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  1. Will this be your new thing to complain about now that we've won State and you can't go around saying we'll never win state in 6A again?
  2. More like playing and sitting in Trump’s pee
  3. We do not need gold freakin end zones.
  4. 20 weeks away from kickoff! Beat LP!
  5. LoboFan07

    Official 2018-2019 East Texas 5A Sports Thread

    99.5% it's just primary. Hockey I believe is the only one that has 2 assists.
  6. 21 weeks away from kickoff of the 2019 football season. Beat Lp.
  7. That’ll happen in 2020
  8. LoboFan07

    2020 Alignment for East Texas 5A

    Technically the numbers get counted this October, but realignment itself is definitely in February of 2020.
  9. 2016 was missing a lot more than a good kicker lol. Agreed on 2017 though. The dude was overhyped to the 9th degree. Least we forget he nearly cost us the Lufkin game with his foot alone.
  10. LoboFan07

    2020 Alignment for East Texas 5A

    Lufkin is larger than I expected for sure. Will all depend on the cut off for both LISDs.
  11. Not even close imo. Now the real question would be, are we as good in 2018 and going into 2019 if we didn’t suffer the amount of injuries we did in 2017? A ton of underclassmen made their mark in 2017 because of those injuries and didn’t have to go through the growing pains you usually would in your first season. I do think we’re a completely different team in 2017 with a healthy Jessie Anderson. He was that one missing piece we needed imo. Yes he played vs Lufkin and Midway but he wasn’t himself after the injury. 2018 truly showed how special he was for us.
  12. LoboFan07

    2020 Alignment for East Texas 5A

    If Lee was going to drop, it would’ve happened lost alignment. Would expect to JT to come close to moving back to as well. Longview will be on the bubble as well.
  13. LoboFan07

    Winningest Texas High School QB of All Time

    Believe he was a JR. Know he returns next season but believe he’ll be a senior.