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  1. Probably. He will be at the game and the junction knowing him.
  2. someone will be behind at the end of the game and will have to be risky.
  3. I was speaking in general about winning teams fan base when they lose some. People who don't follow football just see the lose and freak out. Obviously, you follow football and get it. Being from Daingerfield it was tough to get the crowds pumped up because they expect to win State every year. Pretty tough standards to keep up.
  4. Don't blame them for getting excited for winning some games. It's easy for folks to get pumped up when they haven't won much. Just as it's easy for people to get down about a team like Pewitt having some losses. Now they don't look at the quality of the opponents. Winning breeds expectations and losing breeds hope when they win.
  5. Pewitt will win. Chisum might have some studs but the program makes Pewitt better. Pewitt has a Derick Henry themselves if they want to just use him. Slot is better if they have more involved in the long run.
  6. I'd put D'field and Pewitt's officiating chapter up against Hooks any day.
  7. This game being at Hooks is always a tough one for Pewitt. If officiating is any count Pewitt wins. If not then it's tough to beat Hooks with home cooking.
  8. everyone should have witnessed Stuts and Dillard from Clarksville throw the discus. We all just were going for 3rd when they were around.
  9. And Jonathon Biddy was back up QB as well.
  10. Are you talking about Edwin or his son Edwin? Both great athletes. Scooter Stewart was the QB in 89. I just confirmed it.
  11. Edwin played all over. Great Athlete and man. I should remember who played QB but don't. They were the team right after ours. Maybe Scooter was? He played WR with us but I seem to remember him playing back up QB as well some.
  12. Don't forget Greg Evans, Tony Evans, Gene Rowe, Cedric Williams, Doug Pittman, Monty White, JJ Chism, 68 team had studs too. Way too many to list the greatest. Thomas Everett had the best overall career but never won a State Championship. Steve Stutsman was probably the best overall in high school. He started both ways and punted.
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