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  1. We don’t have many fast ones come through Sabine. lol
  2. I’m hoping he will pick up some speed as he matures.
  3. Saw this scrolling through Twitter. He will be a sophomore this year. Good things happen to kids that work hard and have parents that push you to be better.
  4. i understand being cautious. Time will tell if their decision was good or bad.
  5. Great I got a teenager in the house that will be asking for it.
  6. About 6 months after my 1st child was born I quit playing video games. It wasn’t a choice I made. It was made for me.
  7. Last I heard it was Pokémon. I have no clue if finishing in the top 50 is good. lol
  8. Eagle8 is to busy playing Pokemon
  9. We had one on jv last year because he didn’t go to a single summer workout. There are still ways to punish kids for not participating. edit: There may be more to the story, but thats what I was told.
  10. I don’t think they would run that offense as good as winnsboro the first game of the season.
  11. I’m glad we won’t see them this year unless it’s the playoffs.
  12. I’m looking forwards to it. Been awhile since we played Spring Hill.
  13. We have them to open the season. Unless that has changed.
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