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  1. Back to standard Shaka ball. Cross the half court line and jack up a three. That is their offensive identity if you want to call it that.
  2. Like most other D1 schools, there most likely will be transfers.
  3. Maybe my view is a bit simplistic regarding the "Roid Era" but if everyone was doing it then the "roid" advantage would be canceled out. Some qualifications to get in should be against the standards of the time and not some bygone era.
  4. And the TCU fumble. I was really hoping that he would have a stellar career at Texas and rep ET well.
  5. You don't say? Have you tried @3%$2&* yet?
  6. Not my current favorite rendition of the uniform but as long as they stay away from black/gray or introducing some type of alternative uniform I am OK. Fortunately Texas has been able to stay away from going with some non-primary school colors. Hope it stays that way albeit at times the burnt-orange color is hard to match.
  7. I considered the physics of the collisions of the NFL players. It goes both ways, the players are bigger and faster on both sides of the ball so that seems to somewhat cancel each other out. Plus many injuries are independent of the size of the players. To argue the mass point for high school players it would seem that the probability would be higher for injuries occurring in high school versus the NFL. In high school you have potential college level players playing against kids that will never play another down outside of HS. In HS you have underclassmen playing against upperclassme
  8. After watching the Texas High School Playoff Games on TV I began to wonder what the player injury rate was in high school versus the NFL. Just in observation and with no further research, it seemed that the stoppage for injuries in the multiple high school games were far less than that in the NFL and possibly even college. is it because there are actually less injuries or do the younger kids just play through it since millions of dollars are not hinging on their health to make a living? For clarification I am using the term "health to make a living" in respect to an injury that is not l
  9. My family on my father's side are "country". All of my uncles and great-uncles played some sort of instrument from a saw, spoons, fiddle, banjo, guitar, jug, you name it and the played it. Two of my uncles did a great "Gloom, Despair, and Agony on Me" skit.
  10. I grew up watching it because my parents did. At the time I did not care for it aside from the “women talent” on there. However, as I have gotten older I find myself watching it from time to time and enjoy it as a bygone era full of nostalgia.
  11. Singing the "Eyes" is a great tradition especially at away games. Below is a pic of the UT/WVU game in Morgantown from last year (2019). Just from looking at the photo there is almost 100% participation of standing with the Horns raised. I cannot comment on how many were actually singing but I can tell you that there was a lot of excitement among the players. I also have video from the 2017 match-up that has the team and UT fans singing the "Eyes" and their jubilation afterwards. Winning solves a lot of issues. The issue with this past year as that all of the discontent started before the
  12. For those believe that it is or was a racist song, the reason to sing it now, in present times, couldn't be more eloquently spoken. I read this when it came out a few months ago and wholeheartedly agree. Hopefully with him being the Minister of Culture, and of the Hollywood crowd, this will carry some weight.
  13. Mahomes will play. The NFL will make sure that their poster boy will be cleared.
  14. That is why I don’t follow recruiting. IMO it is a waste of time until the dotted line is signed.
  15. My understanding is that the story of the "Eyes" has been wide known to the minority students for a number of years and is not something new. Not to rehash a lot that has been previously written but I was a student there from '84-'88 and I have never heard of this before until this year. My daughter went to Texas from '10-'14 and she was unaware of it too. Additionally, when she went through orientation on campus she had to take a couple of social and cultural sensitivity seminars. None of them broached this subject about the "Eyes". I do not believe that it is anyone associated with
  16. What about her? I don’t know anything. As long as he can coach and there is no conflict, well....
  17. Jay Hartzel, UT president, commissioned a task force to investigate and advise on the song. The results are supposed to be in this month. Maybe Sark has an advanced copy of the report?
  18. A good boss always hires good, competent people, if not better performers.
  19. Wouldn’t be the first time that others get a raise once Texas starts looking around.
  20. I wonder is he discussed this with his wife? I am sure that she would have an opinion.
  21. As they should. This was a good answer at his introductory press conference on Tuesday.
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