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  1. Not to bring light to a subject that has obviously been overly judged and completely taken out of context...but I did want to say one thing. Regardless of the religion that you draw roots to...nor where you go to church on Sunday...LDS,Catholics...Baptist...etc all believe that the savior is lord and God. We should not judge our fellow man. We should not slander his beliefs because of our own nor should we curse him for what he believes. LDS are some of the nicest, cleanest and best intentioned people I have ever met. I attended church with them for some time. In the end we will all know.
  2. Hey guys, any of you tried p90x or even heard of it? I will just say i just completed the program not to long ago and was completely shocked with my results. Ne one else?
  3. Eustace in OT by a td the vandal has a big D. And Eustace can be explosive when they play well as a team. Ive seen it both ways. Here comes colmes "Texashurdler sighting"
  4. i second that notion...listen to him from time to time but even he..."the great rushball" would tell you that. How you been Cheapy? I havent been on here in about a year!
  5. My first car was a 93 Mazda Mx-6. Still own the thing but have since been getting more into the motorcycle scene. Even though i put nearly 12 grand after market items on since 2004. Good car.
  6. Cameron Coffey of Eustace, 110 and 300 hurdles. Trevon Johnson 400m
  7. I think the Bulldogs themselves got some big heads...and there was alot of giving up on their part. It is rare to have eustace get back to back wins...but not quite a bust yet. Edgewood just happened to be Eustace's only win last season and this season ewood just had Eustace's number. But maybe you should change your name to "uthinkuknow"
  8. I agree...i dont think that Ewood will score at all. Eustace should have held GS to 0 but didnt because of second string and so forth. But i think Eustace will dominate this game with no problems. This years Sophomore class is steller. The qb Chris Comptain is a great addition to the varsity and has already showed out quite a bit. The new running back Treven Johnson is such a great athlete there is nothing but good coming from him. Not much of a hurdler(which i have been working on him for years) but he is an amazing athlete!
  9. very good game for the dogs...the could have gone crazy in this one and easily have had run the score up in this one! Great game on both sides!
  10. I hope you are right. I am a eustace supporter and will be till the day i die. I hope it works out. FTball...do i know you?
  11. Although Eustace looked very shaped up, they were also playing a very very bad Malakoff team. Malakoff didnt have anything put together and had nothing going for them. I think that Eustace has alot going for them...but who knows for sure until they play a real game. I see eustace on top in a nail biter. Eustace 27 GS 26
  12. i have seen a hog that was about 350 pounds...and it was huge...i cant imagine this one.
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