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  1. Mavchamp, refresh the recollection of this Texas High fan please. In the not too distant past, Marshall had a kid that was an outstanding football player drawing college football offers, but he was an even better baseball player. I saw him play both sports against Texas High and he was the type athlete that jumped out at you as the best player on the field. If I recall correctly he was a catcher and was pledged to play baseball at Texas A&M. Please remind me of the young man's name. How has his post-high school career gone, if you know?
  2. I just saw the clip that was on NBC Sunday Night Football. Amazing to have Randy Moss include Rian Cellars' TD catch on "You Got Mossed"!
  3. The Crosby fans and other posters over on SETXSports seem to be very confident about Crosby's chances in the match up with Texas High, who they say is "overhyped". They observe that the T-High offensive line is "massive, but slow" and allow pressure on the quarterback. All predictions so far are for a Crosby victory. I see predictions like 42-21, 42-28 and Crosby by 14.
  4. Good estimate RonLigma, according to the Texarkana Gazette article, the Tiger defense had 9 sacks and 15 tackles for loss. Other than the one long run that appeared to me to be as a result of a really good trap block by the LC offensive line, the LC offense was never a threat to move the ball. Crosby's offense appears to similar in design to LC, but they have a quarterback who is a real threat with the ball in his hands. In that respect, the offense may have more in common with the Frisco Independence offense that knocked Texas High out of the playoffs last year. Last night, the Tigers
  5. I agree. On TV, it looked like the ball never got close to the goal line.
  6. Mavchamp, did FB Marshall's close game with PNG change your opinion?
  7. Pulling for the Dragons!!!! Let's go Nac.
  8. I saw a post on another site that said that PNG exposed FB Marshall as being the product of a weak schedule. I was really surprised that PNG almost pulled off the huge upset. Crosby got up on Willowridge 28-0 in the first quarter and coasted to a huge win. The Cougars might be a real challenge for the winner of the Texas High - Lake Creek game.
  9. Matt, Eagleborn is correct. Al Hanna died about six years ago. He started broadcasting Tiger games in the 1960s and continued for about 50 years. When the stadium was upgraded several years ago and a state of the art press box was constructed, the press box was named the Al Hanna Press Box. Wisely, the school district chose to honor him in that way before he died. He got to broadcast games from the press box bearing his name. What a great guy. Still to this day I will find myself blurting out some quirky Al Hanna-ism when something happens during a game. When an obvious penalty
  10. Meant in good fun. I knew you were not offering disrespect in any way. In fact, I think you were responding to an earlier post that had his name wrong. At the end of my post, I switched gears and commented that I have to resist the temptation to be a jerk and try to correct every post that gets the name of Texas High's Stadium wrong. Through the years, even Texas High posters have gotten the stadium name wrong by referring to is as Grimm rather than Grim. (Officially changed a few years ago from Grim Stadium to Tiger Stadium at Grim Park). Al Hanna, the long-time voice of the
  11. Will any favorite be put at risk by cold, rainy weather on Friday night?
  12. I hate to be "that guy" on the message board, but the coach of Texas High is Gerry Stanford (as in Stanford University), not Jerry Sanford or Fred Sanford of Sanford and Sons. (I have gotten pretty good at resisting the temptation to always correct references to "Grimm Stadium" when "Grim Stadium" was intended).
  13. Great info Mavchamp. Thanks for your input all season long.
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