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  1. With that defense it should not be a problem stinking it up
  2. Niners are going to be tough but I’m pulling for the Chiefs
  3. Yeah but there’s that word integrity. Astros were my 2nd favorite team. I’m disappointed they did this. The organization is being punished but the players are very fortunate so far they haven’t been disciplined. I think many of them have lost respect around the league. That’s a shame not sure they had to cheat to win you can’t take the championship away from them but it will always be tainted. I hate it all for the city of Houston they waited a long time. Like I said I’m not positive they had to cheat. Hopefully time will heal this but I’m afraid it could get uglier
  4. Been a rough couple of days for the sporting community in Houston
  5. I think this was probably the best we could have hoped for considering the names that have been thrown out there
  6. Not sure it will matter who they hire but we just need a new clapper
  7. I think they need to suffer the embarrassment. we've had to suffer all year watching this garbage
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