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  1. Mr. Black has done a great job ruining that school.
  2. Doesnt look too good for Whitehouse..
  3. The team is obviously doing good but I was just wondering who is standing out individually. Being 5 hours away I've only been to one game and cant keep up with them on here... Good luck this week!
  4. Gah you are a 12 year old girl, always jealous of the prettier girl in the class so you have to down them... :thumbdown:
  5. Congrats boys! Glad to see yall continue the winning!
  6. Have to go with Metoyer! The kid has been tearin it up!! He is only a sophmore.. He will be special when he is finally a senior! (And will more than likely own several records if he keeps up this pace)
  7. Everyone runs a sub 4.2.. What's Celina's game plan for the good ole dub while we are at it?
  8. Wait.. What's a DVD? Is it kinda like Blu-Ray?
  9. I am pretty good at playing the radio... :unsure:
  10. max89


    I just started working out again, but I like to start out with a sprint for a half mile or mile. Then follow it up with a quick weight workout usually with dumbells. Then before bed I do about 100 push ups in the evening. And of course walkin around this huge campus of Texas State.
  11. What crawled up your butt? Is there a preface to this?
  12. OBTS I'm on your side tell these stiffs to loosen up!! :fear:
  13. By a promising young receiver and his QB connecting several times. Being up at half time. Knowing that without the obscene amount of turnovers whitehouse probably wins... Should be a tough game! I think it will be worth the price of admission...
  14. Wow hey dont talk if you didnt go to any games last year.. We blocked several field goals last year! Even returned one or two!! The team is young and inexperienced but they have a lot of talent that will be on the field for the next 2-3 years. They just have to grow!! But I hope my boys can get it done good luck 09 live up this last year!! I'll be there so yall better impress!
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