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  1. Texas is frustrating to watch. I have gotten to a point where it is excruciating to watch the Horns play. I would enjoy watching them if I knew that they had no chance at all to win and I would enjoy watching them if a win was a no brainer. But to sit and watch them game in and game out knowing that just one or two plays determine a game is stressful. They have the overall talent but something always happens. I was really hoping that Herman was going to be the guy but he does not seem to be so. I just want consistency and it is simply not there. All schools go through down times and
  2. Is this in play this year? I thought that it was being waived this year because of Covid? If so, and A&M loses the next couple of games for some reason, do you start to roll with King to get him some "free" exposure? That way Jimbo would/should have all of his recruits in place.
  3. Not that Hallsville has ever been a power in football but under Plunk they were competitive in most games. His successor really depleted the enthusiasm to even suit up as the numbers really dropped. The 3 years under this coach were horrible. A new coach is now in place and the numbers are back up. There are multiple starters that have not played football in 2 to 4 years because of the previous regime. What little I have seen and heard of the new coach is much more promising.
  4. Post on the Texas thread. It is free of charge. Maybe you will get a hanging curve or a floating duck?
  5. As another data point with Mond, my college roommate’s daughter went to school with Mond in San Antonio (prior to attending IMG) and had nothing kind to say about him. Said college roommate, who is knowledgeable in football, commented years ago that Mond is not a good QB and not just in the physical sense. No bias intended or implied.
  6. Perhaps my wording was poor. People are trying to charge the police with murder without them knowing all of the facts.
  7. IMO the boyfriend was opening fire because someone was entering his house in the middle of the night, and I assume that it was dark, and was doing so in a defensive manner. Which could be argued as justifiable. The police returned fire because they were under fire, by whom at the time, was considered the object of their raid. Unfortunately she was caught in the crossfire. People are jumping around facts that have been released to the public to justify charging the police with murder. The FBI is now involved. Hopefully justice will be served in whatever court it lands in.
  8. I turned my TV on this morning and it was on ABC. The View was on with Crump and the others discussing this subject. Out of curiosity I wanted to listen. They were outraged that the verdict turned out like it did despite openly stating that they do not know what all was presented. They assumed (in a stating way) that facts were withheld in order to protect the status quo. Crump went on to say that by law it was OK for Hitler to kill Jews and that by law it was OK that Emmitt Till was killed. Hmmm.
  9. Letting fans vote would still lead to a most likely homer vote. The sports writers and former winners should be neutral but it would be hard to expect that from fans.
  10. Why did he stop? One more and he could have 2 basketball teams to play each other. Two more and he could have had his own football team. Sounds like he came up short.
  11. Controlled burns are designed to mitigate wildfires. It is difficult to do so today due to the spread of the population in some of these areas. People want the "view" but not the risks that comes with it.
  12. That is not is being debated here. I, and some others, do not recall the networks typically showing the actual singing/performance of the National Anthem unless it was an important game/event.
  13. Have they ever really broadcasted the National Anthem on regular games on a regular basis anyway? It was shown this time for reactions.
  14. Either Brown’s Shoe Store or Anthony’s had the carousel. One of those 2 stores also had the vacuum tubes to send money in along the ceiling. Also, Todd Furniture, which was near the newspaper office had a monkey in a cage named Charlie that my parents would take me to see occasionally.
  15. I do not remember Dillard's being a eating place. I remember the Dillard's clothing store being downtown though.
  16. Yes, this is where the blue hairs went to eat. The place in the Longview Mall was Picadilly's. I remember going to Wyatt's back in the early '70's when my grandmother would drive over from Marshall. It was in downtown Longview near the Gregg County Jail.
  17. This is a very true story about that “word.” in the business that I am in I deal with Chinese on a consistent basis as well as traveling to China periodically. Several years ago when I first became exposed to this “word” I was taken aback! One of our Chinese employees was at our factory in East Texas and we were talking. Naturally English is his second language and as we were talking he would occasionally say that “word”. We immediately told him that he could not say that “word”! We eventually figured it all out and have to explain it to this day.
  18. I tune into sports for the entertainment and watching the athletes utilize their God-given talents. I am not tuning in to get the latest on social issues from ex-athletes that most likely do not have any other talents than talking about the game. Nor from some of the other talking heads that may have never even put on pads, stepped foot on a diamond, or stood at the free throw line. For me listening to the white guys talk about this is a bit patronizing. The Gus Johnsons, Andre Wares, et al can speak on it because they have lived it but it should be a part of the story and not "THE" story
  19. Perhaps he is genuine. Sure, these people have a platform due to their celebrity but IMO some of these are simply protecting their brand. Heck, there was one actor and wife that apologized for getting married at a plantation some ten years ago. To me, some of these things are a stretch. What is being lost is the real message by the players in the preceding segment. Who is talking about that? Hardly anyone. They are talking about Herby's reaction and are mainly goofing on him. His crying has stolen their moment. There is one thing being a part of the change and another thing talking abo
  20. I have an issue with him and "others like him". Where were they yesterday, last week, last year, the past decade? To me, they are simply virtue signaling.
  21. Scary to think that Winston is sharper than Mond. If I were Mond I would be worried!! Stretching here of course!
  22. Yes, it does get confusing. I have traveled to Russia, Mongolia, China, and India multiple times. There are parts of Russia where the people look "Oriental" and I would not consider them "Asian". Same for India. They are "Asian" but I would not consider them "Oriental". For me "Oriental" would be East Asians (China, Japan, Korea).
  23. Do they not watch cartoons and old comedies? The frying pan always wins!!
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