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  1. LoboFan07

    Must See Games Of 2019

    That saga needs to end. We had our grudge match with round 3 last season. It's all been settled. We're the better team.
  2. You’re gonna Lobo yourself our before the season even starts at this rate.
  3. Oh no doubt. Evangel though, meh. They’re not the same program from the 90s and 00s.
  4. I have no doubt West Monroe is a solid program, and will be a much upgraded opponent than Ruston would've been, but why do we keep saying they're the best in Louisiana? Zachary is the two team defending 5A champions over there, having defeated West Monroe for their 2nd straight title this past December. Should the Rebs probably have won that game? Sure. But it was their defense that nearly won it for them, not the offense. And they were absolutely dominated in the first half of that game by Zachary. They also lost to Zachary in 2017 at that. They're a great team, but they're not the best right now. And haven't been since 2011.
  5. This will be an interesting one for me. They lost a ton, and I know it doesn’t matter much but our JV squad ripped them apart. I don’t think they’ll be anywhere near as solid as they were last year, and they’re coming to Lobo....we’ll see what happens. I’m also intrigued to see how Horn is. Givens is gone but with a new coach, they’ll be a bit of a question mark. Least they play JT this year in non district so we’ll get a sense of how they are early.
  6. 81 days to go. Which game are y’all looking forward to the most this season (regular season)?
  7. LoboFan07

    Hardest stadium to win at on your schedule.

    Abe Martin no doubt. 1 win since 1997, 1-10 in last 11 visits there. 1 of just 6 stadiums all-time that we’ve played 3 or more games at and having losing record at (and the other 5 are all from the 20s and 30s). Scary to think we actually had a 9-4 record there at one point.
  8. 12 weeks away from kickoff of the 2019 season.
  9. I didn’t say there was a problem? All the teams above us were expected to be. We’re the top ranked team in 6A D2. As I said, not surprising. Theyre rankings. They matter not.
  10. Meh. Not surprising.
  11. Love that the wolf head was used. We need to be using that logo more. Excited we’ve finally jump on the team cover bandwagon. Glad to have mine reserved. Looking forward to a great 2019 season for East Texas.