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  1. Its unfortunate that happened. I would hope it wasn't people from Sabine, but we have those same issues over here on a regular basis.
  2. Were the mail boxes that were ran over in White Oak or Sabine?
  3. In White Oak? Was it the youngest son?
  4. lol. I wish I could live there, but they are proud of those lots.
  5. You should stop bragging about where you live.
  6. They gotta make sure he gets on the bus first.
  7. Wanting people to call them. Saying the kid should never show his face in White Oak again,
  8. Yep. They sure were mad about that face mask Friday night.
  9. Pottsboro was upset being put in a district with Mineola. Now we know why.
  10. Make sure it’s worse than 40-16 please.
  11. So you saying they aren’t a school known for athletics?
  12. The way the last couple season's have gone for y'all I'm thinking New Boston wins.
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