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  1. Sabine beat New Diana last night 5-4 in 11 innings.
  2. Texas deserved to lose. Way to talented to be inconsistent all year.
  3. Our Coach Carr does his best to rotate players like this. We just don’t run a defense like Tatum.
  4. I believe Tatum came back and won.
  5. How many baseball kids for y’all play basketball too?
  6. Y’all good. That defense to go with an offense like that is killer. Farthest our girls have been in a while. They have nothing to be ashamed of.
  7. If you want to see sloppy watch our game from last night.
  8. If Sabine could settle down they can get back in this game. We playing like we never seen a press though.
  9. 24-11 Jefferson at half. We got to have atleast 20 turnovers.
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