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  1. Yep. Too non-chalant when shooting free throws. Lack of discipline. Glad we got the loss so that we would not continue to fool ourselves into thinking that Texas was good. At least now they will not get embarassed by Kentucky.
  2. Points are points. I went to the Earl Campbell Relays recently and Hallsville went 1, 2, and 3 in both the boys and the girls division I believe.
  3. Classic Commercials from the 1950's thru the 1980's DVD set. Love the hokeyness of some of the commercials!
  4. I was a GDI at UT-Austin during the mid-to-late 80's. I graduated in 1988. My wife was a "bow head" (Delta Zeta sorority) at SFA during the same time frame. My daughter will be a freshman this fall at UT-Austin and my wife is chatting her up about joining a sorority of which I am totally against. My wife being more of the social butterfly than I am. I am too logical. My wife speaks of all of the friends that you meet through the Greek system! Why pay for your friends? My wife cannot tell you where any of her "sisters" are today or what they are doing. I still keep up with my buddies a
  5. UT. Graduate and will have a daughter there this coming fall. I put my money where my mouth is!!!
  6. Randy Fleet, New Diana, during the late 70's. He was a terror on the football field and excelled at baseball as well. I believe that he went on to play football at La Tech. I think that Diana was class B at the time.
  7. Makes my ultimatum, ugh, I mean proposal to my wife, even more comical! Now going for 22 years of wedded bliss!! Congrats Colt!
  8. Simmons was big time. Bad knees did him in.
  9. Despite what the situation was that had to have been a very special moment between father and son. Being a father the article brings tears to my eyes. And Colt handled the situation with such grace and humility. What a winner.
  10. It is just that the subject of the topic is certainly going to bring out the "I told you so'ers" and "naysayers". No win situation.
  11. What planet are you from? What expectations do you have of a true freshman playing on the biggest stage collegiately unexpectantly? A lot of other people must think that he is a great quarterback since he was one of the highest recruited QB in the nation!
  12. Yep, too many awards given these days just for showing up. The last time I checked it took 11 players (plus punter/kicker) to make up one side of the ball for a "team". There are 23 players listed on the 1st team offense which does not include the individual offensive/MVP award winners.
  13. Since when does UT make up the entirety of Travis County?
  14. Whoa there fella. I am as conservative as it gets and I graduated from UT in 1988. I graduated from Hallsville and moved back after college graduation. So I still have and practice the East Texas ideas. I have no problem with UT being labeled "liberal" as this was/is covered in another topic. As a matter of fact I have a daughter that will be attending UT next fall. A lot of the student body is conservative with the "staff" being the liberal bunch. There is nothing wrong with being exposed to the "liberal" ideas as it just made me stronger in my beliefs as being conservative. It is bet
  15. What if I had never done (good or bad choices)...where would I be today? What if...? Too many variables to consider as life is fluid.
  16. Hallsville school district requested that everyone, staff and students, wear burnt orange today because of the Muckelroy/Hallsville/UT connection. haven't heard how that turned out yet. I am sure that it is tough for some people to go along with the request!!
  17. I am an Alum of UT, graduated in 1988. Though I am a Conservative I do have to agree that UT is a "liberal" university from a staffing perspective. I do believe that there is still a decent representative of conservative students. Many of the Alumni remain conservative as witnessed in many of the Letters to the Editor that is prevalent in The Alcalde, which is the alumni magazine. My daughter will be a freshman there this coming fall which will add to the numbers of conservatives!! By the way, it is a great time to be a Texas fan. When I was there there was not much to cheer abou
  18. I graduated from the SOA as well. I spent many hours in the basement of Sutton Hall. What separates the SOA of from other degree plans is that you have to "show" your work. You cannot "guess" on an answer on a test. If the drawing or model is not complete then there is no guessing or assuming. Another issue with Architecture is that often times your design is judged by a jury which can be very subjective. Some people like the color red and others don't. I was sleep deprived for 5 years. I hate to admit it but I even missed some home UT football games! Of course we were not that good d
  19. QUOTE (Hookemhorns88 @ Dec 15 2009, 08:21 AM) My daughter will be a freshman next year at UT. She does not have hairy armpits but I do! Keep your distance!! So is BEVODIDIT supposed to stay away from you are your daughter? Stay away from the daughter!!! You will only get close to my hairy armpits if I have to put you in a headlock dragging you away from her!! :cripple: :rofl:
  20. My daughter will be a freshman next year at UT. She does not have hairy armpits but I do! Keep your distance!!
  21. It is the pace of the game. How many times have you seen the referees spot the ball quicker and blow the ball live when a team is in their "hurry up" offense? It happens all of the time. There would be a lot of games where the outcome would have been different had the referees played the game the same throughout.
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