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  1. He’s turned down numerous offers over the years. Fully believe he’ll be back one day. In the meantime, best wishes to him for sure. He’ll be missed.
  2. I don't know if they're better than Lancaster, but they've won 3 state titles recently (in the 2010s), and they're fresh off blowing out previously undefeated (29-0) Newman Smith with a 28 pt victory. Edit: Looks like they've lost to Lancaster twice this season.
  3. Midway won, 62-54. Good season for Longview but still can’t get over the playoff hump. Game was there for the Lobos but free throws cost them big time.
  4. Longview takes on Waco Midway tonight at 8 PM at Forney.
  5. Getting PT and T High at Mav this year is huge for Marshall imo.
  6. It’s extremely hard to do, especially for the current landscape of East Texas in 6A and 5A. And it takes a lot of luck, whether it comes down to match ups, luck of no injuries, luck of balls going your way. Just look at Longview’s state title game. If West Brook doesn’t fumble the extra point at the start of the fourth, it’s a two score game. That one fumble lifted the entire sideline and fan base and it ended up being the deciding point at the end of things. As you said, enjoy the ride when you can. All dynasties come to an end, including the Carthage’s and Aledo’s of the world. Winning a title is something to be cherished, but so are those runs of four and five games deep.
  7. It’s one thing to expect your team to contend for a title every season, which is what we do in Longview give or take the obvious rebuilding season. It’s another to expect to win it every season. Holmes has a lot of positive things going for him, but also has negatives. King is the same way. Just because we finally finished a year the way we wanted in Longview doesn’t remove them. Some of his game planning still baffles me (the West Monroe game for example, and the Jesuit game was lost because of it). It’s gonna happen, especially coaching high school kids. But I do thing believing/expecting to compete for a title is the first hurdle to getting there. It started back in 2004 for us, I fully believe that first season of Coach King set the belief in motion that we haven’t laid off of since. The talent sometimes hasn’t been there despite what some Lobo fans believe. 2014-2016 come to mind. I don’t think JTs current talent is what they’ve come use to this last decade. It sounds like it’s coming back soon but it’s not there yet. It’s just something you have to adjust your mind to as the season comes. I don’t watch every JT game so I have no idea what it’s like when you’re not playing Longview but there’s no doubt he loves Cujo and wants the best for the program.
  8. Longview/Rockwall Heath play in game changed to Athens on Friday.
  9. Longview defeated Mesquite, 55-45. Tyler Lee defeated Mesquite Horn, 60-46. Rockwall Heath defeated North Mesquite, 55-42. GIRLS STANDINGS 1) Tyler Lee (26-6, 11-1) 2) Mesquite Horn (18-13, 10-2) 3) Rockwall (22-11, 8-4) T4) Longview (14-17, 5-7) T4) Rockwall Heath (22-12, 5-7) 6) North Mesquite (7-20, 2-10) 7) Mesquite (15-20, 1-11) Longview and Rockwall Heath will face off in an 11-6A playoff match up in Mount Vernon. Scheduling conflict has forced the date and time to be determined. Heath won the first match up 49-31 in Longview. Longview won the second match up 38-36 (OT) in Heath. This will be the third play in game the two teams have faced off against one another since they became district team mates in 2012-2013. PLAYOFF MATCH UPS #1 Tyler Lee will face #4 Temple #2 Mesquite Horn will face #3 Waco Midway #3 Rockwall will face #2 Killeen Ellison at Cleburne on Tuesday, Feb 18th (7 PM) #4 Longview/Rockwall Heath will face #1 (13th ranked) Killeen Harker Heights
  10. Longview defeated Mesquite, 56-46. Rockwall Heath defeated North Mesquite, 62-52. Can't find a Mesquite Horn/Tyler Lee score. Rockwall was off. BOYS STANDINGS 1) Rockwall (19-11, 8-2) 2) Mesquite Horn (21-10, 7-2) *Missing one game* 3) Longview (24-8, 8-3) 4) Rockwall Heath (17-13, 6-4) 5) Mesquite (11-15, 5-5) 6) North Mesquite (7-20, 1-10) 7) Tyler Lee (6-17, 0-9) *Missing one game* Friday Games: Rockwall Heath at Tyler Lee Mesquite Horn at Mesquite Longview at Rockwall North Mesquite - Bye Next Tuesday Games: Mesquite at Rockwall Heath Rockwall at Mesquite Horn Tyler Lee at North Mesquite Longview - Bye Rockwall has clinched a playoff berth. Mesquite Horn, I'm going to assume beat Lee last night for now (though haven't updated that in the standings), should've clinched a playoff berth last night. Longview has clinched a playoff berth. Seeding however is still all over the place. Lobos still have a shot at the district crown, if Horn can lose at least one and Longview can upset Rockwall in Rockwall on Friday. No idea what happens in a 3-way tie for seeding purposes. Heath can clinch a playoff berth if they defeat Lee on Friday AND Mesquite falls to Horn. If not, then it'll come down to the final game in Heath next Tuesday. PLAYOFF WATCH From what I can tell, Killeen Ellison has clinched top spot in 12-6A. Midway should finish second. Temple and Killeen Harker Heights have clinched a playoff berth, but still have to fight things out for 3rd and 4th.
  11. Lady Lobos defeat Mesquite 55-45 to clinch at least a play in game. Waiting on Heath/North score.
  12. SOCCER UPDATE Will try my best to update this. GIRLS Longview defeated Rockwall Heath, 3-1, last night for their 12th consecutive victory. Rockwall defeated North Mesquite, 1-0. Mesquite Horn was off Haven't found a score for Mesquite at Tyler Lee STANDINGS 1) Longview (12-1-2, 3-0-0, 9 pts) 2) Tyler Lee (2-0-0, 6 pts) 3) Rockwall Heath (7-5-3, 2-2-0, 6 pts) 4) Rockwall (5-7-4, 2-2-0, 6 pts) 5) North Mesquite (3-5-0, 1-2-0, 3 pts) 6) Mesquite Horn (3-5-1, 1-2-0, 3 pts) 7) Mesquite (3-6-3, 0-3-0, 3 pts) BOYS Tyler Lee defeated Mesquite, 5-2, in overtime. Rockwall Heath upset Longview, 2-1. Rockwall defeated North Mesquite, 2-1. Mesquite Horn was off. STANDINGS 1) Mesquite (7-4-2, 3-0-1, 9 pts) 2) Rockwall (8-4-3, 3-1-0, 9 pts) 3) Longview (12-3-2, 2-1-0, 6 pts) 4) Rockwall Heath (4-8-2, 2-2-0, 6 pts) 5) Tyler Lee (6-6-4, 1-1-1, 4 pts) 6) North Mesquite (4-5-2, 0-2-1, 2 pts) 7) Mesquite Horn (3-10-2, 0-3-0, 0 pts)
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