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  1. Do not understand why they are trying to run the slow QB for NC. Especially out wide.
  2. He is on the Board of Regents with the UT system. He is the Chairman of the Board to be specific.
  3. 1. Of course there was wiggle room. Do people not understand doublespeak? 2. Made the statement because they were still working on details on getting a replacement. 3. No kidding. What a waste of a tweet. All three statements are "no duh". Lastly, it was not a couple of things, it was three (a few).
  4. It was making a statement without having to make a commitment. He said that Herman will be the coach in 2021. Technically he was for one day.
  5. It is a global plan to undermine Alabama with the distraction.
  6. I have been indifferent to who made the playoffs this year as I am not a fan of any of the teams plus the jacked up schedule and a lack of a true playoff lends to these thoughts. I like Dabo but that is the closest that I come to being a fan of Clemson. In an obstinate way I kinda want tOSU to win. I can deal with all of the rhetoric with that result as I can filter it.
  7. Not sure either unless it is people simply repeating what they hear and do not have an original idea or reason why he should be considered.
  8. The loss of the OL (#55) for Cincy was huge near the end of the first half. His replacement, the 6'-9" German guy had multiple false starts and missed assignments.
  9. Be careful with saying "you" and "y'all". I did not say it. Just stating an observation.
  10. Like it or not, Georgia will forever be linked with the "didn't want to be there" attitude. It will be forever repeated should Georgia or any other team fail to live up to its potential during a bowl game.
  11. The problem with your desire to just see a new QB and not necessarily a new coach is that the QB’s were already there, along with a great RB, that Herman failed to use or to use properly. With Herman staying there is nothing to indicate that he would suddenly become a better coach. There is a history with Herman of having a lack of player development, poor in-game decisions, questionable player participation, etc.
  12. Additionally, I believe that some will start to opt out once the team is mathematically eliminated from any conference or national titles provided the player already is slated to be drafted.
  13. Will teams start to opt out of bowl games if a large amount of players or significant players start to opt out more often?
  14. Impressive to make up a song on the fly but I need an interpreter to tell me what some of it means!!! I get some of it like “sipping’ on codeine”, catching balls, not being late, etc. but what about “sitting’ sideways”, etc.? Does that mean anything?
  15. The former Longview Lobo and OU Sooner Malcolm Kelly? Sorry, I am old and do not know any other MK’s.
  16. Finances are one reason why some schools did not participate. It takes a good deal of upfront money for teams to travel. For some the investment just was not worth it. Bad ROI.
  17. Yes, something needs to be figured out how to deal with opting out. While I understand why it is done that still does not mean I accept it. Coaches are gaged by their won/loss record and often times bowl games are even categorized in the records. Despite the opted outs, fans still go to the game to watch their team and want to watch them win. The upside is that it does allow for playing some kids that had limited or no game time experience during the regular season in prep for the upcoming season or as a thank you from the coach.
  18. It is games like the win against Colorado that infuriates me with Herman. My assumption is that CDC saw that the entire US sports media and others were clowning Herman. I am wanting to believe that CDC told him at halftime that if he doesn’t put the binder down, take the training wheels off, and not turtle the moment, that he should just give him his headset, walk out to I-35N and start walking back to Austin.
  19. Craig Way is very good. I enjoy listening to him.
  20. I am going to start following player “X” on Alabama since he most likely will be an AA next year or the year after.
  21. Craig Way over just about any of them. However, Klatt and Johnson do a good job together.
  22. How about those that opt out pay back their scholarship money on a prorated basis?
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