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  1. LoboFan07

    🏀 Longview Lobos basketball

    Longview faces Killeen Ellison next Tuesday in the bi-district round in Fairfield. Eagles and Lobos will meet for the 5th time overall, with Ellison holding a 3-1 series lead. First meeting since 2003, and 2nd playoff meeting (first since 1995). https://lobohistory.com/basketball/lobos/gamelogs/killeenellison.html Lady Lobos saw their season come to an end at the hands of Waco Midway, by a 52-42 scoreline. The loss was Longview's first ever against Waco Midway. https://lobohistory.com/basketball/ladylobos/gamelogs/wacomidway.html
  2. LoboFan07

    🏀 Longview Lobos basketball

    Finally got around to updating the Rockwall game log for the Lobos after their 52-49 overtime defeat to the Jackets last Friday. https://lobohistory.com/basketball/lobos/gamelogs/rockwall.html What a great effort against a top 5 state ranked team, but it wasn't to be, and Lobos close the regular season are 26-8 (7-5). Lady Lobos face off against Waco Midway tonight in Athens.
  3. LoboFan07

    Official 2018-2019 East Texas 5A Sports Thread

    The sooner this become a reality, the better. Yes it's nice to have a game 15 minutes away from home and to have a for sure sell out crowd most years. But the game isn't competitive most seasons anymore. Definitely not for the full 48 minutes. I have no ill will toward any Maverick out there. I never did. My generation does not know what it's like to hate Marshall. It's just the old 12-5A crew and before that's holding onto it. Move on and find some better match ups for both teams. It's not like we even play each other in basketball in non-district play. It's been 6 years since we've played in non-district in girls basketball, and 8 in boys basketball. It can be doneeeee.
  4. LoboFan07

    🏀 Longview Lobos basketball

    The Lady Lobos improved to 22-9 (7-5) last night with a 52-29 victory over Mesquite. It was Longview's 6th win in a row over the Lady Skeeters. Longview leads the series, 21-11. https://lobohistory.com/basketball/ladylobos/gamelogs/mesquite.html The Lady Lobos will open the post season against Waco Midway in Athens on Feb 12th. Longview is 3-0 all-time against Midway. It will be the first meeting between the two schools since 1993. The Lobos dropped to 26-7 (7-4) last night, falling to the Skeeters, 51-46. The Skeeters improved to 16-6 all-time against Longview, and basically wrapped up the 2nd spot in district and basically confirmed Longview will be the 3rd place team come post season time. https://lobohistory.com/basketball/lobos/gamelogs/mesquite.html Longview faces Rockwall this coming Friday night to end the regular season, before a bye on the final date of 11-6A play. Longview still has a couple options on who it might end up playing in round 1 with 12-6A. Shoemaker is in first place by two games. Killeen Ellison and Waco Midway are tied for 2nd and 3rd. So it will be one of those three teams.
  5. LoboFan07

    🏀 Longview Lobos basketball

    The Lady Lobos dropped to 21-9 (6-5) last Friday with a 56-40 loss to Tyler Lee. Lee won their 4th consecutive game over the Lady Lobos, for the first time in school history. Longview leads the series 66-21. https://lobohistory.com/basketball/ladylobos/gamelogs/tylerlee.html Longview improved to 26-6 (7-3) after winning their 6th in a row over the Red Raiders, in a 73-68 double overtime affair. The Lobos improved to 70-59 all-time against Tyler Lee with the win. https://lobohistory.com/basketball/lobos/gamelogs/tylerlee.html
  6. LoboFan07

    PG FOOTBALL 2019

    MaxPreps is literally known for having wrong scores, wrong dates, wrong opponents and wrong rosters...
  7. LoboFan07

    🏀 Longview Lobos basketball

    Lobos improved to 25-6 (6-3) with a 47-43 victory over North Mesquite yesterday. Lobos now 15-7 all-time against the Stallions. https://lobohistory.com/basketball/lobos/gamelogs/northmesquite.html Lady Lobos improved to 21-8 (6-4) with a 61-38 win over North Mesquite yesterday. Lady Lobos have won 14 in a row over the Lady Stallions and improved to 25-4 all-time against North Mesquite. https://lobohistory.com/basketball/ladylobos/gamelogs/northmesquite.html Lady Lobos also clinched a playoff berth for the first time since 2015-2016 with the win last night. It will be the 36th playoff appearance in the 41st season of program history.
  8. LoboFan07

    John Tyler Football 2019

    Who knows tbh. This team was beyond special, and I do think this will be the strongest of the 3 years we get to watch King at QB. But things could fall right for us again in 2019, I wouldn't shocked. I do think we'll be there in at least the Quarters again. I think it's definitely always to predict a state championship, especially in the top 2 classes for East Texas. But we should be incredibly strong again.
  9. LoboFan07

    John Tyler Football 2019

    What's changed if that were to happen if you don't mind me asking? I believe he was only waiting for his daughter to graduate if I remember correctly.
  10. LoboFan07

    🏀 Longview Lobos basketball

    With 4 games remaining, Longview is sitting in 3rd place with a 5-3 district record. Mesquite sits in 2nd at 6-2. Lobos hold a two game lead over Heath (3-5) who's in 4th. and a two and a half game lead over Horn (2-5) who's in 5th. With 3 games remaining, the Lady Lobos are sitting in 4th with a 5-4 district record. Longview is 2 games out of 2nd/3rd behind Horn/Lee who sit at 7-2. North Mesquite sits in 5th with a 3-6 record. Win on Tuesday at North Mesquite should wrap things up for the Ladies for a playoff spot.
  11. LoboFan07

    🏀 Longview Lobos basketball

    The Lobos improved to 24-6 (5-3) with a 67-56 win over Rockwall Heath last night in Rockwall. The victory evened the overall series against the Hawks, at 5-5. https://lobohistory.com/basketball/lobos/gamelogs/rockwallheath.html The Lady Lobos picked up their 20th win over the season and improved to 20-8 (5-4) with a dominating 81-52 win over the Lady Hawks last night at home. After suffering last year's district playoff defeat to Heath, the Lady Lobos have rolled Heath by a combined 46 points in two meetings. Longview now leads the series, 7-5. https://lobohistory.com/basketball/ladylobos/gamelogs/rockwallheath.html
  12. Nah. Those players earned the rings on the field and it should be for them and them only IMO. Fans have the memories from the stands, the rally towels given out, etc etc etc so many other things could be done for fans, but a ring is not one of them IMO.