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  1. Walker may be a plant but he was in a few situations where there was no out. He also went to extremes to get branded and participated in the killing of the cowboy. Mia being the plant is more likely even though her start in the series was tied to an inadvertent killing of the two cowboys that roughed her up. Not sure about the hit on Kayce. Could have been coincidental as it was a coordinated single day attack. The attackers may not know that the real cowboys came to see him about running for governor. I think these men and their cowboys may play a role as a "posse" next season helpi
  2. I am torn over it. Not exactly sure how I feel. The season plodded along seemingly setting the stage for something to happen big at the end. It certainly was a big ending but no real questions were answered at all this season regarding how the main situation will play out. Two things were learned and they both involved Jamie; adoption and the cause for the hate between him and Beth. Now we have to wait 9 or 10 months to figure out who survived and who will meet their end at the hands of Rip and Casey. What happens to Jimmy? He finally was becoming a part of the story. What is t
  3. Unleash Rip! What a way to end the season
  4. Yes, there seems to be a lot more questions this year heading into the final episode. I know it has at least one more season but I hope it eventually has an end and does not just stop! One thing though, it cannot end well for the Duttons because they have done some bad stuff along the way to preserve their way of life.
  5. Down to one episode. The Sutton's were smart by keeping themselves not directly connected to taking care of the rogue cowboys. Now curious as to what will happen to the drifter and the blonde barrel racer. Will they end up at the train station?
  6. I have a DVR that is nearly full with movies from the 30's, 40's and 50's that I have recorded off of TCM. I am sure that it will be worked on pretty heavily this Fall since there probably will not be much, if any, football to watch.
  7. Too bad he did not have a speaking part to reflect how a real Texan talks. The cowgirl that is on there this season "from" Texas has the worst Texan accent ever. It is way over the top. In real life she is Michael Landon's (Little Joe, et al) daughter and she hails from Malibu.
  8. TSINGTAO = T=this S=sh** I=is N=no G=good T=try A=another O=one
  9. Does she sell these at the Silk Market in Beijing or on the open street? Haggling over prices is most of the fun when visiting the Silk Market or buying other stuff in China. Has she brought you back TSINGTAO beer for you to try?
  10. This season IS dragging along. There has been several times that it appears to be something building during an episode with the music and the staging of the scene (round up of the horses a couple of episodes ago as an example) only for it to turn out to be nothing. There has also been a couple of odd stories that I am having a hard time on projecting where they will go or how they will tie in. I wonder if there are new writers for the present season? Just is not as dynamic as in the past. If something does not happen, and in a big way, they may lose viewers heading into next season.
  11. More like Merton Hanks the old DB for the 49ers!
  12. My take is that the Team will stay to sing the song after the game as a Team as I would think that part of the approval of keeping the song was that all parties are good with the direction that is being taken. There may be some outliers that still have an issue with the song but with the concept of Team unity they will stay on the field to sing it.
  13. UT just released their statement on how the request made by the athletes and others regarding the racial and other social issues will be met at the school. It is a very good and thorough plan. It seems to be met with appreciation based upon the Tweets that I have seen so far. Kevin Eltife, Chairman of the Board of Regents and former Tyler mayor, was instrumental in spearheading the solutions. I placed the text of the letter in the college forum under UT.
  14. For those that follow UT the following text is the content that was released from president's office regarding the changes being made at UT in light of the recent social reforms being demanded at school. Contrary to some people that were complaining about UT not acting fast enough in the demands UT deliberately took a measured approach to this in conjunction with others to come up with a solid plan that seems to meet the demands per Tweets that I am seeing from those requesting such changes. As a UT grad I am proud on how UT handled this and with the results. Letter:
  15. Changing names cost a lot of money. It is doubtful that the outside influences will lend a dime. About 15 years ago, the company that I work for re-branded themselves. At the time it was a company of about 2000 employees globally. The price tag to do so was around $2M. Just think about the costs of renaming a city or cities and to a lesser extent schools/buildings. It is not without precedent though as South Africa has done so with some of it's communities. Of course I would not use South Africa as a model of how to do things. And yes, I can speak from experience with SA as I g
  16. What about the taxpayers? Why would they not have a say? If I am giving money to something I would want a voice. Just a question.
  17. There are so many angles in changing the names of schools, buildings, removal of statues, etc. I have no answer for any of it. I understand people's desire to rename schools and building all of which will come at a financial expense that was not budgeted. It is an expense that will not just be absorbed. Someone will pay (taxpayers) and/or something will be given up (budget cuts). And, as many have pointed out here, what about towns, cities, and counties that were named after people that had a questionable past? Who gets to choose on where the line will be drawn on what to change and
  18. Right. WVU can come to Texas but UTEP cannot come to Austin nor can Texas go to Louisiana. Makes zero sense.
  19. Watch all of the old ones that you can while you still can without them being all edited! Here is another one for you: Easy Living starring Victor Mature. it was filmed in 1949. Mature is a football player that has a heart condition, a nagging wife, and the team secretary who loves him. It is melodramatic like a lot of movies in the Golden Age but is is enjoyable. There is one scene towards the end that cracked me up with a WTH moment!
  20. I love old movies. Check out some film noir movies from the β€˜40’s or 50’s with Humphrey Bogart, George Raft, Dick Powell, etc. Or maybe an old gangster movie with the same actors but also including Edward G. Robinson. If you want a sports movie watch Knute Rockne All American. It stars Pat O’Brien and Ronald Reagan as the Gipper. It was made in the 40’s.
  21. This and a couple of pennies to keep the needle from skipping!!!
  22. Surely you jest!! You are the music man here of course you know!
  23. I understand that it will be changed. For the longest I never paid attention to the tune. It was Dixie that was played at a very fast pace. For you old timers out there it was like playing a 33 LP on the 78 setting on the record player.
  24. What came first? The school using it or the white supremacy group? Do you have to be an insider to know about the white power usage? I had no clue it was associated with such a thing.
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