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  1. 12 hours ago, WETSU said:

    The problem is its the people in charge at many places that are part of this mess. Texas especially. In their strive for competing with Stanford they hired the people that think like Stanford. Sadly, this isn't going away at Texas anytime soon. 

    I am glad that I went to UT when I did. My daughter is glad that she went when she did. We both graduated and were admitted during the 10% admit period. Today the auto admit is the top 6%. The people that made UT what it is are not the ones going there now.

  2. 6 hours ago, WETSU said:

    The world we are living in is an absolute clown show... 

    Enough is enough. It is time for people in charge, not just at UT, but with the rest society, to man up and start pushing back on this SJW enriched world. People are so dumb on so many levels.

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  3. 33 minutes ago, Stoney said:

    What happened with Sam and Hook’em? I’ve never understood what happened there. I’ve seen it and like he was the only UT player that stayed.

    What I have read is that after all of the negotiations from the demands of the players this summer, changing names of buildings, funding more minority programs, etc., which the university did with the compromise that the players did not have to sing The Eyes of Texas but would remain on the field.  Some of the players wanted the song gone but all of the other demands were met so giving one thing as a compromise seemed logical.  All of the other sports programs have complied with this except for the football team.  Herman did not enforce it so the players have been leaving.  Del Conte, the AD, apparently stated today that the players will remain on the field.  This is not a good look for the program as had Herman done what he should have from the get go this would not be an issue (hopefully not).

    When all of this was going down this summer the university president said that the song would stay and that, while the history of the song would be acknowledged, it would appropriate a new meaning (which is universally accepted for the last upteen 100 years or so anyway).  The president recently commissioned a task force to investigate the history of the song with the findings to be submitted by January.

    Bottom line is that Sam is the only one that stayed on the field after the loss against OU to sing the song and acknowledge the fans.  If they were winning I am sure that this drama would be playing out differently.  But with today's environment it is just another way for those that have an issue to take their toys and go home.

    This has been a very divisive moment with UT as over $25M and counting has been pulled by the donors since last Saturday.  I think that the players have overplayed their hand in this particularly after an apparent compromise had been met.  It is a total clown show right now.

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  4. 22 minutes ago, AllGoodNamesRGone said:

    I may be out of loop but how is this controversial? I mean come on. I realize maybe the south used it way back when. This is about dumb as it get cause no way is remotely not considered the Texas school song\Motto ect... 

    At least sully was actually somewhat connected to the South but this is reaching bad . Getting upset about something 100 or more years ago is stupidity at its finest.

    From what I gather from the ones that are opposed to the song is that it was sung at a minstrel show originally.  There is a forced connection to what the song is actually referring to as well.  If indeed this song was "racist" I am sure that it would have been dealt with long ago.  Even if it was originally meant to be racist it has long lost that connection.  I was on campus from 1984 through 1988 and I was never made aware of the "history" of the song.

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  5. 58 minutes ago, WETSU said:

    Completely irrelevant stats. The OU defense is a shell of what it was in those previous guys and we didn't see each team running 90+ plays a game in those times either. 

    I agree The losses aren't on Sam, but this stat comparison is one of the most irrelevant stats I've ever seen used. 

    I partially agree with this post.

    The head coaches for OU during the time that the other players played were Gary Gibbs, Howard Schnellenberger, and John Blake.  The OU that we know today was not the OU of then.  These coaches did not perform well so it is safe to assume that the defenses were not stellar then either.

    I will agree that the stats are irrelevant because of the progressiveness of the game and through in 4 OT's.  And, the losses are not on Sam.

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  6. 1 hour ago, trashyhound said:

    The NFL draft agrees with me.

    Coaching makes average players good and good players great. Texas is lacking player development which leads to draft picks. The talent is on the 40 Acres it is just not being coached up.

    Do not just look at draft picks. Look at the Texas players that are in the NFL and are contributors that were UDFA’s. To me, that screams lack of coaching at the collegiate level.

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  7. I think the political environment at Texas is being overplayed by those that are saying so and so will not come because of the politics.  While it does take some hand grabbing and fake pats on the back I see that being less of an issue; 10 to 15 years ago, yes, but not today.

    The boosters that demanded that type of involvement are literally dying off.  They were all there during the SWC days of winning.  A different era of football and life.  The remnant of them were present during the Mack years.  The new boosters are those that remember the Vince and Colt years.  Today's business is brisk and heartless.  If you are not getting it done then you are out.  Money is no deterrent.  The goal is to win no matter how.

    Case in point, Joe Jamail, was a mega-donor that had a voice in the inner workings.  He has since passed.  HIs family recently relinquished the name of the field.  They get it.  They understand the importance of giving their money to the cause as long as there are results.  No results?  You are out and the next person is up.

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  8. 35 minutes ago, trashyhound said:

    I don't care what their stars say outta high school. There are dominate 3 stars and awful 5 stars.

    Bama, Clemson, Ohio State, Georgia, LSU, all recruit better than Texas, and the list is longer than that.

    It's not that there is a bigger opening, just that I don't think he would want the headache that is UT. Outside of Utah he had walked into loaded, talented teams. 

    What kid on UT's roster scares their opponents? 

    Their legend QB isn't anywhere close to Vince or Colt. They don't have an Earl, Ricky or Cedric to hand it to, they don't have a R. Williams, Shipley or Sweed to throw it to, they don't have a Orakpo, E. Thomas, Vasher, Jammer to stop anyone. Their O-line has nobody that scares anyone. 

    See it how you want, but they do not have any studs on that team. 

    Adrian Peterson played on some below average OU teams, but nobody "developed" that guy. God developed him in the womb just as he did the others I listed. Texas doesn't have those dudes. 

    Btw, thanks for "waiting for my answers", so polite of you! 

    I disagree with your premise that there are no studs on Texas’ roster. They may not have the inherent passion that Sam has but to say they are not exceptional football players is a stretch. Being a head coach is more than teaching fundamentals, techniques, X’s And O’s, you must also foster the killer instincts that supplements all of the rest. Herman lacks both. He is not teaching nor is he developing an attitude with his players. The latent talent is there it is just not being utilized or even tapped into save some God-given exceptions.

  9. I am hearing that the BMD’s in Houston are rallying to get Herman out. I am not just talking about the old money people but some of the younger, next generation crowd and contributors too.

    This was all prior to the OU game. May go into overdrive now!

    Stay tuned?!!

  10. 41 minutes ago, ETXfan16 said:

    More than half of Tech's team didn't play against HBU. That's why they almost lost that game. Bowman isn't a bad QB by any means.

    My quick summary of this team is that they have to get their heads out of their butts in some instances during the game, including the coaching staff. I will never understand why they rushed to score against TCU on the 2 yard line with 1st and goal with 2 + minutes left. That's what frustrates me the most. Herman said his thought was "if we don't get it the first time we will then take our time and run the clock out." What?? There was no need to up tempo 1st and goal on the 2 with 2 minutes left down by 4. I was baffled. The dropped passes, stupid penalties, if the team just focused, those would be fixed. But it starts at the top. I want Herman to be successful. I really do. I know a lot people don't like him, but I'm rooting for him. I don't want to keep going through the cycle of a new coach every 4 years. 

    If I recall correctly there was still about 20 seconds on the play clock when the ball was snapped on Ingram’s fumble play.

  11. Saw them in Austin in 1988 during the OU812 Tour.  I was a student at UT at the time and worked at the Frank Erwin Center as security.  I was usually stationed in front of the stage or near the band's sound board in the front-center.  I was at the sound board for this concert.  i always had great "seats"!

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  12. 45 minutes ago, H3llR4z0r said:

    I actually had to go back and look, just in hopes that mediocrity was not the normal at Texas over the course of their history. Maybe not mediocrity, because they're actually above average, but lack of relevance in the national scene I still consider to be mediocrity.

    Records by decade:
    1890s - (36-8-1) (.800)
    1900s - (59-23-4) (.711)
    1910s - (65-18) (.783)
    1920s - (64-18-7) (.719)
    1930s - (47-44-6) (.445)
    1940s - (78-21-5) (.750)
    1950s - (64-38-2) (.615)
    1960s - (86-19-3) (.796)
    1970s - (88-31-1) (.733)
    1980s - (73-42-2) (.624)
    1990s - (74-44-2) (.617)
    2000s - (110-19) (.853)
    2010s - (71-52) (.578)

    So the truth is, we're actually sub-par to what we are normally. So that Mack years were impressive, yes. I actually grew up during the Mack years, so that's a normalcy for me. I have never known Texas to be terrible until after I graduated high school. This past decade of football has been historically bad, the 2nd worst decade in history. Herman's record (27-16 | .628) is worse than our average (.692), even if you take the Mack Brown era out, our average is still (.678).

    So rightfully so, Texas fans are not happy with what's going on. It's not WAY out of kilter, but the fact of the matter is, Texas hasn't won a Big 12 championship since 2009. They've only won 3 in 24 seasons in the Big 12 (.111). They won 27 in the SWC (.338). 

    This isn't normal. This isn't average. Better coaches have been fired for less. I will say that Herman probably needs another year, maybe even 2. Darrel K. Royal didn't really hit his stride until his 5th season. Mack Brown hit his a little earlier, and would have been been more legendary than he already is if he hadn't succumbed to the pressure and started Simms over Applewhite (worst decision he ever made in my eyes). 

    Also things that make the situation a little different - Mack took over a team that had actually had winnings seasons. Even under Machovic they were (30-18-1) with 3 bowl appearances in those previous 4 years. Texas was (24-26) with 2 embarrassing bowl losses, and 2 straight years of missing a bowl game prior to Herman taking the reigns.

    There are so many ways to look at records.  If you use the "decades" metric it can be deceiving as one or two strong years can offset a decade of mediocracy.

    The entire time (1984 thru 1988) I was on the 40 Acres I considered Texas football to be poor.

    My freshman year Texas was ranked number 1 until they tied OU in the Texas/OU game after narrowly missing out on the NC in 1983 on a botched punt return that should have never been fielded.  From there it was a downward slide until 1990 (blip) then it was bad again.  From '98 thru '09 Texas won no less 9 games per year. 2001 thru 2009 the minimum was 10 with a NC thrown in there too.

    Year     Wins

    1999 9
    1998 9
    1997 4
    1996 8
    1995 10
    1994 8
    1993 5
    1992 6
    1991 5
    1990 10
    1989 5
    1988 4
    1987 7
    1986 5
    1985 8
    1984 7
    1983 11
    1982 9
    1981 10
    1980 7
  13. Texas is frustrating to watch.  I have gotten to a point where it is excruciating to watch the Horns play.  I would enjoy watching them if I knew that they had no chance at all to win and I would enjoy watching them if a win was a no brainer.  But to sit and watch them game in and game out knowing that just one or two plays determine a game is stressful.  They have the overall talent but something always happens.

    I was really hoping that Herman was going to be the guy but he does not seem to be so.  I just want consistency and it is simply not there.  All schools go through down times and Texas is sort of in that period now.  However, if you look at their overall record it is not entirely out of the norm.  Too many people have "recent" memory of the Vince and Colt years.  While enjoyable, it was way too quick.  As a Longhorn alum and fan I have suffered more that I have celebrated it seems though there has been one National Championship and and two near misses ('83 and '09).  I was too young in the late '60's and early '70's to care!

    How to find sustainability?  Who is going to be the next Saban?  Is it Sweeney?  Do you sell your soul and go with Urban?  If not these three then who?  The person is out there but at this time it is unknown.  Unfortunately time is an enemy when looking for that person.

    Lastly, UT-Austin is not driven to win football games like Alabama and some other schools are.  Sports is not UT's focus or identity as a school.  The demographics have changed and will continue to do so as the academic standards are high and will continue to be so so the kids being admitted to the school really are not so focused on sports (football).  They are there for a world-class education.  This will only get worse over time IMO.

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  14. 42 minutes ago, Stoney said:

    I’m a little shocked that Jimbo went with King over Calzada but it goes with all the reports you heard in the fall about how this staff loved King’s athleticism and his game smarts. King’s more than likely the starter in ‘21. I just don’t think he’s ready to take over from Mond right now. These guys can play 4 games and keep their redshirt. I’d like to see him out there for a couple series against Florida next week. Just to get acclimated to the size and speed of the SEC. Do it like they could have, should have done with Murray/Allen. You’re the starter kid but this kids going to be a change of pace. I will say this, whether by design or not, King did look more confident and comfortable running the ball than Mond.

    To piggyback off WET, if this turns into a lost season a 6-4,5-5, then use it to build for next year. Get your ‘21 guys meaningful snaps. Did we even see Demas yesterday on the field? We have got to get some legitimate corners on this defense. 

    Is this in play this year? I thought that it was being waived this year because of Covid?  If so, and A&M loses the next couple of games for some reason, do you start to roll with King to get him some "free" exposure?  That way Jimbo would/should have all of his recruits in place.

  15. On 9/28/2020 at 9:11 PM, Mavchamp said:

    surprise-  MP.  Are they that much improved.... or is Wylie East that bad??  Marshall’s win over New Caney is a close second.  Not many outside of Marshall picked it.  

    Disappointment- Nac not playing football.  Hallsville’s continued tumble is a close second.  

    Head Scratcher-  PT giving up 30 to Princeton. 

    Not that Hallsville has ever been a power in football but under Plunk they were competitive in most games.

    His successor really depleted the enthusiasm to even suit up as the numbers really dropped. The 3 years under this coach were horrible.

    A new coach is now in place and the numbers are back up. There are multiple starters that have not played football in 2 to 4 years because of the previous regime.

    What little I have seen and heard of the new coach is much more promising.

  16. As another data point with Mond, my college roommate’s daughter went to school with Mond in San Antonio (prior to attending IMG) and had nothing kind to say about him.

    Said college roommate, who is knowledgeable in football, commented years ago that Mond is not a good QB and not just in the physical sense.

    No bias intended or implied.

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  17. 1 hour ago, Unashamed said:


    It's all laid out right here by the Kentucky attorney general.   Also the family has already been awarded 12 million dollars in the wrongful death lawsuit.   

    Perhaps my wording was poor.  People are trying to charge the police with murder without them knowing all of the facts.

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  18. IMO the boyfriend was opening fire because someone was entering his house in the middle of the night, and I assume that it was dark, and was doing so in a defensive manner.  Which could be argued as justifiable.  The police returned fire because they were under fire, by whom at the time, was considered the object of their raid.  Unfortunately she was caught in the crossfire.

    People are jumping around facts that have been released to the public to justify charging the police with murder.  The FBI is now involved.  Hopefully justice will be served in whatever court it lands in.

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