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  1. 2 hours ago, DaveTV1 said:

    My parents always had it on after they had watched The Lawrence Welk Show.  I had a huge crush on Misty Rowe she was also on Happy Days the first season.  I still use "Gloom, Despair, and Agony on Me" after a Cowboys loss.   

    My family on my father's side are "country".  All of my uncles and great-uncles played some sort of instrument from a saw, spoons, fiddle, banjo, guitar, jug, you name it and the played it.  Two of my uncles did a great "Gloom, Despair, and Agony on Me" skit.

  2. I grew up watching it because my parents did. At the time I did not care for it aside from the “women talent” on there. However, as I have gotten older I find myself watching it from time to time and enjoy it as a bygone era full of nostalgia.

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  3. 3 hours ago, ETXfan16 said:

    I want to say he said this right after the OU game. I could be wrong. But that's when the team started standing for the song after the game.

    If you're a student, alum, or fan, that song means a lot. When I go to games, it is my absolute favorite moment (especially after a W at the RRR). I like singing it at the opponent and their fans and it brings chills down my spine. I could have never imagined when singing or reading the lyrics that they came off racist. The song is what you want it to be and what it means to you. 

    Singing the "Eyes" is a great tradition especially at away games. Below is a pic of the UT/WVU game in Morgantown from last year (2019).  Just from looking at the photo there is almost 100% participation of standing with the Horns raised.  I cannot comment on how many were actually singing but I can tell you that there was a lot of excitement among the players.  I also have video from the 2017 match-up that has the team and UT fans singing the "Eyes" and their jubilation afterwards.  Winning solves a lot of issues.  The issue with this past year as that all of the discontent started before the season started.

    Hopefully the 2021 season will return to some sort of normalcy.  I usually make at least one home game and one away game plus the Alamo Bowl each year.  I usually go to the WVU game in Morgantown since my daughter lives in North Carolina.  She is a huge football fan and we meet up in WV for the game.

    Lastly, we met some WVU alumni a few years ago at a Cracker Barrel outside of Morgantown and they were gracious enough to extend an invitation to allow us to park at the stadium where they tailgate.  It is really nice to be able to drive right up to the stadium, give the attendant your name, and park for free!

    As you can tell in the below pics the UT fans were greatly outnumbered!!!  There weren't many WVU fans left during the "Eyes"!!




  4. 3 minutes ago, ETXfan16 said:

    I think Mattheew McConaughey said it best. 


    “My first gut is this — my gut instinct on “The Eyes of Texas” at present. And it has been since this issue came up. And this is a play on the word eyes of Texas but I thought about it. Look, in the form of rehabilitation, which is what we’re all trying to figure out here, right? If somebody’s... if my eyes don’t see, if I’m having trouble seeing, you don’t gouge my eyes. You get me glasses. ... I’m saying well let’s not get rid of the eyes, let’s change the way the eyes see. The University of Texas hijacked that song from what its roots were. It has no present meaning or intention of what it did in its origin. Alright? So, while I understand and respect it’s disgraceful because of its origin, I’m like, we’ve rehabilitated that song. We hijacked it. We stole it. It’s like the U2 song that talks about Charles Manson stole that Beatles tune, “Helter Skelter.” Hey, we’re stealing it back. We got it. That’s not what we’re standing for. This is what we mean by it. And it does mean a halo of excellence above us. To go, hey, let’s have something that we have an expectation for who we are as Longhorns here. That’s how I see it. I say don’t change the eyes, just change the way the eyes see. Let’s embrace the change of what the song means and what we’ve turned it into.

    For those believe that it is or was a racist song, the reason to sing it now, in present times, couldn't be more eloquently spoken.  I read this when it came out a few months ago and wholeheartedly agree.  Hopefully with him being the Minister of Culture, and of the Hollywood crowd, this will carry some weight.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Baron said:

    Apparently this is where most of the animus regarding TEOT is coming from along with the blackface performers in 1905(?)

    When Lee said "The eyes of the South are upon you" he simply meant for graduates to go forth and act honorably in life.

    I have also heard that a professor connected with the band is the one who created this nonsense last summer and has pushed his agenda on the athletes and the band itself.

    My understanding is that the story of the "Eyes" has been wide known to the minority students for a number of years and is not something new.  Not to rehash a lot that has been previously written but I was a student there from '84-'88 and I have never heard of this before until this year.  My daughter went to Texas from '10-'14 and she was unaware of it too.  Additionally, when she went through orientation on campus she had to take a couple of social and cultural sensitivity seminars.  None of them broached this subject about the "Eyes".

    I do not believe that it is anyone associated with the band that is causing the ruckus now.  It was some liberal arts professor from a few years ago that started it all.  The issue with the band this year was that the drum major and a few others refused to play it.  All of this was hidden early in the year for their lack of performance at games as a response to being safe from Covid.  They were doing a "study" to see how the virus could be spread through the instruments being played.

  6. 3 minutes ago, Baron said:

    You're partially correct, but you shouldn't sell the assistants short. Saban is the GOAT but he wouldn't be that without a strong supporting cast. He does have an innate ability to hire exactly the right person for the job.

    A good boss always hires good, competent people, if not better performers.

  7. 4 minutes ago, WETSU said:

    Hes your other OT and would be a huge add.

    Coming out of high school I saw Trainor as a project at best.  Is he in serious contention?  According to the depth chart he has run as a number 2 but I did not see enough of the Aggie games this year to see if he contributed any.

  8. 2 minutes ago, topher805 said:

    I know there is a difference between college and pro, but here in Houston we are witnessing how wrong things can go trying to replicate culture and climate from another program...Take what you learned, but gotta do your thing. Sark isn't Saban and doesn't need to try to be. That is why his protégé tend to fail...

    That goes without saying but there are some fundamentals that should work globally.  You take what works and apply it to your situation as each situation as required.

  9. 1 minute ago, Valhalla said:

    I’m saying that Saban is what makes it successful. 

    OK.  No doubt that Saban is the alpha male.  But hopefully that if enough of them jump ship and come with Sark to Texas then collectively they would be better as a group versus if it were just Sark and a plus one or so.  I would think by having multiple pupils of Saban on staff it would be easier to keep the "Sabanisms" going.

  10. 2 minutes ago, Valhalla said:

    I'm saying that Alabama elevated those guys not vice versa.


    So, you are saying that these are "system" coaches and that the athletes that Alabama has have made the coaches successful?

    If so, Texas has recruited top athletes under both Strong and Herman and yet these athletes have not raised the level of coaching.  In fact, it has been stated that part of the problem with the Texas' staff has been poor player development.  Certainly Alabama has recruited better than Texas but Texas has still gotten their fair share of good talent.

    At this time I am willing to take the "Alabama player developed" staff to test the theory.  If cannot get any worse than it has been.

    Of course I am assuming the gist of your comment as such.

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  11. 1 hour ago, ETXfan16 said:

    Not being able to travel and go to conferences/meetings has hurt our industry as well. The whole virtual/working remote thing has its perks but I'm coming to find the cons are starting to outweigh the pros.

    It is nice being home but I do miss the travel.  In 2019 I was gone for about 100 days.  In 2020, prior to the Covid shutdown in mid-March I had already traveled to southern Africa, Canada and to 3 states.  Though my salary has not taken a direct hit, I am not presently accruing air miles and hotel stays.  I have over a million miles on Delta and almost that many on American.  I use those air miles and free hotel stays for personal travel.  Personal travel right now is coming out of my own pocket!

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  12. 9 minutes ago, ETXfan16 said:

    It’s even worse doing a presentation or speech over zoom. One of my biggest work pet peeves from this past year. It’s so weird 

    Exactly. I do it often. It is especially difficult doing it with people where English is their second language. Just yesterday I gave a technical presentation to a group of engineers. I rely heavily on interaction and body language to see if people are “getting” it. That is impossible to do so in today’s environment. Last fall I did a presentation online and it went ok. However both parties knew that something was still amiss. I ended up driving to Mesa, Arizona and met with them in person and did the whole thing over again in a 2 hour meeting. It went great.

    A large function of my job is presenting info. I really miss the travel and meeting folks in person right now.

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  13. 2 minutes ago, DB2point0 said:

    All the reporters were at home I think.

    The environment can affect ones ability to speak as well.  When I am in front of an audience speaking I like to move around and be a bit demonstrative.  One time I had to stand behind a lectern to give a presentation.  It was the worst one of my career as I was simply not comfortable standing still.  I had the worst cotton-mouth ever within the first 5 minutes of talking.

  14. 2 minutes ago, MavGrad99 said:

    Turned it off by the end of the 3rd quarter.  Alabama was making the 7-0 Buckeyes look like a team without an identity.

    To me, the injury to Fields in the first playoff game certainly had a negative impact on his performance as his scrambles were a bit more cautious.  Plus he had to be thinking of the imminent pain should he be sacked or tackled.  That, coupled with losing Sermon early, probably had a mental affect on the team as well.  Teague was no slouch but Sermon had been the man of late.  I still do not believe the outcome would have been any different than a Alabama win but it could have potentially been a bit closer for a while without those two injuries.

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