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  1. I have been to rugby matches in Australia and South Africa. They are fun to watch live as you are having triage on some of the injured players while the play continues!
  2. When I left my small East Texas town and headed to Austin for college I was in for a huge surprise. I graduated from high school (1984) with a class of about 140 people. I thought that everyone was "like" me. That is, until I got to UT. What I thought was a normal person was thrown out of the window. For everyone "like" me there were 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 plus that were NOT like me. I will say that some of my viewpoints changed as well as my tolerance level of others grew likewise. But what did not change is my opinion of stupid people and agitators. One thing about being on a major college
  3. This is total conjecture on my part but this T-shirt incident, coupled with the current environment, is empowering people to speak up on things that may have happened in the past with Gundy that under other circumstances would have been overlooked. Everyone is in for a new world standard.
  4. He should vote his conscience in the next presidential election...oh wait....Hubbard is Canadian. I know the situation is bigger than that and he has his right to opinion but I had to...
  5. People want diversity as long as you agree with them.
  6. If you have not seen it then you must watch it while you still can.
  7. When my son was in high school he ran track and we would go to his track meets. We would strike up conversations with other people in the stands. Many would ask what event he participated in and many would lead with is he in 800, 1600, etc.? I would say nope, he runs the 100, 200, and is the anchor on the sprint relays. Of course I was met with all types of responses most of which made me laugh....and proud. Just trying to bring some levity to the conversation.
  8. You are correct in the fact that he could have said no. The point is is that someone(s) has his ear and have done some research to point out some of these issues. Doubtful he knew the history of the “Eyes”.
  9. Apparently the Tweet has been deleted. Who knows what is going on? Kids. Emotion. Tweet. Perhaps.
  10. The problem with the right to free speech today is if you do not say the "right thing", be it right or wrong, and it goes against popular opinion, then you are issuing an apology, losing your job, etc.
  11. What is the story/background here? Want the Cliff Notes version.
  12. When my daughter was in her senior year at UT-Austin she interned with Chuy's Restuarant's marketing department. Part of her job was handling social media. It is amazing how much thought and effort was put into providing the appropriate response to less than stellar comments made on social media. She just turned 28 last week and still is in marketing and does some social media marketing with her present position. We were talking about social media the other day and fortunately she has enough sense to stay off of it with any social commentary.
  13. I am all for starting the season on time and I hope that we do but there are a lot of snowflakes out there that err on the side of extreme caution and/or "political correctness" and/or mob mentality.
  14. Makes you wonder if the season will start at all particularly in this panic driven world we live in today.
  15. I am in no way condoning racism, I am just using this example as a catalyst to make a comment about people bringing things up that happened in the past and complaining about it or applying today’s standards to it now. If someone texted or said something to you or about you 3, 5, 10 years ago, if it was so offensive, why didn’t you say something then? When will they stop showing old movies from the 30”s and 40”s that reflected social “norms” from that era? What about reruns of old sitcoms like In Living Color, The Dave Chappelle Show, etc. that poked fun at ALL people? As I said
  16. IMO these are my general observations. Is race an issue in the US AND the world? Yes. Is exploitation an issue? Yes. Is exaggeration an issue? Yes. Are people too sensitive? Yes. Is disagreeing with someone's opinion an issue? Yes. Are there good people in the world? Yes. Are there bad people in the world? Yes. Is the US the best country in the world? Yes. Can it be better? Yes.
  17. Rather we like it or not many countries pander to China either directly or indirectly. The bulk of the iron ore that is mined in Western Australia and Brazil is sent to China. The bulk of the metallurgical coal that is mined in Canada goes to China to make coke for the steel mills. Guess where a lot of the copper that is mined ends up? The US and Europe manufacturers of mining equipment are feeding off of the supply chain to China. If the Chinese market is growing that means they are buying iron to produce facilities. If they are using iron ore then they are using coal. If they are
  18. Have you ever been outside of the United States? These poverty stricken countries have choices. They choose not to use these choices. Take the countries in southern Africa for instance, there are free condoms offered at your place of employment. No questions asked. They are in a dispenser in the restrooms. It is the ones in power that lead the people astray. In South Africa the ANC runs the show and "provides" for its followers. The past president of South Africa has multiple wives, some of which have AIDS/HIV. When asked if he is concerned about catching AIDS he said "no" because h
  19. Recruiting is a clown show. I will tune in on NSD 1 and 2.
  20. It is Amish country in that area. Maybe they aren’t that old fashioned! There are several other quirky named communities in that area.
  21. There is actually a small Amish town in Pennsylvania named Intercourse. There is also a Blue Ball, PA.
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