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  1. Palestine Boys Palestine 3 Lufkin 2 Palestine 2 Robert E. Lee 1
  2. Palestine Girls Palestine 0 JT 3 Palestine 0 Henderson 2 Jax girls 7 Athens 1
  3. Please Post the gender and score of both squads. Boys Soccer Palestine 7 Carthage 0
  4. Madisonville should be ranked higher!!
  5. I promise you there is about 99% of the soccer programs that wish they were just in the state tournament and then to be in the finals is a totally different accomplishment. Hats off to coach Carter and her girls!!
  6. My boys had a great season! We had some sickness and injury to a key player but San Elizario played their tails off against us. Just wasn't meant to be but I bet there is a lot of schools, in all classifications, that would love to be in our position. We beat Kilgore 4 times this years........not too many 4A schools can say that...lol. I couldn't resist Whoam
  7. Kilgore's stud keeper was back against PG so I was surprised they even gave up one goal
  8. It will be a great match up for my boys and we are looking forward to playing our old district rivals. As far as meeting each other at the state tournament, sounds great to me but we both have a lot of work ahead of us and very talented teams to beat to get to Georgetown.
  9. Palestine has a warm up match against Center on Monday March 26th
  10. You are right. Lets not even have a soccer season and just give them the state championship trophy right now. I do think they had a few more seniors that started last year then what you claim. Kilgore has to be favored for sure going into the season. Bridgeport has a lot of starters coming back and they played Kilgore to a SO in the championship match last year
  11. Under Control? That's why there is a coach on the ground with his shirt pulled up to his ears. Looks like he was part of the fight if you ask me. If the cop doesn't pepper spray and then the fans come out of the stands he gets hammered for not doing enough. Those situations can get out of control so quickly. Great job by the police to clear up that mess that is embarrassing to both schools. When is it alright for kids to fight on the field? NEVER! If they get in a fight at our school in the halls they go to DAEP for 45 days. Is that held true for if they get in a fight on the field? Coaches need to control their kids, period!
  12. Jeffress throws a 100mph? Is this guy just a rental?
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