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  1. **** Harrell.. I’m sure the feelings mutual towards him by most horns fans also.
  2. Was hearing Cooper was probably gonna drop back into 2A a while back. Guess not lol
  3. Kinda like they built off of that 10-4 season from last year?? The guy needs to go bro..
  4. Agree. Sadly though, I doubt Herman is going anywhere for atleast another year. The only thing that gives me hope that CDC will make a move is that Pee Wee wasn't his hire, so maybe.. just maybe he’s seen enough & is as tired of it as the rest of us.
  5. So how many of the sunshine pumpers still don’t think Herman & this staff needs to go?? What else needs to happen? Regardless of what people think of Meyer, the guy wins every where he goes. Maybe Del Conte will make a move before things get even worse.
  6. Wow I heard we had 228 on snapshot day & projected cutoff was around 234-5.
  7. Didn't WC beat RC? RC blew the dawgs out. I think Cooper would've been 4th at best in that district. I hope a drop will help Cooper get back to winning. Time will tell.
  8. Yep it’s pretty sad. There’s some that think if Cooper drops down its going to help tremendously. I’m not to sure it’s going to equate to a bunch of winning for Cooper again yet. Cooper was once a feared opponent for opposing teams in most of sports. They haven't been that for some time now. Hopefully it gets better quick.
  9. Absolutely it's unacceptable! Especially in a district like Cooper was in.
  10. I hate to hear that. There's some talent on this team.
  11. Yea I think if it ends up going to tie breakers, Cooper will be s**t out of luck.
  12. Looks like the wheels officially have came off for the dawgs. I don’t think anybody seen this coming this year. It won’t get much easier if they drop into the 2A district with RC, HG & WC. Hopefully things will get better.
  13. We pretty bad man lol, nowhere close to as good last years team.
  14. Man last years game was a huge disappointment for Cooper. Had plenty of chances to take that game but y'all just out athleted us.
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