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  1. Any place to watch a recording of this and the pleasant grove game?
  2. I have nothing but mad respect for Carthage but HP is too high of a hill to climb.
  3. Never said we would win 63-0...He said 2005 but thinking he really meant 2004...either way we had common opponents both years and Longview wins either year...but in the end, it’s just an opinion
  4. Your 6 or 7 D1 means nothing...they would not have stopped Longview...maybe played with them for a while but no chance of winning...nice try tho...gives you something to fantasize about at least
  5. Me too man!! Rooting hard for you guys...can’t stand LV....
  6. Exactly....Carthage is playing like ####...I have no doubt they get it together in the second half and pull away
  7. The way both teams are playing, LV will steam roll either one....
  8. Longviews favor lol...they have players from that team still in the NFL
  9. I’ll reserve judgment until after the SC game...
  10. Good perspective...thank you. If EJ plays I am very interested in how our run defense reacts to their 1-2 punch. Temple had good RBs and a big oline but it didn’t help them....ready for Friday! Go Lobos!
  11. Wow....if that is the case then they had similar games against Killeen and Cedar Ridge like Vandy did....so Vandy must not be that good either?!? this region kind of #### then
  12. Wow! I was high on Temples offense...they rolled on in yards...if DJ is better then should be a good game
  13. Going to humbly disagree...we have incredibly raw talent and are blessed with it repeatedly but we have some of the best coaches in the business like Coach Wilson and have for decades...our ability to turn out so many and have to put them on defense is a testament to our tradition as well...we have always excelled at their development....looks like we are on the road with QBs as well...
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