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  1. JV today at 5:30 at Lobo, Fish at West Mesquite tonight. Tickets on sale now for tomorrow’s contest.
  2. Probably cause there’s 5 high schools with two stadiums between them. Haven’t checked but I’m sure someone else is there on Friday.
  3. Longview fell to 11-19 (1-2) on the year with a 3-0 loss to Texarkana tonight.
  4. I mean, they’ve played two 6A schools, including one of the top teams in the state in Heath. They hung with Northwest for a while, was a close game for a half with Marshall. If Tyler can slow them down, then yes, it could get ugly. But I think it’ll be a closer game than Tyler fans are expecting right now for sure. It would definitely be your best win of the season thus far.
  5. https://www.mesquiteisd.org/athletics/online-tickets Tickets on sale Wednesday.
  6. We’re 6-1 all-time against Arkansas High in boys basketball, 2-1 against Fayetteville, 2-0 against Fort Smith Northside, 1-0 against Fort Smith Southside…not helping you much on the court either. You can hang your hat on North Little Rock beating us once and Russellville having a 3-1 record against us I guess.
  7. Was posted on the 6A board, but Jalen Hale's 2 scores against Bryant puts him into a tie for 3rd all-time in receiving touchdowns in Lobo history with 18....tying Malcolm Kelly in his junior season. He's 5 behind Kamden Perry for top spot.
  8. Not sure why y'all are feeding the troll. We won against an extremely solid team. Take it and move on.
  9. Absolute truth. King even said it on the post game show, the inconsistency is just killing us at times. But that’s also what you get with an extremely young group. Just keep improving. West does not have the talent anywhere near what we have (or anything close to what we have faced this year).
  10. Glad you said that, hadn't looked up the location yet. But know exactly where Frazier is after our soccer team(s) played there in the spring for the playoffs.
  11. I think this West team is much better than last year, but there's still no reason we shouldn't win this going away. Especially with how our defense has played. I feel like I've already slipped a bit into this being a growing year and building towards next year, and I really can't be going there, cause this team does have potential if they're able to keep improving each day.
  12. Was told to expect Tatum back this week, but we’ll see. Will be fun to see a little Wednesday sub varsity football for me here in DFW.
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