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  1. We won’t have that kind of speed but we gonna be slinging the ball around some. Defense has potential to be real good.
  2. I wasn’t going to name names.
  3. Unfortunately I watched them play a good game last year.
  4. Longview isn’t even able to practice then so you would think they would be all for hosting this game.
  5. We tried moving all our home games to another school and that school said no.
  6. Lol. The company I work for filed ch. 11 bankruptcy and is scheduled to be auctioned off this week so I may have a different job by then. Or with all this extra unemployment I just may live off the government through football season.
  7. Right now I’m scheduled to work nights when we play y’all.
  8. I am. Just looking up ways to break in to some visiting schools football stadiums on Friday nights.
  9. One of those were a move in from out of state right?
  10. Hey that’s what they call home field advantage.
  11. How many players do y’all normally have on varsity?
  12. I bet you know some people that could get you tickets for our first game.
  13. Pottsboro had a lot go their way to make it to the state title game, but they were still a very good well coached team.
  14. Good series against the Angels for the Rangers. Looks like right now everyone is chasing the Athletics.
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