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  1. I don't know....I thought HP missed a couple of wide open TDs that were non rushed throws that could have turned the game....I thought HP could have won this game. The problem is no one else left can throw the ball very well. I really think NS or DV would beat them by 21+
  2. Going to be a long off-season....hopefully we will get some updates during spring camps
  3. Completely agree...if Longview starts the right QB, which means the most talented and best skills, then they have a shot to make a lot of noise next year. I really don't care what last name the QB has at this point, just let the best one start regardless of age/grade...
  4. I usually let people go on and on about their opinions about coaching because we all think we are experts at some point and could be a consultant and lead area teams to a state championship if they would just listen to us....BUT MAN....you are a DAMN CLOWN....just stop....are you Lion's brother or inbred cousin?
  5. I agree with this with the exception of the Tyler schools. I would only continue those if they are a worthy opponent. The idea of a consistent neutral game site to get a good opponent would be wonderful. I really think Longview could also go after the consistently good LA teams. Most would do a home/home because the money for their program would be great.
  6. I know this may sound really stupid but if they don't let Tutt start in the summer 7 on 7, then I hope LV runs two teams so he can get some reps...bad feeling we won't see him get a shot
  7. Same to Lufkin...really hope Lufkin ISD has courage to make needed changes...way too much talent down there to let it go to waste...if they don’t get a solid coaching staff down there you guys may pass the point of no return...
  8. I was very disappointed that they got away from Hale...I really think we could have kept it closer with better play calling but it is what it is....I am not going to give Jordan Allen a bunch of ####...kid played within his skill set and showed a lot of heart this year...you can wish for better but can’t be mad at a 16 year old who can’t do what you want him to do.... this team outperformed what I thought they would do this year...the defense was stellar and we have some coming back on both sides... my hope is the best players will play at all positions including QB...we will see...g
  9. This right here...4 more wins by 1 point is as good as a 40 point spread in every game
  10. I don't always agree with DCTF but I am a subscriber and have listened to and read a lot of their stuff and can say that they are always respectful of Longview and give them their props...one of the best convos surrounding the program was the one leading up to the Tascosa game...you could tell they felt the opportunity for Longview as we all did...the rest is history...the follow up coverage after we won the title was awesome... while they definitely did not pick us this week, they didn't shut the door on a Lobo win but recognized what King and the staff has....this is our biggest test in
  11. this is probably the most ridiculous thing that I have heard all year...the downplaying of Lancaster by the casual keyboard football expert is nauseating...it was clear listening to commentators and reading their lines that Lancaster was a top 10 team. Even one of the more respected sports authorities said this was possibly one of the fastest high school football teams he had ever seen throughout the year... Solid win against a solid team...
  12. After watching as much game film as I can, this game is going to be one of the toughest we have had in years. I think this game is going to come down to two things that will probably not go in our direction but you never know. Limited running game...I think DR's front 7 is going to slow us down enough like HP did (with/without penalties) that we will have to throw the ball AND be productive at it...recipe for disaster with their secondary. DR passing game...Sanders and Bowman will be a lethal combination that we will have to limit and do it consistently...toughest test for our secon
  13. My early thoughts on this game is it will take a masterful performance from us to pull out the win. This will have to be one of those games like the 02 Evangel, Allen, Denton Guyer type games...It is going to be a huge game...I need to watch some more video on DR and I'll come back with more thoughts...
  14. Huge win for Longview...Lancaster is a much better team than what showed last night...Their coach said that their Oline just got out of quarantine yesterday but not that it would have made much of a difference....
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