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  1. Outstanding job by coach Brandon Luce in preparing this field. It's his baby. All I can say is WOW!
  2. Anybody have a bracket for this tourney, starts Thursday. Thanks in advance.
  3. Regarding the kickers for each team, sorry I am not familiar with either. Are you referencing punters or place kickers, or both. Please expand on this. I'm an old ex- kicker, both types, and love to watch this facet of the game. For punters, the expectations are for distance, hang time and accuracy. For placekickers. it is distance and accuracy.
  4. I'm with Colmesneilfan1. The more football, the better. If you don't want to go or watch on tv, that's your choice. Nobody is going to hold a gun to your head.
  5. Grand Saline tourney starting Thursday this week. Anybody have a bracket?
  6. NativeTexan, you write well. Now that you are on this board, please post more often. I am an EW fan, but good luck to both teams. May the best team win.
  7. Not to interrupt the smack talk, but what time does the ticket office open at Tyler Rose? Are tickets available earlier? Where?
  8. Jeez Franks, how can anybody hate you now? Love your post. Post more, somebody will rip you. Caveat?
  9. Jeesh Cuj, who ever goes to football games except fans? Anyway, I would. Unfortunately, I will be out of the area at that time. When playing, I hated waiting around all day before the game. Now as a fan, I hate waiting all day to see the game.
  10. Thanks Hit. Looks to be an important game Thurs. with GS @ AG. Both teams 3-1 and tied with Mineola for 1st in the District. No games played during the first part of the week, so I assume both teams will have their aces fresh for this one.
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