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  1. I hear that we are playing Hooks in Pittsburg. any date or time confirmations? what do you think the outcome of this game will be?
  2. so is harleton definately playing hooks first round?
  3. im going to go with jefferson. they have a wonderful football team and although ug has potential, i dont think they will give jefferson a problem. good luck to both teams :]
  4. I'm going with Jefferson. Big Sandy is a good team, but was better in the past. They graduated a lot of players last year and don't seem to be the powerhouse they were. I see Jefferson having a good hold on this game, but I don't see a blow out. Good luck to two great teams. Wish I could see this one. :]
  5. i'm going with Harleton on this game. while the boys are excited about beating the #1 ranked team in the state, they aren't going to let that hurt their chances for district champions. coach a will have them ready and the seniors will be ready to play on Senior Recognintion Night. this will be an exciting game, but I think Harleton will come ready to play, and win. Go Cats! :w00t:
  6. i couldnt believe that jefferson's fans began to leave before the game was even over. i must say that is one thing i love and admire about wildcat fans. they are always there through thick and thin. no one left early even in the winnsborro game, which was not a close one. i appreciate you harleton fans, and im sure the boys do too.
  7. I liked how the Yankees had to suffer through most of the season
  8. If Beltran was in the outfield and Jeff Bagwell was healthy Astros coulda won the series take that back no they wont theyll choke again
  9. Lets see im just gonna blame someone on the white sox who hit a game winning homer in the world series know who im thinkin of? lol
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