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  1. "Unfreedom of the Press" by Mark Levin also has a chapter on this.
  2. Hope this isn't too racy for Smoaky guidelines, but here he is working on his car. This is the actual guy referenced in the story; he's notorious around the Diana area. A friend of mine who lives near him snapped this while driving by on US259.
  3. I read some sports column the other day that projected that DeShaun Watson would be the Patriots quarterback in 2021. What do you think O'Brien could get in return for Watson in a trade? Maybe a punter off the Pats practice squad and an eighth round draft choice?
  4. Mine had nicer wheel covers. but otherwise looked like this.
  5. If you cook it in the oven, you are using coal in a way, as a substantial amount of electricity is generated by burning coal. But what you use to BBQ is charcoal, something very different. If it was meant as a joke, sorry I missed it but this hits close to home since i work at a coal mine.. And Dalton, Hank Hill would be proud if you.
  6. Here's mine, a '64 Fairlane that my grandmother bought used for about $800 in 1972. She drove it over 20 years and I wound up with it after she passed on. Finally got it restored recently, upgrading from the little-old-lady six cylinder to a 302 from an Explorer paired with an AOD transmission. Much more fun now when you step on the go pedal. Anybody else want to show off?
  7. Whether or not Mav01 believes this flat earth nonsense, he certainly has the debate style down pat. As a long time professional surveyor, I would advise him against using Eric Dubay's proof #7 in further debates. I just finished a project involving line of sight issues between distant radio towers, and guess what I had to include in my calculations? That's right, curvature of the earth. And I didn't use the flerfers magic 8" formula, a simple estimation tool for short distances which is routinely misapplied in flat earth arguments, instead opting for real geometry to make sure that p
  8. According to the Spring Hill School website, the meet on 4/7 is the Bill Secord Relays and the 16-3A district meet is in Carthage on 4/13 and 4/14.
  9. Brett Favre, still the only player to quarterback the Packers to a Super Bowl loss.
  10. Apparently, cumulative voting is used in numerous school board elections in Texas. Proponents say that it eliminates the need to draw up districts and prevents gerrymandering. Opponents say that allows the deck to be stacked for one or two specific candidates. If all voters are given the same six votes, I really don't see the problem. I didn't see in the article an indication that only hispanic voters got multiple votes.
  11. Have you ever seen a better race than the boys 800 meters? Five wide with 100 to go and all five finishing better than 2:02.
  12. District 17-3A meet in Tatum April 14 and 15 according to the schedule I'm looking at. Expect to find me at the Burger Barn around noon on the 14th.
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