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  1. Sounding like Aggies with their moral victories on here. Lol
  2. Held in check? He had 7 receptions for 151 yards and 1 TD. Of course, that was 72 yards below his average so I guess you held him in check relative to that.
  3. Exactly what I said. Gorman has skill players.
  4. I told you it was easier said than done. Gorman QB can sling it and he has receivers too. 39-29 Gorman won
  5. That is easier said than done. That combo is tough.
  6. That was ugly. Long time since Atlanta hasn't scored. They usually have tons of speed.
  7. Gilmer always seems to find a way to win these kind of close games.
  8. It won't matter. Carthage will dominate that game.
  9. Brook Hill Varsity is looking to fill games on Jan 23 and Jan 30. Please contact Head Coach Jacob Agnew E-mail: [email protected] Phone: 903-894-5000
  10. Not many details in the article. Best to wait until further information comes out before assuming the guy is guilty.
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