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  1. Saturday the 25th in Texarkana at 2:00pm.
  2. I get to help with a senior graduation party most of the day on Saturday. Otherwise I would be planted in front of the TV with food and drink. I will have to resort to recording it.
  3. Linty Ingram, from Hallsville, was ASU's ace in the late 80's and pitched in the College World Series. He won some PAC 10 awards while there.
  4. Hallsville had one big inning where they scored all of their runs. IMO they are still inconsistent with their bats as they left a couple in scoring position. Petersen had a no-hitter until the top of the 7th when he gave up 2 hits. However, "a win is a win is a win", Fred Akers quoted.
  5. What has happened is that Hallsville is facing every team's ace. Their bat speed seems a little slow and they are just not "seeing" the ball right now. As a team they need to keep swinging the bat and they will work their way out of this 3 or 4 game hitting slump.
  6. I think that it is good that they are "struggling" a bit. They are still finding ways to win that otherwise would not be prevalent if they were winning handily. If nothing else it is an eye opener to know that since you are the top dog everyone is gunning for you and you need to have your "A" game everytime. Being challenged will only make you better.
  7. Colt is a "public figure" that is why he gets press time while doing the same thing that many others do without mention. As a "public figure" he is held to a different accountability, right or wrong. As a "public figure" if you err then you would get press about it irregardless if you wanted it or not. There is enough of that that goes around. So it is refreshing to report on a positive role model doing something worthy. Humility is a key aspect of Christianity. Colt's actions reflects this characteristic.
  8. Texas High vs. Hallsville Friday, April 3, 2009 at Hallsville 6:00pm Hallsville vs. Texas High Saturday, April 25, 2009 at TH 2:00pm
  9. Sorry, but he was clocked last year in the 90's. He has signed with La. Tech in Ruston. He was recruited by everyone. And yes, the scouts are present.
  10. He is tall and rangy like Fry but does not have the moves (he doesn't need them, he just runs over everyone). He also plays middle linebacker. Not if, but when he fills out, he will probably be too big to play QB. His dad and cousins were big lineman. Nonetheless, wherever he plays he will be a beast. He is a great kid as well.
  11. Sorry, I would rather lose playing fair than win under questionable circumstances. I understand when a kid is better than mine and I am OK with it as it teaches to get better. But, when it comes to moral issues as a parent I will and have spoken up against it.
  12. The national media recruits better for USC than any coach can.
  13. It appears that Brown did not vote for the Horns to be number 1. P.S. I hate USC.
  14. I hope that Johnson has a great season as well. I expected a lot of him this past season particularly since he was brought up to varsity for a game or two as a freshman but never carried the ball which was a mistake in my opinion. This past year as a sophomore he started the year out strong but never found his groove as he was moved back and forth to the JV squad. There were a few times when we needed his running style to compliment AJ. With that said I believe that he will have a great season once he gains some confidence. He is a true talent.
  15. The only problem with Hallsville playing the "Texas" theme is that they also blend (lack of better word) into the Aggie song. If you notice (I cannot believe that I am describing this) when the band begins playing this the UT flag is raised above the Aggie flag. When the Aggie portion of the song is played the ATM flag is raised but the UT flag is not lowered. Hmmmm. The band also plays the Notre Dame (I cringe) song at times. Go figure. I am not a band fan. I see part of the show because my daughter is a Bobcat Belle.
  16. Hallsville 8th grade "A" team tied 8-8. Only the third time that Hallsville has been scored on all year. TH is big and athletic. The "B" team lost 14-0. They did not play well at all. 2nd loss of the season for Hallsville "B".
  17. I usually am going deep on the patterns and the QB doesn't have the arm to get them to me. However, when I run the underneath routes (usually at the visitor's stadium) I am usually used as a decoy so I let the younger ones get all of the glory because I already have HOF numbers. In my day though...I would snag anything remotely close.
  18. Hallsville's A team has only been scored on twice all season. There have been a couple of games where the clock has run in the second half. They are undefeated. The Hallsville's B team is also good. They have lost only one game.
  19. I think that our LB is done for the season. Hopefully Pack (#39) will be back. He had his arm in a sling on the sideline tonight. He is a force on our line.
  20. Hallsville came ready to play. Posters say Longview played poorly. I don't know as I have not seen them play. Players out for Longview had an affect. Hallsville was without their leading tackler (LB #14) and one of our defensive lineman (#39) left the game early with an injury. Longview should have kept the ball on the ground. We had difficulty in stopping #7. Understand though that you have to be multi-dimensional to win it all thus Longview "worked" on their passing game. Longview needs to work on the passing game. Hallsville did pass about 20 times but most were late in the
  21. Yes, I know that. I did not imply in any way that the team was world beaters and that they were beating "Longview". I simply said that they were good. They have beaten all handily this year be it "whole" schools or "diluted" schools. Of course when Longview's kids get consolidated into high school we will revisit all of this. Simply replying to thechosen1's inquiry as he must have thought that Judson had something.
  22. Yes, the 8th grade team is very good. They have size and speed and will hit on both offense and defense. Yes, there is a fantastic RB but there is also a bulldog of a FB and a big, strong QB. They also have a big SE that runs an end around that is difficult to stop.
  23. Muckelroy does not get the credit that Kindle and Orakpo are getting. However, look at the stats below and see how well he is doing in comparison. The stats are for the top 10 defensive players for Texas. Plus, the fumble was returned for a TD. |--------Tackles----------------|-Sacks-| |---Pass Def------| |-Fumbles-| Blkd DEFENSIVE LEADERS GP Solo Ast Total TFL/Yds No-Yds Int-Yds BrUp QBH Rcv-Yds FF Kick Saf ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 38 Muckelroy, Roddric
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