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  1. The game itself won’t count. The only way it would come into place is if we tie at 4-1 at the end of the year...which is pretty likely at this point. We would do common opponents first, which at 4-1...we’d all be the same. Then it would go to points. And Longview should win that. Record wise won’t change though.
  2. If y'all beat Sherman and then lose to us to finish 3-3, you really need Sherman to lose to West so that they would finish 2-3. That's really the only way I can figure y'all would get in to be honest. Sherman beating North was the worst case scenario for y'all. Technically, if Longview loses to North tomorrow, then next week would turn into a win and you're in game. But the odds of that are...slim.
  3. Willie Nelson should be returning punts now on the varsity level imo. He better be next year.
  4. Great win for the freshmen. Hopefully they can find someone to place next week since Cujo doesn’t have a team.
  5. Not even just an undefeated season. But the closest game was a 34-14 win.
  6. What a punt return for sure! I will say, I’m pretty impressed with North’s QB and his ability to avoid our pressure. We’ve been in the backfield all day, but he’s been able to make plays.
  7. Ok but you literally said y'all have been state contenders every year the last decade other than last year and this year....
  8. Add in 2015 and 2017 to that as well. And you have to admit that 2018 season was out of the complete blue. Especially after struggling against West, North and Poteet.
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