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  1. I have had some players mothers who had facial hair, does that count? I just didn't have the heart to tell her to shave.:yay::yay::yay:
  2. What about coaches who help the kids get steroids. Huh, Exbobcat. Oh, i forgot you live in a world where all coaches are honest and just plain ole good ole boys. Please let me know where you coach I wouldn't want my kids around a coach llike you. Sounds like you are full of rage, wait! isn't that a sign of steroid abuse? HUH?:unsure::unsure:
  3. Your mama is the idiot. I am a teacher and a coach and yes I know kids take steroids. Why are you so upset? does the steroid issue hit home with you?
  4. Get your heads out of the sand. Kids everywhere use them and it is dangerous. If you are such a loser that you have to cheat to get bigger, faster, or stronger then don't play. Yes the parents do need to step up, but the coaches also need to step up. Please tell me the coaches won't have a say in who gets tested, if they do this is a joke! It's not the just the suburban rich kids who use steroids, it's kids from small country 1a schools to big 5a schools. I know you don't think Bubba is doing it, but don't be surprised if he is.
  5. The only thing that Mineola and Celina have in common is that they are both orange and white.
  6. The Gilmer community and football program should really be proud. I am talking about the class and professionalism of one of their former players, Manuel Johnson. This past weekend my daughter's basketball team played in Norman, Oklahoma and we had the chance to visit the athletic facilities. My son was excited because he had watched Manuel on T.V., of course he bought a hat and t-shirt. My nine year old son had already looked him up on the web-site and knew his stats, how tall he was, and how much he weighed. To our surprise we actually saw Manuel at a summer league basketball game and h
  7. I saw him three times in 1992 when I ran the badwater 135 mile run across death valley. He looked a lot better than i did. Didn't even share his donut.
  8. You are correct: My daughter plays basketball with a girl from Celina and her brother will be a freshman next year. I asked his dad why Celina was so good year in and year out. He told me that every boy at that school does not want to be the one who lets the program down or lose a game. This kid is also unbelievable. He is 6'2" weighs 230 lbs. and runs a sub 5 second 40. His dad said that his 8th grade class was unbelievable and that they should continue the tradition at Celina. p.s. he can also crush a baseball. Why is it that every team that wins is accused of recruiting? If you
  9. If they played High school football on Sunday's, what would all the nascar rednecks do? Sorry cornbread, I know your not a redneck. lol
  10. They used to, but the last few years it's been a joke.
  11. Hey Idaho, go dig some potatoes. Who's your team and how are they doing in the playoffs? PT must have spanked you pretty bad.
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