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  1. im not sure the exact stat, but something like 3/4 of a&ms hits were ground balls in which found the holes. there is nothing wrong with that, and i have heard that is how they play, but 15 of 20 hits were ground balls that all found a whole in the infield. that is ridiculous!!.. and if half of those are hit to/ clsoe enough to make a play, this game is a different story.. i hate excuses as much as the person, but playing until 2 on wed night and 1 or so last night sure didnt help the bears. this young team is finally startin to come around right at the best time. if they had a healthy tolleson and miller they could have been a lot better thru these last few weeks of the regular season. im anxious to see where they will end up for the regional.
  2. maybe they realize that texas signed people just as good or better than them for the past few years.. resulting in sitting the bench for 2-3 years before breakin the depth chart.
  3. Wade Mackey just pitched a two hit shut out for Baylor in a 3-0 win against 24th ranked TCU. He had 5 strike outs.
  4. won't correct you too often. Laramy Barber!
  5. baylor took 2 of 3 from tech. hopefully their talented youth will come around soon.
  6. if you go to rivals you will see who all has "interest" in him. i wouldnt exactly say underlooked. hes going to the elite 11 qb camp.
  7. the fatigue from playing the night before doesnt play as much as a factor until the second half. kinda like bobby knight said..." if you went out today and ran 5 miles today, would you rather go out tomorrow and run five miles or the next day?". rogers was hurt and missed the final game of the regular season against osu and got few minutes against mizzou. again, bush was out. lomers wore and has worn the knee braces all season to prevent knee injuries, like offensive linemen in football. thiam has been out all season and was a nonfactor, but with all the "minute limiting injuries" the bears had, a few minutes from a top 100 recruit could have helped. (i realize thats a mute point.) the injuries that i was trying to point out didnt play much into anything except it added onto the fatigue as the ones who usually only play 20 minutes had to play 25 and the ones who play 30 minutes had to play 35. on paper, yes, baylor should have won. but look at the overall picture. guarding durant like they did in the first half was with fresh legs, as was shooting. its hard for a jumpshooting team to hit jumpshots on tired legs.
  8. i really dont want to get into a one on one thing here but, baylor playing the night before and texas not playing did play a factor. the injury situation also didnt help on the fatigue issue. tim bush out for season with broken foot. kevin rogers saw limited minutes due to ankle injury. josh lomers saw limited action due to some injury which im not 100% sure on. penny thiam was out all season with a torn acl.
  9. he didnt take a shot without someone in his face until the second half. even the "highlights"of him missing everything during the first half on espn someone was in his face. it wasnt that he was missing wide open shots. it would have been more of the same in the second half, but injuries and fatigue take a toll.
  10. my point was that he shoots enough (24 times) that even if he shoots 33% from the field, 18 points isnt hard to come by. he only made 8 field goals (two of them 3s). all that means is he shoots enough to make up for a bad shooting night. the closest on either team for FGA was curtis jerrells of baylor with 15.
  11. its lomers. and you think hes a dirty player b/c he made one physical play against a&m? that play was pretty much to make whoever that was coming in the lane to think twice next time... nothing dirty about it ... if you watched your aggie team, or any other team in the big12 for that matter, you would see that these type of plays happen all the time.
  12. he went to the line 13 times and made 11, thats what to think about it.
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