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  1. Same way for me. The bulk of the info in the slide deck are just pictures of what I am talking about. The few notes or bullets on the slides are for the participants to have when I give them a PDF copy of slide deck. I use basically the same slide deck for just about any presentation that I give and only change what I say during the presentation based upon the audience or what their particular interest is. Sark's knowledge is in football so naturally he can speak clearly in a coaching clinic without notes or ummms. Same for me with mining. I can speak about it without hesitation but not
  2. I noticed that too but again he is paid to coach football games and not be a public speaker. Overall he did well. I noticed that Eltife and Hartzel both read from notes and were so-so in their talk. Del Conte spoke without notes and did the best out of all of them. Some people are just born with the gift of gab.
  3. I watched it because... well, it is football. I will say that usually the only games that I watch with real interest are Longhorn games. Most other games I watch for entertainment. For the higher profile games I watch simply to listen to some of the absurdity and flip/flop comments from the commentators.
  4. Don't know, but even you agree that Jones was throwing the ball to "athletic freaks". So if a player is considered to be an "athletic freak" on a loaded, winning team, then his chance of winning the Heisman is better than most.
  5. Did Alabama miss Waddle this year? They ran the table with record offensive numbers and their number 2 WR won the Heisman. Is that consistent or even repeatable once? Probably not but the reality of the situation is that Alabama is deep and the potential for another Heisman candidate is on campus due to the high level of recruits in all positions and proper player development. Being that their entire team is deep allows for some players to stand out more because of the overall success of the team. Since 2009 (Saban era) Alabama has had at least 12 players receive Heisman votes with 3 wins
  6. Smith basically said, "next man up", in his post-game interview. He would know more about it than me since he sees these guys at practice.
  7. I am sure that he put on some weight but "burst of speed" is relative to the competition.
  8. Saban said that Waddle played more than what they intended for him to play, particularly in the 3Q, due to the injuries of Smith and Metchie. They knew that he was not 100% and specifically designed plays where he would not have to do much lateral movement. It was clear to the world that he would not be an impact in the game with him limping around out there. IMO Waddle wanted to play and they let him.
  9. No. The point being is that whichever 2 or 3 WR's that Alabama rolls out there with, it does not matter because as of right now they collectively are all heads and shoulders above the rest in CFB.
  10. This supports my previous argument about having Waddle out, Smith stepping up, and then the next man in line taking over, etc. that seemed to put some people off.
  11. IMO this is where history comes into play.
  12. There always will be people that are chronic pot-stirrers always looking for a new angle to call foul. Growing up I always went by "Mike". Being that I grew up in NE Texas I had/have a thick accent. During my second year at UT-Austin the professor was calling roll the first day of class and called me by my first name of which I do not go by. I told her that I go by "Mike". She said, "Thank you for letting me know Mack." I said "No, its Mike." She then said, "Yes, Mack, that is what I said." I then said, "You said Mack. I said Mike". By now most of the class is giggling because th
  13. As an old timer I still use the phrase “everyone is going to letter in this game” when played against a weaker opponent. Are the rules still the same for lettering or in this age of everyone is a winner does everyone automatically get a letter jacket for participation? I honestly don’t know anymore.
  14. No insinuation implied that Gray was not a "leader". Simply following up that many things can impact success or perceived failure.
  15. Being a stud at one level does not always translate being a stud at the next level. As you allude to here, there are many variables that lends itself to further success/non success.
  16. OU is still in the B12. Nothing else has changed. OU has as good as chance as anybody to win the B12....again.
  17. Gray was not mismanaged. Gray came to Texas knowing that Malcolm Brown was there a year ahead of him. Brown was a much-heralded player from Cibolo Steele. Brown is the starting RB for the Rams by the way. Gray came to Texas with the mindset that he was going to be a shoo-in for the NFL and he did not want the college grind to tear his body down so he was "good" with sharing the load with Brown. Both RB's had around 2600 yards for their careers at Texas. Unfortunately Gray blew out his Achilles and was never the same again.
  18. I swear, reading your stuff is like just reading the newspaper’s headlines only and nothing else in the article or like only reading the subject lines of hot takes.
  19. Herman was afraid of losing. When there was nothing on the line or the last game of the season he would finally relax and allow the playbook to be opened up as well as the roster. Albeit it was baffling why he went such a long stretch in the Alamo Bowl not exploiting Bijan and his abilities.
  20. I guess the point needs to be clarified is yes, Alabama recruits itself, but the talent still needs to be coached to the Alabama system. The point that the OL performance has not dropped off is that Flood, despite being there only 2 years, probably indicates that he is at least equal to or better than the previous OL coaches at Alabama. This does not mean that magically the offense will be humming along just like Alabama, but the probability that it will be better than under Herman is certainly something to be expected and considered as a possibility.
  21. Wow, the Lady Lobos....I remember back in the day with Tommy Aldridge as the coach they were unbeatable.
  22. I understand why it was done. I do not like that it was done.
  23. I saw this too. I think Herman wanted to be liked and a good coach but his ego would not get out of the way.
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