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  1. I think that pickem has something against Sabine.
  2. @Wild74what does that worthless computer say about this game?
  3. I’m still having nightmares about that final 6 minutes.
  4. He was perfectly healthy by the time basketball playoffs started. We found out the hard way.
  5. We do like playing in the rain.
  6. We ain’t a dumpster fire like Atlanta anymore.
  7. You should know the answer to that. 8th grade running back looks to have potential though.
  8. I won’t. Can’t control others. I think we’re a couple years away from beating y’all.
  9. It ain’t our fault y’all trying to be the highland park of Gregg County.
  10. He does like to give away free tickets so you may be on to something.
  11. They don’t have practice until Thursday. Until then they have every kid in the high school throwing a football
  12. There would be more development, both commercial and residential, if people weren’t so greedy.
  13. I really hope not. We will make sure there are a lot of kids out with covid on snapshot day.
  14. I figure I’ll have to get in line about 24 hours early for this epic battle.
  15. That class has been large since they started kindergarten. Every year they just move a teacher up. This year they hired a new teacher for every grade level. Can you blame them for wanting to move from either of those schools?
  16. Nope got other things to worry about right now. 5th grade class has 140 kids in it and won’t fit in the middle school next year.
  17. New Boston selling tickets at the gate @kooldown54?
  18. I doubt you see a bond in Sabine anytime soon unless we outgrow the high school or something. There sure won’t be one to update the football field.
  19. What school you talking about since you live in Sabine?
  20. If it was up to me I’d flip our stadium so the home side was on the same side as the field house.
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