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  1. Hallsville did play poorly against PT as compared to have they have played the balance of the year. Yes I am from Hallsville but if you look at previous posts on Smoaky you will see that I try to remain totally objective. I am an engineer so everything to me is black and white. I too have to take some things said on this forum with a grain of salt. But the penalties, though similar in occurances and in yardage, came at a bad time for Hallsville against PT. So timeliness also has to be taken into consideration as far as extending drives. I have no grand illusions that Hallsville w
  2. Did anyone notice on the FSU/NC State game last night how many "head coaches" FSU has? Bobby Bowden-HC Chuck Amato-Executive HC Mickey Andrews-Associate HC Jimbo Fisher-Future HC Rick Trickett-Asst. HC
  3. Hallsville's 8th grade "C" team tied 0-0 with PT. The Hallsville "B" team won big 28-0. The 'Cats took a knee to end the game deep in PT territory. The Hallsville "A" team won big 30-0. The Hallsville Freshman team won 12-8. The Hallsville JV won 9-8. Let's go for the sweep tonight Varsity.
  4. Hallsville's 8th grade "C" team tied 0-0 with PT. The Hallsville "B" team won big 28-0. The 'Cats took a knee to end the game deep in PT territory. The Hallsville "A" team won big 30-0. Let's go for the sweep tonight Varsity.
  5. I will be at the 8th grade game watching my son play. I will try to post what I find out about the JV.
  6. Hallsville is fresh after a bye week. PT is hurt by injuries plus they have a disgruntled coach (read LNJ Sunday article). Hallsville wins big +20.
  7. Lindale. Without a doubt. Saw them scrimmage Hallsville and predicted at the time it would be a long season for Lindale. It is still true it may be a long season for them. On the account that they will be playing long after everyone else in the playoffs!
  8. It all boils down to money. "For the LOVE of money is the root of all evil" (1 Tim. 6:10). If you offend someone it is going to cost you something. Usually that "cost" will be monetarilly. I was in China this past November on a business trip and I was staying in a very nice hotel that is frequented by Westerners in Beijing. The hotel was decorated in a Western fashion for Christmas complete with Christmas trees and a mural on the wall depicting a small church. They were also playing Christmas carols, and many of them had Christian/Religious themes to them, throughout the hotel on the
  9. Hallsville has a moment of silence. I am surprised that they do not have an actual prayer based upon what I have seen, heard, and experienced within the school system regarding "religion". Do I wish that they prayed? You bet I do. Would it be respected by most others? Sure it would. Hallsville has a reputation of being "religion" friendly at school. Not that it is being preached or pushed down kids throats; it is simply not suppressed when someone has something to say. This past Friday we played Marshall and they had a prayer. At the end of the prayer there was a very loud and clear A
  10. The Hallsville 8th grade "C" team lost. The Hallsville "B" team won by 2. The Hallsville "A" team won big. They ran the clock in the second half.
  11. Good analogy for the 'Cats passing; I have the same thoughts. Simpson (3) has a strong arm. There is just something wrong with the "technique". Give him some time as he is only a junior. He was hurt the bulk of last season. Overall I was pleased with our O-line and D-line most of the game. Running game will only improve. Give 'Trel more experience and he will be special. Again he is a soph and almost went the distance on the screen play. Gotta get ready for next Friday. As for speed, was it number 30 for Kilgore that returned the fumble for a TD? He was moving!
  12. How prophetic. Yes both teams turned the ball over. Hallsville was about to capitalize on one of Kilgore's turnover only to give the ball back to Kilgore on the one. Kilgore proceeded to go 99 yards with the help of two personal fouls. The first one after Hallsville had held Kilgore. I believe that the correct calls were made on the near interception around mid-field for Kilgore. And I believe that the Kilgore runner was down when the ball came loose. Again, big plays were the difference in the game. Could have easily gone the other way. Of course me being a Hallsville fan I am be
  13. I agree. We should all be focused on what is next. The last game will not win or lose the next game. Move on already. Next.
  14. BRD, no one has suggested that we are State Bound or that our season is complete now that we won against a team that has a great reputation of consistently putting together first class 2A and 3A programs. As I stated before Hallsville will be better than last year but time will tell if the record will reflect such because we are in such a tough district. However, a win over such a reputable program as Tatum should give anyone confidence going into the next game. Kilgore and Hallsville have always played each other tough no matter what the circumstances were. Hallsville should have a good c
  15. I really thought that this game would have been much closer. Hallsville started out strong by returning the opening KO 90+ yards and never let up until late in the game when the subs came in. Tatum seemed to adjust and improved offensively somewhat in the 2nd half with some backfield changes albeit against non-starters for Hallsville. Hallsville swarms to the ball; has a lot of team speed defensively. Offensively Hallsville ran the ball well behind a good O-line. AJ is powerful. 'Trell is quick and will only improve once he gets used to the speed of the game. He is a soph. Boyd, our de
  16. Just got back to work from the Bobcat Pep Rally. If you should see a tall, slender man jump from the stands to tackle someone tonight that would be our Supt. Greg Wright. If he was still eligible he would be oout there. Of course he is a former coach. He was getting everyone pepped up with his "Knute Rockne" type speech. Boy, have pep rallies changed since I was in school. Got me pumped up as he referenced the adults that were in attendance. No more coulda, shoulda, and ifs. Tonight is the night for some football. Ought to be a good game. Go Cats.
  17. I was not saying that Hallsville should be concerned about JV. I was stating the fact that this year's starting QB was the starter last year on varsity. Simpson, the "second" QB was on JV LAST year. Had Simpson not gotten hurt last year on JV then there is a good chance that he would be the starter this year on varsity. THEN there may have been the perceived lack of experience at QB. And no where do I state that we had to move players up to make a team although there are 4 or 5 sophs on varsity this year.
  18. The Hallsville QB (Tom Lee) for this year was also the starter last year. I have seen two postings so far that indicate he has no experience. The other QB (Simpson) that will be seeing playing time was on JV last year; he is only a junior this year. Tom Lee was on varsity as a sophomore but saw limited action at QB. What constitutes experience?
  19. Hallsville will be better than they were last year though I do not think that the record will reflect that change. This is due to the strong district that we are in. I saw the Hallsville/Lindale scrimmage and Hallsville did look good but it was against a "not very good" Lindale team. Against Tatum? I think that we will win. And no, I never go the "homer" route. Simply a gut feeling as I have not seen Tatum play. I believe that Hallsville has something to prove after a disappointing season last year. The running back tandem of Hallsville (AJ=power, 'Trell=speed) and the improved o-line
  20. And Roddrick Muckelroy from Hallsville gets the start (as if ever in doubt) at weakside LB.
  21. I have sat through and played in plenty and loved every minute of it. Both extreme cold and excessive heat (student section for afternoon games at UT). Not that I am sadistic or anything it is just that the weather (inclement) brings out the ruggedness of the sports. Besides, the fans that sit through that type of environment are there for the game. The band and drill teams do not typically perform in rain, sleet, snow conditions so those parents are not usually sticking around (my daughter is a dril team member). The real fans stick it out! Come early, be loud, stay late.
  22. I believe that we actually scrimmage Lindale tomorrow (Friday) in Hallsville at 7:00. I am ready for some football!
  23. I basically concur with your predictions with the exception of the Jacksonville game. It could go either way. We play them in the Tomato Bowl yet again. It seems as if we always play them and Marshall as away games.
  24. I guess why I forgot about Muckelroy was that he was under utilized as a RB. He could change directions while in mid-air! Fast. Strong. What a phenomenal athlete. He should be playing on Sundays. But....In my opinion he was better than his brother who is currently at UT. Do not get me wrong. I believe that Roddrick is a fantastic LB but I just think that Kendrick was a better all-around football player.
  25. I am sure that much more "old timers" from Hallsville may trump me on this one but I suggest Sean Taylor and Sedanio Brown from the late '90's. Taylor was the tailback with Sedanio being the fullback. If my memory is correct Taylor went on to play at Abiline Christian U. where he was a standout linebacker. I think that Brown went the JUCO route. I thought that Brown was D1 material. A third member of that same backfield was Deke Dillard at QB who could go the distance at anytime as well. He initially went to the Air Force Acadamy to play ball. In the late '70's or early '80's there
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