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  1. Morning Lobo fans...it is getting closer everyday... Lobos!!!!
  2. kingwolf

    Newton Eagals Can They Repeat

    I would just settle for better spelling to open the thread....
  3. No particular order.... 1. Marshall - to see what the coach with his pedigree, hype he has created, and returning players can dial up against us....will it be another blow out??? 2. West Monroe - has great defensive players returning although d-line graduated...should be no1 at that point...hope we stick it to them 3. Rockwall...see if the talent can push them on top...this will be district championship...hope we win going away.... cant wait
  4. He got so many dookie emojis his posts have to be approved by an admin
  5. Don’t even lol....a perfectly situated school with not much way to grow and an incredible ability to pull students from neighboring districts....have had this conversation many times with a close friend whose kids played for and won rings with Aledo....they are absolutely positioned to be where they are....
  6. It would be a great game...would love for it to happen but never will
  7. Saying they would beat us is not an issue, Trollie...implying that he was pretty much stupid to even suggest we should try to play them is...but...that’s what trolls do...
  8. Not at all Trollie....you are trying to pick a fight and put words in people’s mouth...the guy just wants to play north shore...plain and simple....you act like how dare he say that...makes you a troll plain and simple...
  9. Another idiot troll who is riding the bandwagon....Aledo wants no part of Longview...go back under whatever bridge you came from
  10. Maybe John King Field at Lobo Stadium....if he wins another, I will have my first grandchild named after him.
  11. Anybody confirm a recent transfer in? I hear the kid is either a DB or WR but has some good height and speed....also has a younger sibling????
  12. Huge hire if he can make it work
  13. kingwolf

    2019 Marshall Maverick Thread

    If you listen closely to him you can tell he was the right hire...he is going to build something special at Marshall...he should bring them a trophy....can he do it before a big school snatches him up???