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  1. It means Pine Tree has been historically white and not very good. Now they have a growing minority population and the team reflects that...
  2. So, I agree it is definitely just a scrimmage and I have a few thoughts.Lobo offense - had several bright spots when the passes were accurate. Several of the passing plays were open on several levels so we had more than 1 target to go with. run game had some bright spots but rarely had a runner get loose consistently. Problems - oline had trouble holding blocks and TH started getting pressure.Lobo defense - run defense was very stout and did their thing...the secondary has a big drop in talent after our CB went out...I also did not see us adjust very well once they figured out how to attack it
  3. This district is going to be crazy enough already....it would be the best in the state at any level if JT had Ford and MN finds a QB....can't wait....
  4. I really think what keeps PG in this game is a 6-8 minute drive with a score to open the 2nd half....that would really help the defense stay as fresh as possible to start.
  5. I should have said in the 1st quarter.....wow.....SH is terrible....
  6. If you know how this works, the school board can't honestly do much about it. The SCOTUS has already said that kids can't be forced to recite the pledge or stand for it or the National Anthem. This ability to not participate or share their beliefs is the same one that protects other students who share Bible verses and their faith in schools. I can guarantee you that I don't agree with it but you have to cut the school some slack...they really can't do anything about it as long as it is peaceful and not disruptive.
  7. It looks like Lufkin has really good size all over the field...with a pretty good sized team, if the speed is there then I got Lufkin by 2 scores....
  8. I am going with Lufkin...I don't have faith in TL until they prove otherwise...I'll take that they have some crazy talent but LP should have the edge even if it is in Tyler. I think this is a monster game to start the season and will give everyone a good look at both teams...
  9. That is really awesome to hear about the Maverick program...if they can get keep this momentum and turnout up, things could really get interesting for Marshall in D2.
  10. This...PG is going to move the ball but I think there will be a surprise in how well Argyle will move the ball....I don't think there will be a lot of possessions between the two teams...going to be a great game...
  11. Oh I am sure he does, I am just a "in the stands" expert who could have lead them to a national title last night....
  12. wow....will definitely watch this game if it is online...
  13. I expected more points from DF in the first game? What happened...they got crazy talent.
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