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  1. 13 years 9 months 22 days 15 hours 8 minutes 12 seconds give or take a little Do college professors want more?
  2. Well its unfortunate that you went to that kind of college then. The professors i've had would be more than capable teaching in a high school classroom. I did answer your question you just didn't like my answer. Money is sadly a great way to make people dedicated to their work
  3. You will find that a lot of times big time recruits will go to a lesser known program because they will be able to be a star right off the bat and they need to show their talents as soon as they get into college so NBA scouts will see how good they are. For example - Michael Beasly
  4. I don't believe putting money into the system is an immediate fix but would definitely increase a desire to bring more teachers into the field
  5. http://nces.ed.gov/pubs93/web/93450.asp I believe by greatly increasing the salary of teachers it would create more of a desire to go into the teaching field and thus bring more talent and better teachers into the public education system. Thoughts?
  6. Well if i'm guilty of hijacking this thread than you are equally as guilty. What I said wasn't directed towards you or OBTS it was directed towards all those who are afraid of change (which can even be myself at sometimes). If you want to spin things so you can play the victim then thats your prerogative. If your point can be diminished by that statement then maybe you should consider finding a better point or something stronger to back it up.
  7. I'm not saying i could be a pro basketball player but that's because the money has attracted the top talent to play basketball. One day the hope would be that the same could be said about being a high school teacher but yes i suppose we will have to settle on disagreement.
  8. haha agreed! So where is this hurling of insults you're talking about?? p.s. making things up will do nothing to fortify a weak arguement either
  9. Well i'm sure most teachers that are there now are there because they want to teach but that doesn't make them the best teachers. I want to be a pro basketball player but that doesn't make me the best basketball player.
  10. It's depressing that people seem to be so convinced things have to stay the way they are. Public high school could be in the same league as universities if people were willing to change.
  11. Not everyone HAS to be there, there are other options such as homeschooling. The public school system could be upgraded to be closer to universities. There needs to be a change in prestige associated with teaching. Right now there are very few people who want to go into teaching because there is a low starting salary along with few benefits and not a whole lot of room for advancement. If all this was changed (the effect probably wouldn't be too immediate) people would want to go into teaching rather than _____ (fill in the blank of any job that offers higher salaries and better benefits)
  12. Well I'm sorry if i seemed too defensive but IMO it has proven itself to be more often than not that the most talent, smartest or whatever other qualification you can think of seems to go towards where the money is rather than where there is a passion for something. Examples: 1. Education - Many teachers have been enticed away from public schools by private schools offering more money. 2. Sports - Happens ALL the time 3. Business - I'm sure you know at least one person who has been offered a higher salary to work for a different company and taken it 4. Entertainment - Why are so many p
  13. Bleeds, feel free to argue with a brick wall if you want. You haven't shown how the public education system is better than the universities. I have at least put stats up you on the other hand have only based your assessment based on your closed opinion. Who has the more highly trained teachers, high schools or universities?
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