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  1. How many baseball kids for y’all play basketball too?
  2. Y’all good. That defense to go with an offense like that is killer. Farthest our girls have been in a while. They have nothing to be ashamed of.
  3. If you want to see sloppy watch our game from last night.
  4. If Sabine could settle down they can get back in this game. We playing like we never seen a press though.
  5. 24-11 Jefferson at half. We got to have atleast 20 turnovers.
  6. Jefferson up 10-9 after 1. Both teams gonna be in foul trouble early this game.
  7. Tatum by a lot. The other 3 games may actually be pretty good games.
  8. Sabine winning 18-7 after 1 quarter. I see some Tatum players in the stands.
  9. I don’t think Spring Hill has NFHS. I didn’t get to see either Sabine/Daingerfield game this year, but it should be a good game. I’m sure both would rather face Jefferson than Tatum. Tatum is always well coached and plays tough defense.
  10. They pushed the game back to 5:30 today to give the ice/snow more time to melt away.
  11. You also got some scores wrong. Texas High beat us 64-40. We lost to Daingerfield 48-46 the first matchup and then beat them 33-31 the second time.
  12. Plan is to play at Spring Hill Friday night.
  13. Anyone know that girls standings in 16-3A? Thanks.
  14. On the girls side it will be: 1. Gladewater 2. Sabine 3. White Oak 4. Hughes Springs I haven’t paid much attention to the boys side since they aren’t playing at the same location during district.
  15. Keep an eye on Sabine. Very talented junior class.
  16. You could always apply for a coaching job if you have the credentials.
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