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  1. I definitely understand the thought here. I pretty much agree that there really is none like him at least at this point of being a freshman...Chris Butcher is not typically a Lobo RB who is listed in the top ten but he was a power runner that seemed to deceptively glide through traffic at times...Tatum does just that...he is fun to watch...
  2. this is going to be a very interesting game...it could very well be a shootout if Beckville can't control that QB...
  3. So I know that there has been a lot of gushing over this Freshman team and I was not going to say anything....but....I thought the North 9th grade A defense was not really that bad...especially the front 7....for this Longview A team to run against an 8-9 man front the whole game was pretty impressive to me...they were in the backfield a lot early on but we definitely adjusted....Tatum is a very special talent....reminds me a lot of Chris Butcher...kid is stud...
  4. I don't take anything away from CS but WOS has all of their Oline and 2 DLine out of this game including a RB. This is not the same game with those starters.
  5. I tried to attach it and it wouldn't let me...I have even tried to change the file size. I'll figure out a way. I have 6 in my office. 1943 vs Henderson 1950 vs Denison 1956 vs Lufkin 1959 vs Dallas Sunset 1961 vs Texarkana I also have a 2018 team picture with player and coaches signatures on the surrounding mat. It is massive.
  6. I have the game program from the 1966 HP/LV game hanging in my office.
  7. I am really glad to see Lufkin getting healthy. I really hope Lufkin can at least get to 3rd in district. A first round game against HP would not bode well for the Panthers.
  8. thats high praise coming from you...I haven't watched him play but may have to catch one if they are still undefeated going into the WH or TH game.
  9. I really feel like the Mavericks will win this game and fix the problems they had last week.
  10. This could be the best PT team in the last 40 years but was really surprised by the 7 point total from Marshall...I am sure they rebound and fix those mistakes but was very surprised.
  11. I've tried to keep my mouth shut but really can't....what in the world happened to Marshall??? Please don't beat me up because I am a Longview homer but man, I know Pine Tree is improved but Marshall is a MUCH better team than what showed up at that game...overconfidence, maybe????
  12. There is not any amount of speed, athleticism, or physical football that HP has not seen over the years so they won't be surprised by anything we throw at them. However, I think that if we approach this game like we did Rockwall last year, it will make a huge impact...those receivers need to pay a heavy price every time they catch the ball so they are thinking about it the next time the ball is coming their way....I am not advocating hurting anyone but you got play Lobo ball on every snap...pound away....
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