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  1. Sorry you’re probably right, most GenX born south of the Mason-Dixon likely know the difference between left and right. I’m a late Boomer but I remember all the radicalism from the 60’s. What we have today is a direct by-product.
  2. Most of the people who legislate these rules are the children of the hippie/flower child generation. For you GenX, millennials and Woke folks go look up the 60’s protesters and see who they were.
  3. We get to the meat of our district and we are wearing dentures. Got 2 games and 3 weeks to fix what’s wrong.
  4. When you tell a blatant lie in your reporting it’s kinda hard to have credibility for the rest of your report.
  5. Yeah #22 is a good. Also wish we had featured #5 little more. And all I got to say about yall’s #11 is Carr = Train
  6. I still think Rab4Life was a Mally plant pretending to be a Rabbit fan...LOL
  7. Great game Malley,,, knew it was gonna be a tough task to win this one...the boys gave it their best shot just wasn’t good enough today
  8. First off I have no problem with people making predictions. You make very excellent points and understandable so. However I thought it was hilarious and just couldn’t let it go on how some GW folks had to use the “they beat us we beat y’all so they will beat you” thing. And they used skewed analytics to support such nonsense. This not the NFL or NCAA so things change from day to day. Remember These are kids so anything can happen. We may win and we may not, but I assure you it won’t because GW or Jefferson beat us
  9. Been here all year.. and at every game. just don’t have anything to post. Exception being to people like you
  10. What couple of guys would that be. Rab4Life has been the only person on here making Bold predictions and got folks to follow him down the rabbit hole. Surely you couldn’t mean me since my post was directed to Jeffy and a certain GW fan. I don’t think they can use any bulletin board material right now. Except for falling for Rab4Life’s antic the Mally folks have been all about the game. Thus I just got one question for you... “ Whay ju talkin bout Willis???”
  11. Not even sure if he was really from Atlanta, by his profile he was a newbie. But rather you liked him or not he did run you folks right down the proverbial “Rabbit Hole” (see where I went with that lol). However we found out who some of our jealous neighbors are, such as GolfisaNut and some of the Jokkerson folks. But I do understand why they must take the position of rooting against us, because our loosing is the only way to validate their self perceived premature playoff exit. It was a real Cmon Man moment when Goffie had the audacity to say their loss to Mally was closer than it looked and
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