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  1. If marshall goes the way I heard and can land this fish then WOW!!!!
  2. kingwolf

    Kurt Traylor-Tyler Lee

    Couldn’t agree more
  3. kingwolf

    Kurt Traylor-Tyler Lee

    That man is the real deal...if he could keep his talent healthy and have a few more years and he will bring it together
  4. I don’t think he retires....I think he takes an opportunity and goes like J.Traylor and goes to make some reaL money for a while
  5. kingwolf

    πŸ€ Longview Lobos basketball

    the sheer will to win on that team was unreal....reminds me a lot of this years lobo football team.
  6. Merry Christmas Lobo Nation! Forever 6a Div 2 State Champs!!!
  7. I bought these at the game and ordered more before we left
  8. Go Lobos!!! Beat....wait....we have beaten everyone....that means....State Champs!!!! null (yea, I know cheesy...but we are still State Champs!!!!)
  9. kingwolf

    State Championship Attendance

    Watch the state championship game replays while walking around the house in my draws and state championship shirt
  10. If any of you stopped at Buc-ee's, it was wild...Lobo chants in that place going on for about 20 minutes...Love my Lobos!!!!
  11. Cried like a baby man!! It was an incredible feeling watching those boys and coaches get the win....and yes...I will change the Avatar!!!