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  1. ....Allen has beaten the best 6A D1 schools in the state for the full decade. How is that anything comparable?
  2. Getting it handed to them by Duncanville...35-0, before halftime.
  3. Eh. Allen has beaten who’s been put in front of them. You can’t fault a program for their enrollment. Had Carthage not had that 6-6 season, then we could talk. But Allen hasn’t had less than 10 wins all decade in a season, and doing it on the largest level of football here in Texas. And 8 straight trips to at least the 5A/6A Semis is unheard of even by Katy and Lake Travis and the likes.
  4. 1) Aledo 2) Allen 3) Carthage Don't really think you can say much different tbh. What Allen has done on the 6A D1 level has been nothing short of beyond impressive. I mean this year is the first year they haven't gone to the Semi-Finals in 6A D1 since 2011. Unreal, even if they are that big of a school.
  5. lol I hear ya. If there were enough schools, maybe it'd happen. But Lufkin has been Region II the last two years as well. Just not enough schools in 5A D1 for it to work. I think ideally, we'd have Longview/Tyler and East DFW in district 8 to close our R2, and then Lufkin and Southeast Texas as District 9 to start R3. But just not enough schools.
  6. Lady Lobo Basketball Update... Longview improved to 6-7 on the season the last two days of the Edgewood Tournament. Thursday, the Lady Lobos defeated Bell, 37-31, before dropping a 1-point loss to Canton. Longview followed up on Friday with a 57-41 win over Wills Point. The Lady Lobos face Mabank to finish out the tournament this morning. Bells Game Log: First ever meeting, Longview 1-0 https://lobohistory.com/basketball/ladylobos/gamelogs/bells.html Canton Game Log: 13th meeting, Longview 9-4 https://lobohistory.com/basketball/ladylobos/gamelogs/canton.html The Lady Lobos and Lady Eagles met for the second time this season, with Canton avenging an earlier 1-point loss with Thursday's 49-48 win. Canton has won 3 of the last 4 meetings. Wills Point Game Log: 4th meeting, Longview 4-0 https://lobohistory.com/basketball/ladylobos/gamelogs/willspoint.html The Lady Lobos won their 4th in a row over the Lady Eagles. The two schools met for the first time since 2013. Longview and Mabank will play for the second time in their history this morning. The two schools first (and last) met in 2003. Longview starts district play on Monday when they host Rockwall.
  7. Lobo Basketball Update... Longview improved to 11-4 the last two days in the Tiger Town Tournament in Mount Pleasant. Thursday, the Lobos opened the tournament with a 75-71 overtime loss to Birdville before defeated Marshall 58-43. The Lobos defeated host Mount Pleasant, on Friday, 69-46. The Lobos close out the Tiger Town Tournament with the Championship Final today against Garland Naaman Forest. Birdville Game Log: First ever meeting, Birdville 1-0 https://lobohistory.com/basketball/lobos/gamelogs/birdville.html Marshall Game Log: 175th meeting, Longview 107-68 https://lobohistory.com/basketball/lobos/gamelogs/marshall.html Lobos and Mavs met for the second time this season, with Longview picking up their second victory. It is Longview's first winning streak against the Mavs since 2010-2011. Longview and Marshall had not met in non-district play twice in one season since 1940. Mount Pleasant Game Log: 33rd meeting, Longview 18-14 https://lobohistory.com/basketball/lobos/gamelogs/mountpleasant.html Lobos and Tigers met for the 5th consecutive season, with Longview picking up their third straight win over the Tigers. It's the longest winning streak over Mount Pleasant since winning five in a row between 1995 and 2006. Longview and Mount Pleasant met just 13 times from the start of their basketball programs until 1995. Since 2004, they've met 20 times. Longview and Garland Naaman Forest will play for the 5th time their history this afternoon in the title game. The Lobos will travel to John Tyler on Tuesday.
  8. I mean, we do. They could send Longview, John Tyler and West Mesquite (because honestly these three will be grouped together no matter the situation) north with McKinney North, Wylie East, Sherman. They could send us three south with Highland Park, Red Oak, Midlothian and Lancaster. There could be a mix of all of it with Longview/John Tyler/West Mesquite joining just Midlothian, Red Oak and Lancaster. There's a scenario they could have Mansfield in our district. There's a load of options.
  9. They stole our logo not too long ago. I heard we were taking legal action, but apparently we haven't followed through with it yet. It's the exact logo we used when we originally debuted the Rockin L back in the late 60s/early 70s.
  10. Why would they end up in different regions? There's not nearly enough schools in R1 or 2 to push Lufkin and that district to R3.
  11. They wouldn't miss the playoffs in that district lol. I think that district is one of top scenario to happen for sure. There's just not enough teams up north to not have some really weird districts tbh.
  12. Administration push back. It's not unknown that the series has run its course, but you know, a lot of people in big places don't want to give up the game. Lufkin, they're going to be in a very large district. Longview already has week 1 booked, and they didn't want to play us right out of the gates anyways. They're not giving up the Nac series as well, who they usually play in week 2 if I remember correctly. So just no room this season. But potential playoff meeting is definitely in that line of thought as well I would suspect.
  13. Scrimmage - Lee Wk 1 Temple at AT&T Wk 2 Marshall Wk 3 Cedar Hill/Some unknown Wk 4 West Monroe in Shreveport Wk 5 Rockwall Would be my guess (cause I think 11-6A will be similar to our situation). If they do do what Padilla is predicting (Longview/John Tyler/Lancaster/Midlothian/Red Oak/West Mesquite/Wylie East), then who knows. I've seen a ton of predictions, including one with the Mansfield schools with us as well now that there's just two. Would be very interesting.
  14. Tyler Lee defeated Whitehouse last night, 58-40. Not sure how their overall season is going, but I know it's going pretty well.
  15. Longview improved to 9-3 on the season with a dominating 56-36 win over Nacogdoches last night. Following up a pretty good performance in Mansfield (finishing 3-2 with both losses to state ranked teams), the Lobos improved to 74-35 all-time against the Dragons and snapped a 3-game losing streak to Nac. The win was their first win over the Dragons since 2010 (in their first meeting since 2013). Full Nacogdoches Game Log: https://lobohistory.com/basketball/lobos/gamelogs/nacogdoches.html Longview now heads to Mount Pleasant to compete in the Tiger Town Tournament this Thursday, opening with Birdville at noon and then Marshall at 3:15.
  16. Best I could come up with after the revised numbers...R3 and R4 for me continue to be complete question marks.
  17. Especially when your brother is the one asking you to come take those D1 dollars.
  18. Incorrect numbers I would suspect. I know there were multiple schools complaining that their number that the UIL posted was incorrect, and I believe 3 of them were in 6A when they should've been 5A D1.
  19. Yea, it's going to end up being a 6-team district. Longview, John Tyler, Sherman, McKinney North, West Mesquite and Wylie East. It's the only thing that makes sense.
  20. I mean I'm sure they're happy they're not gonna be in a district with Longview lol I'm gonna try and look at everything again over lunch.
  21. 5A D2 cutoff is raised to 1922. That drops Royse City from 5A D1.
  22. Can't see him saying no if he's asked. Money alone would be too much to turn down.
  23. Maybe the Tom Landry Classic is the second week of the season next year?? Who knows.
  24. Am intrigued to hear how you think how JT will improve from this season, since you're predicting 5 wins already lol.
  25. They all gone now. Prosper Rock Hill will be 6A soon too. It's crazy the amount of growth up there.
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