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  1. I am sure that much more "old timers" from Hallsville may trump me on this one but I suggest Sean Taylor and Sedanio Brown from the late '90's. Taylor was the tailback with Sedanio being the fullback. If my memory is correct Taylor went on to play at Abiline Christian U. where he was a standout linebacker. I think that Brown went the JUCO route. I thought that Brown was D1 material. A third member of that same backfield was Deke Dillard at QB who could go the distance at anytime as well. He initially went to the Air Force Acadamy to play ball. In the late '70's or early '80's there
  2. It is called "potential". Which is what we usually refer to in cases of wasted talent!
  3. Good question. It may have to do with your age as well. Several years ago Hallsville had a RB that was 19 or 20 at the time. He was granted an exemption to play because he had failed prior to the 7th grade. At least that is how I remember it. At times he was quite good. After a great run once I commented that he was "a man among boys". No pun intended, it was an honest observation. I was quickly chastised by a coaches wife that was sitting behind me. She thought that I was actually commenting about his age. She was quick to point out that he had clearance from the UIL. Another q
  4. I hope that you are right. Trel Johnson was brought up a game or two last year as a Freshman but did not get any playing time which was a mistake on account that the season did not matter at the time. Would have loved to see what he would do against the big boys. Similar mistake made with Hutchison (QB) as a sophmore. He should have stayed on JV to get more experience since he rarely saw the field as a soph playing behind Fry. I was gratuitous last year in believing that we would go 4-6. As you know we did not do that. Unfortunately I am expecting much of the same. The athletes may
  5. HC23. I am a Hallsville alum and a UT alum. And I am a Homer when it comes to sports. Hallsville may have some "playmakers" this coming year but they will not be on the same level as Muckelroy or even Fry. Will they be better than last year? Yes.
  6. I watched Muckelroy almost every game for the 4 years that he was on varsity. It took me almost until the game against Palestine to recognize just how good he is. Perhaps I was comparing him to his older brother, Kendrick, who I believe was an even better overall player. I "googled" Roddrick a couple of weeks ago and came across film highlights of his game against Peterson and Palestine. What a matchup. Depsite Peterson's yardage, I believe that he only had one long run on the evening. Muckelroy was always there. Peterson no doubt knew that he had played a football game after that night
  7. I missed Smoaky's interview with him yesterday, if he had it at all. I did catch Kelly's interview on KLTV. I must say that I was not impressed either. I am aware of Kelly's participation in charity work and all and that he is an humble guy. But for those that may not have been exposed to his "positive qualities" then I must admit that his actions the last few days will cast doubt. Perhaps his words are a result of the stress that he is under though that should not give him a "free pass".
  8. i agree with you Immortal. There are intangibles that cannot be physically measured. I do not need to go into the details. It is like I have heard John Madden quote, "You either have IT or you don't. If you do not know what IT is then you don't have IT."
  9. If there is not supposed to be any "spying" going on then why do ALL of the coaches cover their mouths when calling plays? Certainly their breath does not smell that bad. :sick:
  10. It is getting time to re-introduce ourselves to our family members.
  11. So Wildcat, have you made up your mind?
  12. My wife has just started going to games with me only because our daughter is on the drill team. My wife openly confesses that she is not interested because she does not "know" any of the players. Sure she does but they are not family members. My son is a 7th grader so next year we will be going on Thursday and Friday nights (YES!!) Initially having my wife go with me caused a few problems. For years my buddies and I would load up and go to games. Over time our sons and daughters went with us. We basically got into a routine. When my wife started going the routine changed. The question
  13. When I read NBLionPride's statement it almost made me mad. "Who did they play?" It did not matter who they played because whoever they played Daingerfield was going to win. It was more than the physical act of beating an opponent, they also had the other teams mentally beat as well. Unfortunately this thread is an opinion only and the actual teams in question cannot actually line up against each other to prove who is the "Best Team Ever". Maybe yet it is a good thing that they are not actually playing because the "old school" Daingerfield Tigers would bring it on and disappoint a lot of t
  14. My wife is a school teacher. There are times when she would like to be called an "educator coach" so that she could get away with some of the things that coaches do to get her point across while teaching the children. Not necessarily cussing, but at least be able to yell at her students to help vent some of her frustrations when a kid does not "get it".
  15. Daingerfield had the athletes on the '83 to play any type of defense. It just so happened that during that era the offense relied more on running than on passing. Remember, the guys (Everett, et al) that went to the NFL during Daingerfield's dominance played defensive backs in the pros. So, no doubt they could have dominated against the pass if they needed to. Also, these studs on the defensive side of the ball for D'Field were also on the offensive side. No one seemed to stop their offense either. Daingefield wins.
  16. The obituary actually made it into the Longview News-Journal's sports section.
  17. As a team we were fairly quiet and consistently made the play-offs. Only talked to our own players. Before the game when the opposing pitcher took the mound for warm-ups we would line up along the baseline and watch without saying a word. We would do the same anytime a new pitcher would come in between or during an inning. There were always unsettled glances made our way by the pitcher.
  18. I would have to say that Hallsville had a nice run in the early to mid-80's. Multiple 20+ win seasons. There were at least 3 in that time frame that went pro (minor leagues); Ronnie Gideon, Linty Ingram, and Matt Benson. There were several more that went on and played college ball as well. Ronnie is still involved with the Colorado Rockies organization. Linty played at MCC and at Arizona State pitching in 2 College World Series. If I am correct he was also the Pac-10 Player of the Year as well as making the All Decade Team. The coaches at that time were first Mike Cox and then Connie Co
  19. Tough to say. Would not want to try to tackle either one of them. Maybe I could get lucky and push them out of bounds if I had a head start and the angle. Probably not, I would get stiff-armed onto my backside hitting head first. One thing that I do know is that they are both reverred at UT. They are both recognized by the singular name "Earl" and "Ricky". That alone is a sign of greatness. The animation of "Earl" and "Ricky" sending the Horns onto the field at DKR-Memorial Stadium is awesome. I am wondering when they will incorporate Vince into the pre-game graphics.
  20. Is the ROY divided into two categories (offense and defense)? If so, Clint Ingram should be considered for Defensive ROY. After not starting the first 3 or 4 games of the season for JAX he has become a starter and is now 2nd on the team with tackles. He also has an INT, sacks, TFL, etc. Plus he has been featured for his bone jarring hits twice on Tom Jackson's "Jacked" segment.
  21. I am a UT-Austin alum. I was there during the end of the Akers era and during the McWilliams experiment. Those years were less than stellar for the football team. The basketball team was horrible under Whetlecht. The baseball team was decent. The only achievers of note were the swim teams and the womens basketball team. Volleyball was OK. Despite the mediocre athletic success during that time I proudly wore my burnt orange as I continue to do today religiously. I remember, prior to Mack Brown being at Texas, that the predominant colors in east Texas was maroon. Everyone likes winners
  22. I am not a Theismann fan, but he at least seems to be the least enamored when it comes to dealing with the celebrities that come into the booth to promote whatever they are up to.
  23. Why does ESPN think that they have to interview a "celebrity" each game? The "official" time to promote the new album, movie, TV show, etc. is not during the game. If I wanted to watch something like that then I would tune into Leno or Entertainment Tonight or some tabloid show to find out all I could possibly want to know about Hollywood gossip. The last time I checked ESPN was a sports channel despite being owned by ABC. Perhaps I answered my own question.
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