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  1. I guess next someone will be running the double wing pistol motion option, who knows.
  2. Guesses? Any word leaked out yet?
  3. Everything needs to be run from under center except the single wing
  4. Spread=FAD, everybody’s doing it so we have to. Not true!!
  5. Goats are a hot selling item these days
  6. Sometimes the best way to do that is a “clean house” process, starting at the very top.
  7. Sorry did not finish, is it 4.3, 4.6, or 5.0 speed?
  8. My point was that he said he would run the spread regardless of the abilities of the kids, not meaning anything rude, that is just how set he was on running the spread. Personally if the spread fit our kids , then go for it.
  9. Have no clue about Grapeland kids.
  10. Just a comment about the offense, interviewed guy one time for head job and he would run the true spread without ever seeing the kids, his philosophy was that the spread could be run with any kind of kid. Needless to say he did not get a second interview, closed minded.
  11. Never know, really nice guy. He didn’t do well at Harleton after his first year, maybe the administration got cautious when they went down this year, stupid reason for sure.
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