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  1. That’s more than common than you think. Especially for the 6A DFW schools. Those trips to see us are further than they travel the rest of the season combined until they get a playoff game against someone from Houston.
  2. I think almost every single Longview fan that was not on the coaching staff, believe Hale should've gotten more touches last season. It was evident in the few that he got that he was the best receiver we had. If he isn't guy #1 this year, welp...we're not going very far IMO.
  3. I'd love to know when the last time one of your district mates made it to say, the Quarterfinals...? I'm in no way harping y'all's program, y'all have a special thing over there right now. But have y'all had a single ranked district match up in any of the time y'all have been on your winning streak? Has a single district teammate even come close to State, much less win it? The Fort Worth district was a whole new level of awfulness, no doubt. But eh, and it's not like it's something y'all can control.
  4. Aledo hasn't been in an actual district in years. Maybe they play good teams in non-district, but district play? It's a complete joke.
  5. That field layout looks quite familiar!! lol
  6. I mean considering our district was pretty much up against Plano in their glory years from the 70s on, eh lol. No doubt that from the 70s to the end of the district in 03, that district was one of the toughest year in and year out.
  7. You're right. That 2012 team would've been pretty special if they had stayed healthy (ignoring the fact that Coppell absolutely hammered us in that first half before Bivins getting injured). Minus this past season, that was one of the best defenses I've seen under King. Holding that Mesquite team as many times as they did, with what? 9 turnovers by our offense that night? Just crazy. That game easily could've been 56-0 if not worse. But as you said, extremely talented...just so, so many injuries.
  8. 08 got blown out by LT at State. Pflugerville game was in 07. That was a very solid team. But I dunno, that Pflugerville squad just manhandled us. And then they got dominated by Katy.
  9. I don't even know where you would start for Longview. I think 2009 has to be at the top of the list. That team should've beaten Lake Travis that day in Waco. I have no doubt in my mind that we were the better team. 2010 has to be #2 for me. Steele was the exact type of team we knew how to stop. If not for a blocked punt (or blowing that huge lead mind you) against Guyer, I also fully believe we win State. 1975 would be my 3rd pick. 1997 team would be my 4th pick. I'd put our 2004 team ahead of the 1986 team for 5th. That 04 team was ridiculously talented, while 86 team suffered a couple losses in the regular season. I mean, seriously, we could have a top 10 list of Longview teams that didn't win state that could've, would've and should've. My top 10 for Lobo teams that could've won state (with every thing factored in) 1) 2009 2) 2010 3) 1975 4) 1997 5) 2004 6) 1986 7) 2011 8. 2017 9) 2013 10) 2002 Honorary mention to 2015, though George Ranch's performance over LR (even with a hurt Duffey) somewhat lessens that just a bit.
  10. Story of the Longview program, tbh.
  11. In terms of overall record for the decade, we went 109-25 with eight district titles and a state championship with only one season of less than 9 wins (and that was 8). So there's that to compare against.
  12. Are we still counting him as a freshmen at this point? lol Just unreal for a Lobo WIDE RECEIVER to be receiving offers like this...and he hasn't even started his sophomore year.
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