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  1. Is who I think this is is the older brother of one that will be on staff with Mack Brown at UNC?
  2. I would think that this is likely a strong possibility.
  3. Well, isn’t it the “Championship” posted on the stadium wall for all to see as a visual reminder? That would make it relevant to at least every home game when people have the chance to gaze upon A&M’s successes.
  4. No one said that Hallsville had or has a poor weight lifting program. Context is everything.
  5. I thought it was confirmed last night/this morning. It was on ESPNU radio this morning.
  6. There is certain lifting that you do not do if you are a baseball player during baseball season. I get what you are saying but some things are not appropriate at a given time.
  7. That was the case early on as I understand it. Not sure about this past year.
  8. Sabotage is a strong word. When you are a coach coming from a smaller school where your "athletes" play every sport it is a lack of awareness to assume that that happens at larger schools. IMO it is not in the best interests of the athletic department to subject basketball and baseball players, etc. to off-season football readiness if they have no intent on playing the sport.
  9. I am a Hallsville lifer living in Hallsville my whole life aside from the four years I spent in Austin going to UT. My kids went to school there as well. I still live in Hallsville. Hallsville is not a football school. Has not been since the '60's at best aside from the occasional upstart team, the last serious one was the '99 team that lost in the fourth round in the Astrodome. Granted there are the occasional athletes that come around but not enough of them at one time to make a serious impact on the team. Plunk's record at Hallsville reflects what Hallsville's ceiling is historica
  10. But his dad and other relatives played for Texas and he was NOT recruited by Texas. He must stay on the field to continue to prove that he should have been recruited by Texas.
  11. To whoever pooped on this opinion: Everyone else can do alternative uniforms except Texas.
  12. It is truly a clown show every time. I get confused trying to follow the bouncing ball with both of them.
  13. Look for me on the Texas side in the corner of the end zone (Utah labeled) in the pie section on row 13. I am wearing glasses and have a black UT hoodie on
  14. Define the top 64 teams. Would it always be the same? Or would teams move in and out? What criteria? Would it be like Euro soccer?
  15. This is why I do not follow recruiting except at a macro-level. I am 53 years old and I do not have the time nor patience to try to figure out what is inside the head of a teenager. Some will make it. Some won’t despite their talents for a variety of reasons.
  16. ^^^^ That reads funny on so many levels. Georgia has the "Hot Lips" Houlihan cheerleaders while A&M has George, the Yell Leader.
  17. I don’t have a problem with them getting free tickets. However, I would put a stipulation that they cannot sell them and that if they are not going to the game then they cannot give them away either. I would actually require a roll-call at the game to ensure that the seats were being used properly.
  18. A 3 star but will be bumped to a 4, maybe a 5 star, now that He has committed to Texas.
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