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  1. Must have been a slip, everyone in our district is 4A Div.1 in the 903 area code.
  2. See the Eagles again next week, good game.
  3. Aggie98 kinda like me, now that kids have graduated we don't always got time, for smoaky, but I'm always still hovering in the wings. Stay with it Dawgs, things are getting better!
  4. Good job once again to my young Dawgs! Made a pretty good game of it after the half.
  5. Congrats on the win Dogs, and Mr. Smith!
  6. Pretty Dang Close match-up. We played a much Tougher District, They played a some what Stronger Play Off Schedule. Stats Extremely close.
  7. 2013 Kilgore (TX) [61.5] State Power Rating 08/30 Beat Marshall (TX) 42-7 [opponent rating: 21] [performance: 49**] 09/13 Beat Pine Tree (Longview, TX) 56-7 [opponent rating: 15.1] [performance: 43.1**] 09/20 Beat Mt. Pleasant (TX) 48-20 [opponent rating: 19.1] [performance: 47.1**] 09/27 Beat Spring Hill (Longview, TX) 41-12 [opponent rating: 18.1] [performance: 46.1**] 10/04 Beat Bullard (TX) 49-7 [opponent rating: 16.2] [performance: 44.2**] 10/18 Beat Gladewater (TX) 24-6 [opponent rating: 32.9] [performance: 50.9] 10/25 Beat Chapel Hill (Tyler, TX) 42-25 [opponent
  8. I hate to tell this, cause it'll give away my gray hair. In 1980 a struggling Kilgore team, my Sr. Year faced a state ranked Sleepy Reynolds team that had a smoking hot running back named Rosco Tatum. We hosted for homecoming and beat them 22-0. We finished 7-4 but that game made a great memory. Been missing them Red Dogs from the south, should be fun.
  9. I don't know why I post on other sites, some people are too stupid to watch this game.
  10. You'll never get HLF03 to do that, he's got Big K dislike from way back:-)
  11. LOL, HLion, I was talking about HendersonLionFan, but your right, It's not hate it more like, if I was told my team could only win one game, I would pick it to be the Henderson game every time.
  12. Dudes Lion is okay, he has always rooted against us, least we know where he stands and he doesn't flip flop. Gotta respect that. He hates us as much as I hate Henderson and that's okay. Shame too, we share all other sports teams.
  13. I believe any one of the 4 teams that came out of the district of doom could have beat these guys. Way to go dawgs!
  14. He was a pretty good kid when he went to school here:-)
  15. Congrats, to that former Kilgore Bulldog, Coach Keeling, his Wildcats making us proud.
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