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  1. Uhhh. Yeah I don’t know what to say. I’m proud of the direction the program is going.
  2. I thought we were all playing for 2nd behind Gladewater
  3. We have a lot of sophomores that have played travel baseball most of their life. I have not personally seen them play but i know people are excited the next few years of baseball
  4. Last week against us almost every shot they took they made. Sabine had some turnovers which gave them easy buckets but we weren't a terrible team by any means.
  5. I think it would have been 2-2 however 16-3A was seeded. Top 4 teams were pretty evenly matched.
  6. Hope Boyd is ok. He was in a lot of pain the 4th quarter. I was surprised they left him in once the game got out of reach.
  7. Tatum up by 14 with 39 seconds left. Tatum made free throws and Sabine didnt.
  8. 24-20 Tatum at half. Neither team playing well.
  9. That’s ok. I don’t expect a win by any means. It will be good for our guys to see some still competition.
  10. Y’all take it easy on us tonight.
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