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  1. Longview boys defeated Texas High tonight. Not sure of the final, but Lobos were up 10 when I turned it off late in the game.
  2. Longview leads Mount Pleasant 12-9 after 1 quarter.
  3. Not the first time it's happened, won't be the last with the way things are currently set up. On Katy beating North Shore this season, obviously we don't know. But I think we've seen a pretty good example of their past meetings with North Shore in the playoffs to know. Also Katy's only loss this season came to Topkins, by 5. And North Shore rolled over Tompkins, 47-22, to end their season.
  4. Ryan was the best team in our class all season. Proving it tonight. No shame in losing to this squad.
  5. Lobo Invitational kicked off today at Lobo Stadium. Longview, Lufkin, Tyler Legacy, Irving MacArthur, Henderson, Chapel Hill, Forney, Jacksonville, Hallsville and New Summerfield are participating. Lady Lobos head down to Lufkin today to take part in the Lady Pack Showcase. Longview faces Lufkin today, Athens on Friday and Tyler Legacy on Saturday.
  6. I think that perception has some claim to it. They're definitely privileged, that comes with the territory of living in University Park. But those kids work for everything that comes their way on the football field. We saw that this season. They're a great program, and the tradition wasn't just handed to them. They forged it and created their own legacy. Playing them this year and next will do nothing but help our boys I feel. Loved being in a district with them.
  7. Would imagine they would continue to be locally outsourced....so....doubt they'd be getting rid of anyone on their own.
  8. Lobo boys soccer is off to a 4-1 start to the season. Longview opened season with a 4-0 win over Mesquite Horn, before going 3-1 in the Forney Tournament with wins over Forney (2-1), Lakeview Centennial (1-0) and Mesquite Poteet (4-1). Longview lost to former district rival to open the Forney Tournament, 1-0. Lobos host the Lobo Invitational this coming weekend, with games against Lufkin, Tyler Legacy and Irving MacArthur set. Girls are off a 1-2 start (that I can find) after losses to Plano and Wylie and a win over Forney (6-2) in the Wylie ISD Tournament over the weekend.
  9. It helps having the same QB for the last three years, but yea, they have a ridiculous amount of talent. Believe Davis played as a freshmen too.
  10. Yep. Soccer has been the only other consistent sport at Longview than football. Both girls and boys teams have been improving more and more each season. Softball is finally turning the corner, but the last time we were in 5A, well that was as bad of a season as any Longview team has ever had. I think they won 1 game? If that. Basketball has been turning it around, up until this season, on the boys side of things at least.
  11. I love the neutral site games tbh. This past year's game vs West Brook was as fun as could be. Playing Abilene those two years was a blast. Even playing West Monroe in Shreveport is fun, when we're not apart of the Battle on the Border.
  12. The girl's team is just awful. Culture and coaching no doubt have an impact, but this is next level stuff. That was just our second loss to Marshall since 1980. Program has just completely dropped off the face of the earth.
  13. Nope. Our 3 teams play each other, then Lufkin's teams and Tyler's teams. I can't even remember the last time any of our middle school squads played a team from Marshall. I believe we played Nac's teams as well here and there.
  14. Interested to hear more about this for sure. Will this affect games that have been or will be in the future on NFHS?
  15. Ryan confirming with its play today vs HP, what I thought after last week. They’re one of the best defensive teams we’ve faced in a long, long time.
  16. Tutt and Williams both shared time against Cujo. They were brought up that week from the freshman squad. Almost every single score that night was by our freshman team.
  17. Could have all the talent in the world, but if you don’t have the smarts to handle quick decisions, well. That’s that.
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