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  1. Id take morris. I dont think Millwood would make a good fit because hes a fly ball pitcher and flyballs tend to leave in Arlington. Cordero is a good enough closer so they dont need one of those.
  2. Id have to go w/ FDR. WW2 and the Great Deppression
  3. We still dont have to buy our instuments at Spring Hill. This year High Schoolband is supposed to be around 115.
  4. Texas Colorado Arizona Hawaii(never been there but love the beach)
  5. wow dont u wish u were ther 2 c that YUMMMY:D
  6. ROn Howard would have been my 2nd choice VH1 had him at 8:shocked:
  7. Who is the greatest kid star of the last thirty years. Vh1 picked Gary Coleman. Idisagree I think it was the Olsen twins. If other please specify
  8. Iwas mad i didnt c it till the last 5 min but that was still very entertaining
  9. certainly took em long enough didnt it 41 years:w00t::shocked:
  10. Wow this movbie is almost as scary as that movie with the little deer and the gigantic rabbit. I think it was called bambini? How did you like this action packed thriller ;):updown:
  11. I was supposed to go to six Flags with my churchn youth group but my parents wouldnt let me because we had just come back from lake LBJ and that i shouldnt get any more sun because my medicine supposedly makes my skin more sensitive. Now instead of riding the titan im stuck at my house with nothing to do but sit at the computer all day long.
  12. No he was calling you a bad speller noy a liAr
  13. its a good thing I already saw it on TV because my computer wont load it
  14. I dont know about oldest but I could be the youngest I turned 13 six months ago yesterday.
  15. Baseballstar6906 do you know a third grade teacher in Harelton named Mrs. Duncan?
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