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  1. How about those that opt out pay back their scholarship money on a prorated basis?
  2. Not sure about being the “front runner” but his name has entered into the discussion.
  3. Ok. I guess. If that is what you interpret that to be. I question your reading comprehension. But Texas will never be Alabama on the field or off the field. The academics at Texas are more stringent. Did you go to Bama?
  4. I will say this, as my opinion, of the "entitlement" of UT fans. UT is the state school. It is globally recognized. It recruits itself for the athletes that it does get. Just think of the top-rated recruitment classes that it has had with the sub-par coaching and records post-Mack Brown. Texas has won multiple National Championships and have been on the verge for a few more. Many of what I deem some of the more vocal people are those that came of age during Mack's big run at UT and they think that is the norm and that it should be back like that again. Given the facilities, history, fin
  5. The Ohio States, et al are the "threat" to Texas but the real nemesis is Texas themselves. Typically the brand recruits itself but having a coach like Herman in there that is on the bubble and/or cannot develop the latent talent is the real reason Texas is losing recruits and some of the current players. A&M going to the SEC basically turned a standard doorway into a French Door IMO. It just quickened the pace.
  6. My gosh how you nitpick EXAMPLES! I used, what I thought were fairly universally known instances, where one player was replaced by another. Miles received letters from these schools his junior year. This was in an era where players were not typically recruited in junior high! Furthermore, the 1300 yards were from his junior year. What type of offenses do you think that teams were running in the late '80's? And it was more than a meniscus tear it was a torn ACL. Secondly, why does the sport matter when using an example? Lastly, I could care less who the Aggies do or do not pl
  7. Really? Miles was recruited by everyone including your precious Aggies. And, what does the era have to do with it being relevant or not? One player being replaced by another player happens every freaking year since "sports" began. You and WETSU can be so insufferable.
  8. Every year Alabama loses Waddles and Smiths. Every year they are replaced. Next in line please. Evidently the Pipp and Boobie Miles reference went over your head.
  9. The point is, especially this year, is that Alabama and Clemson are heads and shoulders above everyone else. The other two teams were simply chosen on who can bring in the most money to help offset the financial losses due to COVID-19.
  10. Year 6 for him? Any Shipleys have any eligibility left?
  11. Why is it that whenever someone does not agree completely with you they do not know football?
  12. The point is that it really does not matter who Bama rolls out there due to their depth. Smith is Waddle's Lou Gherig. Bama has not slowed down a bit with Waddle gone. Smith is the Waddle and now "X" is the Smith to Waddle.
  13. I personally don’t know as I am not a fan of oysters but I see plenty of people ordering them. The place is always packed.
  14. Been there a couple of times. It is OK. I really like the Oyster Bar on Line Avenue. Their burgers and quesadillas are great. The Silverstar Cantina in Bossier has great Mexican food. It is also hard to go wrong with Pizza Rev on Line Avenue just next door to Superior. For fine dining it is hard to beat the Two Johns.
  15. Alabama has not slowed down since losing Waddle. Think of the book/movie Friday Night Lights when Boobie Miles gets hurt; there is someone there to take his place.
  16. Sadly this will be the first Alamobowl that I will not make in years. Always a good time.
  17. Yep, Superior does not move the needle for me at all.
  18. Do not forget travel time. By playing OOC games you are most likely playing it at home so that will provide at least one, maybe two more rest and prep days. Not to mention allowing more recovery time for potentially injured players that can sit out a late OOC game.
  19. Agree, I do not necessarily agree that it affects the SOS but it can allow for the resting of some players and can keep a hot streak alive. All are a late season advantage.
  20. I recently traveled through Arizona. I saw multiple political billboards saying "Don't Turn Arizona into California".
  21. "What if's" are always a part of the discussion. What if Ingram had not fumbled on the one versus TCU? What if Herman went for 2 against OU when they were on their heels? What if the Florida player had not thrown the shoe? What if all of the players for Clemson would have been available the first game against ND? What if tOSU would have been at full strength (less 22 players) against NW? Would it have been a larger victory? Even in this thread there have been the "what if" between the situation between comparing ND and A&M.
  22. The other thing about playing weak OOC games late in the season it can falsely reinforce the "hot" team right now thought process that some hold dear to.
  23. Just throwing this out there after a cursory look. It appears that the schedule for ND has been more difficult the last 5 games are so as opposed to A&M’s as ND has played Clemson two times and UNC. A&M’s tough game in that span was Auburn who just fired their coach. Aside from ND losing their last game against a highly ranked team does that automatically make A&M the hotter team?
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