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  1. I am in the mining industry so this hits close to home. Mining today is as clean as it has ever been and will only continue to improve with the technology that is being used today and that is being developed to be used tomorrow. More and more equipment manufacturers are going to diesel/electric technology which drastically reduces the carbon footprint as opposed to fully mechanical/diesel equipment. Plus, in North America and Europe, Tier 4 (clean burning) engines are mandated by the EPA and the EU. This technology will soon be a requirement in Australia as well. These mining comp
  2. I really do not see how they can keep Smart. Winning the NIT just prolonged the agony.
  3. My flight departure has been delayed to Africa. So here I am still. So, I asked you a question about a SEC level of player a page or so back. JohnnyFootball made a reply. I started from there with his response. Answer my initial question. Then this nonsense may stop.
  4. You are right. I guess you didn’t know that someone slapped a “kick me” sign on the back of your shirt. My apologies. I really thought you wanted the attention since the Aggies are always rattling their sabres.
  5. You get credibility by doing, not talking about doing. It may be past Texas forever but at least they have done it.
  6. They won it in 1981. That is the “modern era”. Trumps 1939.
  7. OU fans on this board are not full of themselves. And if they were then they would have a right to be.
  8. No, by no means are you living in my head. I do not have time for that. You walked into the conversation with your response to my comment about WETSU's comment on an A&M player not being "SEC good". I do not know who is the most ridiculous poster to be honest. WETSU or DB. They both kill me. You want "analysis"? As an alum I have first hand knowledge of the success and failures of Texas football. As a student I suffered through the end of the Akers' era at Texas where they struggled to be .500. While my daughter matriculated at Texas she was there at the end of the Mack era an
  9. Certainly not obsessed,!its just that it is too easy to get under y’all’s skin. Never seen such a group so full of themselves. And you all think that your opinions are facts.
  10. Ummmm....no, not concerned about A&M’s recruiting. 80 years of history tells me that it does not matter. Even during the FedEx years of recruiting for A&M nothing could still be done with the talent. Texas is down right now, I get it. In fact, if you look at their history in its entirety it has many peaks and valleys. However you wish to look at it Texas is more significant than A&M.
  11. So, are you saying that of all of the SEC defensive players that do not make it to the NFL or even start are not SEC ready? I guess all of them should transfer then.
  12. Is who I think this is is the older brother of one that will be on staff with Mack Brown at UNC?
  13. I would think that this is likely a strong possibility.
  14. Well, isn’t it the “Championship” posted on the stadium wall for all to see as a visual reminder? That would make it relevant to at least every home game when people have the chance to gaze upon A&M’s successes.
  15. No one said that Hallsville had or has a poor weight lifting program. Context is everything.
  16. I thought it was confirmed last night/this morning. It was on ESPNU radio this morning.
  17. There is certain lifting that you do not do if you are a baseball player during baseball season. I get what you are saying but some things are not appropriate at a given time.
  18. That was the case early on as I understand it. Not sure about this past year.
  19. Sabotage is a strong word. When you are a coach coming from a smaller school where your "athletes" play every sport it is a lack of awareness to assume that that happens at larger schools. IMO it is not in the best interests of the athletic department to subject basketball and baseball players, etc. to off-season football readiness if they have no intent on playing the sport.
  20. I am a Hallsville lifer living in Hallsville my whole life aside from the four years I spent in Austin going to UT. My kids went to school there as well. I still live in Hallsville. Hallsville is not a football school. Has not been since the '60's at best aside from the occasional upstart team, the last serious one was the '99 team that lost in the fourth round in the Astrodome. Granted there are the occasional athletes that come around but not enough of them at one time to make a serious impact on the team. Plunk's record at Hallsville reflects what Hallsville's ceiling is historica
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