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  1. Sherman ended up losing 41-23. My thoughts on Sherman: Their #8 receiver was all over the field in the first half. But right from the get go, you could see Sherman's offensive line was horrendous. That poor #4 QB was running for his life literally all night long. Some of the hits he took were vicious. Couple that with he refused to slide when he was actually able to get away. There's no way the dude makes it through the season if he continues to play like that. Sherman was in 3rd and long on both of their touchdown drives. After they completed them, it felt like they were able to bui
  2. Sherman is literally not going to have a football team after this game, with the amount of injuries they’ve had.
  3. HalftimeSherman 16Denison 13Bearcats have had a ton of injuries. Yellowjacket football to start the second half.
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