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  1. It looked like HP was in a down year but they hammered Rockwall. That is going to be a major game at Highlander in a few weeks.
  2. I agree. This game should not honestly be close. The inconsistency is the problem. I hope we come out rolling and leave no doubt early so these guys can get some could quality reps in.
  3. I am not so confident...We barely beat Marshall and the playcalling against Bryant was suspect. I think LV has the potential to win both games going away but we are going to get their best effort. This should be telling on how we are growing...
  4. I think the only thing this game does is bring 4ad2 back down to earth. Carthage will ROLL in this game. I really don't think it will be within 2 scores. Carthage 42 Gilmer 21 (late score in garbage time)
  5. Absolutely agree…they just need a short passing game consistently
  6. Legacy is playing so stupid...Allen having some trouble when they mix it up...
  7. 7-6 Legacy...Donnell and Miller getting it done.
  8. if you get there early enough I highly doubt it will be sold out. too much COVID fears (rightly so) are out there.
  9. I agree. I really think Marshall's defense is pretty good. The bigger key for me is that they played North last week. So they got a taste of a high flying spread offense very similar to what they will see this week. If Marshall's QB continues to develop I think they win a close one. Mavs 31 Stumps 24
  10. That is my main issue is the consistency. We had one good game out of three against a team we aren't sure really how good they are. This Bryant team is most likely better than anyone except DR but again we don't know much about them. My thought is we have a team that at this point has had ups and downs. Bryant has not. WP4L said it best when it will be our defense that will carry us in this game. In our history under King, these teams that are disciplined, run a sound system, and are dynamic have usually beat us based on our mistakes. I won't make the mistake of underestimating them
  11. See....I told him we had some extreme homers... and I do hope you are right but doubt it.
  12. This is really good to hear about Tatum because we are going to need him. The guy on their website confirmed that they don't get matched on team speed very often. Again, not sure how often they see a team with our overall speed but goodness we are going to have to be disciplined on Friday.
  13. The easy thing to see is that they don't play too many teams that have the overall team speed and athletes that Longview will put on the field. The only exception to that is NLR and Trinity Christian (played last year)...and those games were close. They beat PA in the scrimmage but they are more like a HP than a GNPS or Desoto. If our speed/athleticism is a major difference in this game, I hope it doesn't down play the type of team we are playing. Their offense is very dynamic. Watching some of their blocking schemes out of the pistol and one back sets is pretty awesome. I said before
  14. No truer words ever typed. If he gets the start and they get rolling, it is going to be a good night of football. I just think Bryant's line play is going to be a difference maker in the game. They should be favored to win, but they are going to have to take it.
  15. What are you talking about? Where has any poster said this game will be easy or a blowout. I am sure we have some extreme homers who think Lobos win easily but no one else. Bryant is a very disciplined and solid team. Longview has its work cut out for them.
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