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  1. Good luck to the new coach, must be a good one, now at a school with no football.
  2. 3 to 1 odds that it was not Tamps idea
  3. With the turmoil about school closings, seems like in house hire would be best, if there are any staying that would be qualified. Almost sounds like a self imposed "drain the swamp" by the current staff.
  4. New supt coming from Harleton--------------uh-huh
  5. I see Harleton and ND ahead of EF and see Waskom winning it on coaching alone.
  6. Jon Jones over at Joaquin would be a good one, bring in that slot t offense.
  7. High profile means what you want it to, I will go ahead and give my two cents, Mt Vernon or Gladewater
  8. Maybe someone will come in and install smash mouth offense like the guy did at Harleton.
  9. Special prayer time at the tournament in Harleton where they were playing
  10. Go ahead and laugh, but Richland Springs plays football also
  11. Don’t want to knock Ward in any way but his commitment to the spread was part of his problem. Little put in wing t and some other missing links and ......... well we saw the results.
  12. Last 4 years, left with a 10-32 record, not all his fault
  13. No, this Kyle, you’re talking about Ken, deceased
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