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  1. Maybe Double D's will curb some of violence in Tyler. Most men would rather look at a bare boob than fight.
  2. Kenneth Crone, who grew up and attended Tyler Schools died yesterday at the age of 70. The movie Sugarland Express was based on Kenneth being taken hostage while a DPS patrolman in Winnie, Texas.
  3. How could you forget Kenny Morris of Whitehouse ??
  4. Baseball, definately baseball. From little league to the majors. However, I have definately become a volleyball fan. No other sport requires such teamwork to be successful. When any team has the necessary teamwork, it is a pleasure to watch.
  5. Geez, I wish you guys would quit ragging on Romo. He is one of the top 25 quarterbacks in the league and is averaging close to six yards a completion. Most "bright" people know that the bill of the cap faces the front.
  6. .I can't believe that I stayed up that late to learn that all the games ended 0 to 0.
  7. Swimming and airplane piloting would be a tie. :thumbdown: :thumbdown: When you stop you die !!!
  8. Was he the last baseball coach at JT to have a winning record ?
  9. The problem last night was not Lee. It was Arias. He should have caught the pop up double and he should not have stayed back on the grounder and then try for a double play. He made a bonehead play and you just can't win like that. The Rangers have to get Kinsler back in the lineup I predict that last night was the last Ranger appearance of his career for Arias.
  10. A&M handed Cole Green his first defeat this afternoon 9-3. The Greene kid went 4 for 5 with another stolen base.
  11. Does anyone know why the Rangers are not on Suddenlink in Tyler ???
  12. There was an article in the Tyler paper today about Brookhill winning the regional golf tournament held in Carrollton. Who were the winners of the tournaments held in the Tyler area ? I know nothing about the newspaper business, but it appears that the Tyler Morning Telegraph simply does not allot enough space for the sports department. I have a great deal of respect for Phil Hicks and his sports staff and believe that space to print adequate coverage is being denied them. Four pages to cover pro, college, and high school sports is simply not enough.
  13. I read in today's Dallas Morning News that the Brookhill baseball team defeated Garland Christian 13-2 yesterday. Why did I have to buy a Dallas newspaper to get this information ? On a side note, I tried to get a tee time at the following courses yesterday: Oak Hurst(Bullard), Pine Springs(Tyler), Pine Dunes(Frankston), and Echo Creek (Brownsboro). All of these courses were closed because they were hosting district golf tournaments. No results of any of these tournaments were in any of the four sports pages in the Tyler newspaper.
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