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  1. I was there too. Atlanta and PG are to only two teams it HURTS to lose to. LOL That is what rivalries are all about.
  2. But you guys have been hating LE for a LOOOONNNGG TIME. I too am rooting for PG to bring it back to Texarkana. Our rivalry with PG is just as contentious as it is with the Rabbs. But know we are all one community. GO HAWKS AND GET YOUR RINGS!!!
  3. They remind me of the 99 LE Team. The further they went, the easier it got.
  4. Well. Looks like they will get their football rings at the Grove. That will mean that all 4 of Texarkana's H.S. football teams will have won a state chamionship. Go Hawks!!
  5. The question that really is at issue is does strength of schedule really matter in the long run? We will have to wait to see the results as I stated earlier, but I still believe that the Leopards tougher schedule will help them in THIS GAME. As with any game, anyone could possibly win for any number of reasons.
  6. Going with the Leopards. They wear the underdog tag pretty well. Also, their strength of schedule should help them in this game.
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