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  1. Just kidding about that last statement. Finally a good call
  2. Texas has to get more creative on 4th down. 4th and 1 with an empty backfield everyone knows what’s happening. I know it’s successful a lot but at least give some different looks
  3. I really don’t agree with roughing the passer either. Looked like he jumped to try to block the ball.
  4. Why even try catching a punt with less than a minute left? Just trying to give ok state momentum
  5. Coaches have their reasonings for scheduling the teams they schedule. Whatever that may be none of us really know. I’m sure when schedules were made last time Gladewater, Tatum, and West Rusk had their eyes on deep playoff runs so of course they are going to schedule tougher pre district opponents. I wish Sabine played a tougher schedule but this year the teams they have played really aren’t that bad. I personally don’t believe Coach Sharp was trying to pad the record any but trying to build some confidence in a program that historically has been bad. I cant comment on any of the other teams in our district.
  6. You know me i gotta downplay things. It may turn out to be a good game. I bet more points are scored this year by both teams.
  7. I think last year was a different situation. West Rusk was moving up from division 2. They may have been ranked a little to high to begin with but they were also a really good football team. Gladewater was a young team last year that returned a lot of players so I can see why they were ranked so high. A couple injuries and a tough schedule has resulted in a couple loses for them. They are still the best team in district right now.
  8. I just saw on facebook it was broken. We have 2 weeks to get something figured out before heading to Tatum.
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