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  1. Pete Carroll?? The guy has skins on the wall & a proven winner. Not a “soft” coach.
  2. If Cooper can hold them to 21, then I like Cooper’s chances. That will be hard to do though I think.
  3. Game is Friday @ 7 pm in Rusk. Biggest test of the year for Cooper here. Thoughts?
  4. So that would make them super spreaders now? Lol oh thats right, it was the trump rallies that were the super spreaders. They’ll say it's fine for them.
  5. Nope deadly covid going around remember? Or is all that out the window now & it’s ok to gather?
  6. RC vs Collinsville should be the best game out of the bi-district matchups for d5/d6. Won’t shock me to see RC win that game. Hope their qb will be back for that game. He left the game last night early on.
  7. Cooper RC Como WC Congrats to the dawgs! District champs 2 out of last 3 years. There’s some good talent coming up in the lower levels as well. Coach Casto & staff are getting things going.
  8. Should end up 1. Cooper 2. RC 3. Como 4. WC
  9. Yea I think Como gets in as 3 seed because of tie breaker over WC & HG should lose to RC. WC should end up 4th. Just hope this isn't a trap game for the dawgs. WC Still has plenty to play for. I will go with the dawgs to pull away in second half though. Cooper 35-14 RC 41-8 Como 20-12
  10. I agree. I don’t think it’s as close as some como folks think or hope it will be.
  11. I think you're probably right on these picks. Como has gotten things going some here the last couple weeks, but I don’t think they keep Cooper from pulling away in this one.
  12. Cooper should handle HG. I’ll say 35-7, but you just never know with rivalry games though lol I’ll go with Como but won’t surprise me if Celeste pulls it out RC 42-7
  13. They won’t pull the trigger & will end up giving peewee a pass because of covid. By the time the powers that be actually say enough is enough with tommy boy, somebody else will already have Urban snatched up.
  14. How many others were screaming for two & go for the win in regulation?! OU was in shock & were reeling & Texas had all the momentum at that point! You just knew that if this game went to OT, that eventually this team would find a way to make 1 less play than OU.
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