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  1. In the early 80's (at least thru '84) Hallsville's district was: LE Atlanta MP Paris SS
  2. Freshmen "B" team played Union Groves' JV and lost 38-6. Freshmen "A" team tied Kilgore 14-14. Hallsville scored one TD on offense and returned an INT 53 yds for a TD. Not sure how the JV turned out.
  3. I think lingering injuries are hampering Fozzy's development into the top back.
  4. Hard to judge an empty stadium but it looks like the Hallsville band and drill team will take up 25% to 30% of the visitor's side of the stadium.
  5. Yes, he suited up on JV last night.
  6. My wife has used the "math" one in her classroom at school. This topic has also brought back the memories of watching films in the classroom on the reel to reel projector about the "sun". It had some animation and I believe that it was hosted by Eddie Albert. This would have been when I was in elementary school back in the early 70's.
  7. I am chuckling as I read your post Smoaky. It is great to have memories like that. The image in my mind is a priceless memory.
  8. Today against Lindale in Lindale. The freshmen begin around four this afternoon with the varsity beginnig around 7 or 7:30.
  9. Reason for "big deal" of training camp? Football is a team sport. You work, sweat, bleed, suffer, enjoy, rejoice, bond, etc. together. I do not care if you know the system. The balance of the team is out there working; you should be too. I would resent someone who benefited from my hard work without them lifting a finger to help out. Of course in our society today values are different. I have aways thought that Favre was a gritty QB and would do anything to win but now this "on again-off again" thing is getting old.
  10. Two other things to do: Most games the Alumni Center is obviously restricted to alumni and their guest. But some games they open it up to the public. They did this a couple of years ago when Texas played Sam Houston. However, since this is the opening game I am not sure if they will open it up or not. Good place to cool off and eat and watch other games on the TV if it is opened to the general public. Also, make sure you are in the stadium about 30 to 45 minutes before kick-off. Now I am not a band person but it is pretty awesome to watch the Longhorn Band march into the stadium
  11. Get there early and go to the entance to the north end zone and greet the 'Horns as they get off of the team bus. A victory line is formed complete with the cheerleaders. My kids always enjoy doing this. It happens 3 hours or so before kick-off. A good time for the kids to shake some hands or give high (low) fives!
  12. My prayers are with his family, friends, and those still serving. Rest in peace. You gave your "today" so that we can have our "tomorrows". Thank you.
  13. If you are flying AA count on being late!
  14. It is for motion sickness. It is over-the-counter so you can get it anywhere I believe (the wife does all of the shopping so I am guessing!).
  15. I fly at least once a month overseas or to Canada and have spent a lot of time on planes and in airports. Therefore I have learned a lot on business travel. An exit row also has additional leg room. Try to avoid a middle seat so that you do not have people on either side of you. Do not try to be funny when going through security. Just do as they say else you might get pulled aside by trying to make a funny about security. They take it serious. Wear comfortable clothing. If you have nasal congestion take some nose spray with you to inhale just prior to boarding the p
  16. My son recceived his letter from Plunk yesterday. I believe that we scrimmage Lindale again.
  17. Phone records will indicate the timing of all of this? Did he send/receive text messages around the time that he called his attorney? Nice to have the knowledge to call my attorney first other than friend, mom, dad, police, get help from bystander, etc.
  18. Marshall does the same thing. The Marshall students and "others" parade along the bottom of the stands on the visitor's side and below near the concession stand. Not a good situation.
  19. I am getting too old for this edge of the seat excitement!! Go Horns Go.
  20. Augie "thought" too much in this game. Pulling pitchers too early and by going to "situational" hitters he pulled some of the hottest hitters in the game which were needed in later innings. A tough game to recover from. Too much coaching went on. That is what has turned me off to MLB. Let the players play. Mono on Mono.
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