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  1. This is my being speculative, but I feel like Jr's issues may be due to "experimental" issues. I honestly believe that he is the lab rat for DEI since he is on his way out. Until this past Sunday Jr. was really the only one having major engine woes this season. Just my opinion! If I am wrong then DEI/Childress need to find another engine builder. I love more than anything to see Jr. lose, but the way it has happened to him this year makes you feel sorry for the guy.
  2. Any thoughts on the controversial finish yesterday? I did not even get to see it! The ol' lady had me hanging a storm door and I had assumed the race would be called after the 2nd red flag for rain. It seems Biffle is a little aggrivated that people think he should not have won.
  3. Response--------Look who is the new points leader! It is not about where you start but how well you cheat to get a good finish! All in fun!
  4. Tony Stewart, upon exiting his car after Nascar practice, Shot an explitive at a camera man telling him to get the camera out of his face. Nascar's decision on what they will do is pending. Stewart did not know the camera was live, but as Juan Pablo found out earlier in the year Nascar does not care. He shot the bird to an in-car camera and Nascar was quick to dock points and fine him. Will this happen to Stewart? Should it? Sorry for the type-o's! I guess I am a little rusty!
  5. Them boys just keep trying to milk it on those COT's huh?! Can't blame them for trying I guess!
  6. Pretty cool! I think my old lady likes it better as the baby has the same first name as she does. Congrats on the kiddo!
  7. Carl Edwards held off a hard charging Truex Jr. to win the race at Michigan. Truex looked strong in the late laps, but brushed the wall and could only watch Edwards take the checkered flag. A lot of big names had some trouble today which really messed up my fantasy leagues! Oh well! Congrats to Edwards! Finally we can quit seeing his crew member with that nappy beard!
  8. If memory serves me correctly it was in 2001. I do not recall them covering a race until Jr. won the emotional Pepsi 400 in July of 2001. Alan Bestwick did a pretty good job as the front man and I have no idea why they put Weber in and pulled Bestwick out. I feel their coverage would improve if they pulled Weber.
  9. Makes you wonder if this will end up with Jr and Kyle being released early to finish out the season at their new teams. That is if each is not in points contention by the time the chase begins.
  10. Good to hear you guys will still be on board the "We hate Gordon train"! I was beginning to worry we would not have anyone here to talk smack to!
  11. Milwaukee is a flat 1 mile oval. Picture Martinsville with wider turns and a touch longer straights. It is not so much a paper clip look as Martinsville. It puts on some awesome truck races!
  12. I really feel sorry for Waltrip. The owners points thing really stinks when you look at how his season has gone.
  13. I know everyone and their dog is wondering what will happen with the fans now that Gordon and Jr. are on the same team. How many die hard JR fans are there? How many will swallow their pride and follow thier man? How many will boo him this Sunday? I hate to say it, but I feel Jr. will pick up more support from the Gordon fans than he will from his own. What do you guys think?
  14. I was wondering when Napa was going to catch on the Jarrett's use of those provisionals! I just never guessed they would dupe Terry out of retirement!
  15. When you look at the history between the Earnhardt's and the Hendrick's this is really not too big a surprise. Didn't Earnhardt Sr. take Rick to victory lane in his first Busch venture? Budweiser will find a way to follow Jr. Especially with the history of the 25 car. I actually see Jr. in the 25 and Mears shifted to the 5. That is if Teresa will not let go of the 8 which would not surprise me. I am more interested in what will happen to Tony Jr., Tony Sr. and Kelly Elledge (sp?). These people seem to be spokes in Jr's life and this puts a major twist on things. Any way you cut it we are experiencing a pretty cool part of Nascar history. The suspense of wondering how Gordon and Jr. fans will react. Will Jr. prove he is a great driver, or will he fall into the category of overrated? I can't wait until 2008! Jr. fans need to realize however that just because he is going to a great team does not mean he will become a great driver, or give results that mirror that of Gordon and Johnson. It not only takes a great driver in todays Nascar, but you have to have the right people in place to provide Gordon-like results. Will Hendrick be able to help Jr. find these key ingredients he so desires? It will be interesting to see!
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