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  1. DOB wins the internet award today.
  2. Mineola will get in the playoffs. They have a good front on defense and offense.
  3. Usually last Friday in October.... looks like the 25th this year.
  4. Sabine will win 8 or 9 games this year. They may win district.
  5. Harmony should be the clear favorite and everyone else will fight it out. No clear front runners for spots 2, 3 and 4.
  6. Sure. I can answer your question. Gladewater and Tatum will compete for the district championship. Everyone else will be fighting it out for the 3rd and 4th spot. As far as who gets them I don't know. I thinks it's wide open.... including West Rusk. Best answer I have there Dawgs93
  7. You are speaking some truth 514. We should learn to respect authority again and if we have question or issue with it then we should criticize or question in private. If a true wrong is committed by someone in authority we should blow the whistle on them, but not just because we didn't get our way or what we wanted. Alot of people do not understand the difference anymore.
  8. You want to fix public schools to make them more attractive for teachers and coaches? Lord knows we need to! So... Fix our ridiculous judicial system where our litigious society full of ambulance chasing lawyers and weak minded parents and civilians can't run roughshod over authority and rules. Leaders, teachers, administrators are all afraid to make a stand for what's right for fear they will be sued for being firm and strong in authority. In fact.... the general lack of respect for any authority in our modern society is what we are witnessing. Look at what is happening to our police personne
  9. Sabine Cardinals will have a Cinderella season and win the district championship.
  10. My grandma was the worst kind of fan to sit by. The excitement of the game usually got you hit, slapped, whipped, etc.... she was an enthusiastic fan to say the least. But man, would I give anything to sit beside her one more time to get hit, grabbed or beat up. God rest her soul.... she was awesome.
  11. Tatum and Gladewater lead the way. Toss up who gets first and second. Should be an interesting race for 3rd and 4th with everyone else.
  12. Don't forget that head coaches still dictate what defense and offense the coordinators run. Not saying that changes are needed in Kilgore but I am pretty sure that the head man will decide when and what changes are made.
  13. So... serious question. With great athletes and great facilities why so much turnover? Anyway... I'm sure Tatum will fight gladewater for the district championship and both teams will win at least two playoff games. Tatum needs to try to keep a coach for 3 or 4 plus years before they will make a state championship run.... oh and stay in 3a.
  14. Gladewater Tatum Mineola Sabine New London - West Rusk White Oak Winnsboro
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