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  1. This and the transitive property in football. On any given Saturday the tables may turn.
  2. Not sure but would the Committee (TV) allow or want a SEC and ACC only playoff?
  3. You are casting a broad net there buddy. You might want to slow the roll on your typing skills.
  4. Eye tests are used all of the time when judging the talents of a team be it right or wrong. And, try as people may say that they do, it is difficult to not look at the history of a team when judging their present situation. That latent thought is always there. The CFB situation is cloudy at best when determining who is worthy of participating until the playoff format is expanded. Who is to say that an upstart Cincy or Coastal Carolina, etc. could not have their best Saturday of the year and upset a chosen one? The transitive property does not apply always to sports. Saying that people are look
  5. This game is on my bucket list to attend.
  6. RIP. Akers was the coach when I was a student there. Killer defenses but blah offenses. Still, he was a winning coach with 80 plus wins in 10 years. An Akers related story: A buddy of mine was a walk-on. He suited up for the home games and traveled with the team to the Bluebonnet Bowl. He never saw the field. Just a blocking and tackling dummy. Due to so many players on the team he had the same number as Danny Akers, Fred's son, who was a back-up QB for Texas. After one of the home games, at the time fans went on the field after the game often, a young kid ran up to my buddy w
  7. Sounds like Sterns’ advisors are the same as LJH’s from last year. Their opinion of themselves is higher than what others think.
  8. Don’t say nobody. I was a student there from 84-88. My daughter was there from 2010-2014. I know very well what Texas has and has not done.
  9. This the first game that I have not watched or attended in forever as I was busy hiking in the Grand Canyon on the Bright Angel Trail. I was able to get cell coverage about the time that Sam got stopped on 4th and 2 being up by 4. A FG at that time puts the game at 7 and provides a bit of momentum for the defense to hold. A failure loses momentum, creates discouragement and puts pressure on the defense. It went as I expected. Tom must go.
  10. I drove through NM earlier this week. Mask are mandatory and all of the restaurants were curbside only. The Marriott where I stayed required me to sign a waiver stating that they are not responsible should I contract COVID.
  11. SEC = Safety Evades Co-Ed’s SEC = Sush Each Complaint LSU = Lower Standard University
  12. If I did not know better I would think that Regaleagle is trolling with mentioning Dodge. I remember the Faust Fiasco!
  13. A complaint was filed with the league office addressing this issue. The action that OSU did was against B12 rules.
  14. Sam is dinged up a bit so that probably had an effect on him running this past Saturday.
  15. 1 and 2 in no particular order.
  16. There are more than enough BMD's that are disgruntled. Money will not be an issue. They may pull their money from the End Zone remodel and apply it to the coaching buyout. The BMD's will/would find a way to get it done.
  17. This very funny. I love to watch old comedy skits and sitcoms. The writing was very clever back then. Curse words did not have to be used for it to be funny. A lot of suggestive material was cleverly veiled and came across innocently if your mind was not allowed to go there. I used to get MeTV which showed a lot of old sitcoms. Now I have to surf the channels (DirecTV) to find the occasional old sitcom. Of course YouTube allows for viewing.
  18. Yes, gore is Taratino’s go to. I was hoping to get through this movie without it though!!! Almost!
  19. I watched the movie some time back. I enjoyed it as it was well written and acted. However, I could have done without the gratuitous Tarantino gore at the end.
  20. Her profile/silhouette looks like the warm front symbol on a weather map. Appropriate attire.
  21. I catch it from time to time. I actually went to their movie that came out just before Covid hit. The series is better than the movie. It was somewhat of a letdown.
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