if a mom has an influence or not is skewed. The times that the athlete and the mom disagree are the ones that usually make the headlines since that is "news". How many times does it get reported that the athlete followed mom's wishes? Probably not too many because there is no conflict there thus there is no "news". I am also sure that there are cases where the kid and mom disagreed on where to go but the kid becomes "star" and all is forgotten. What about the times that the kid does not make it and transfers home to be closer to "family"? We generally also only hear about the high profile kids' recruiting. How many of the lower profile kids do not follow mom's wishes? Also add into the fact that many of these athletes have no "father figure" in their life and that their mom or grandmother is all that they have for guidance. The myth, legend, rumor, etc. about the influence of a mother on the decision was borne somewhere. How many times is there a conflict between the dad and the athlete versus the athlete and the mom? Probably heavily skewed towards the mom. So where there is smoke there is fire.
  5. Wait, what? Are we talking about Hallsville?
  6. I knew he had a lot. As a program Hallsville just went over a 1000 wins this year back in February. I think the start date was in the late 1940's. Crazy that he has amassed half of the wins in 20 or so years. The baseball program in Hallsville really took off in the early 1980's initially with Mike Cox for a couple of years followed by Connie Cochran. I would not be surprised to find out that Cochran had a 100 or so wins in the short time he was there. I believe that Cochran's initial 3 teams were the first in the program history to win 20+ games 3 years in a row.
  7. Yes, I have heard the same thing. He is on schedule to reach a major win (300?) milestone this year.
  8. Football has always been tough for Hallsville. They should not have been as bad as they were under Drennon but at least somewhat competitive. Being that there are better football schools to the East and the West, Hallsville should continue to focus on baseball. And no, I am not a baseball parent. My last child graduated in 2013 and he only played football and was a sprinter on the track team.
  9. He said “kids” not “wives”!!
  10. I was listening to the College Sports Station this morning on XM Radio and this and some other decisions that the NCAA made took the schools and AD’s by surprise. From what I gather it sounds like some of this may be reconsidered depending on how this initial quarantine works out.
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