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  1. yea ive known about aldridge and trey but other than that i have SEEN anyone else cause ive only seen varsity play.
  2. yeah ive heard the young talent at whitehouse is out of this world. but i havnt seen it.
  3. Hey Slick I think Whitehouse would win the game. Celina's a tough 3A team, but Whitehouse is i PROMISE a tough 4A team, they're well coached and have some talent. Attaways a Senior coming back to run the offense. dont be suprised if Whitehouse wins it by a few points guys, since Mcfarlens been there have u noticed the talent level go up ? luke shivers - TCU running back, Jimmy kennedy - TJC reciever, Stephen Hicks - Signed with Colorodo. ..... they have some talent with some great coaches is all im saying.
  4. yeah im not saying all of the teams in the district arnt tough or even that Whitehouse would beat everyone, but the district OVERALL is weak. compared to others. I agree Kilgore has had Whitehouse's number and Nac will probably be a pretty good team but i mean you have to agree about the district overall.
  5. THATS what im talking about. bout &%$^ time for a schedule like this. Im excited guys, if Whitehouse goes into district undefeated it WILL command some attention, Sulpher Springs with Rollison, the 9th ranked player in the NATION, AND ryan young, quick running back from alba ? Sulpher Springs is set to do some damage, and then Celina !? and not to mention playoff teams like red oak ? that pre-district is tough but in my opinion its NEEDED, with IMO whats a weak district.
  6. Just a thought, i love whitehouse basketball and always will but even im aware of their consistant abilty to have short playoff stints. its tough, but do you guys think a whitehouse win friday will get the monkey off the programs back ? they beat pearce by 21 and pearce beat Highland park earlier in the year, so theres no doubt imo they've solidified the fact that they're for real. as a fan im hoping to see them cruise through the region and make some REAL noise. but what would a win mean, what would a loss mean ? in your opinion.
  7. Whitehouse beating Richardson Pearce by 21 points in the second round of the playoffs is pretty impressive. When you include the fact that Whitehouse has consistantly played EXCELLENT through the regular season and then go one and done in the playoffs, then they not only beat Terrell in the first round, but POUND a Pearce team by 21 points, the same team that knocked them out last year.
  8. Hey cole i agree, they cant be intimidated. but i dont think they will, i see them controlling the game and playin good defense.
  9. mAAAAANNNNNN WHITEHOUSE VS SOC ..... been waitin for the tournament ALL year long. SOC is big, and tough, and good, as always, but there not a top 10 team IMO. a little overrated but eh, goes with the name. coach dawk 'll have em' ready to play. im sure hes strategizing.
  10. Id LOVE to see Whitehouse play Longview next year, Whitehouse will have premier leadership in Brady Attaway, not to mention one of the best QBs around. along with some returning recievers and a good defense. i dont know much about longview, but id def. pay to see the game.
  11. Pancakes, Even though Whitehouse is disciplined, and the actuall team lets there play do the talking, they still tend to rub teams the wrong way, Whitehouse can play some basketball, there usually suburban white guys, who just grow up through little dribblers and in the recent years through AAU tournaments. The guys that start out at whitehouse are the Whitehouse Basketball Starters. thats it, they usually dont play anything else, they eat sleep and breath basketball. When in many other situations you'll have multi-sport athletes transfer over after football season and what-not, at White
  12. you know, its gonna take a WHOLE WHOLE LOT for a pinetree, hallsville, jacksonville or Nac to do alot of damage in the district if longview moves down. Longview would make the playoffs, its a givin, Coach Mcfarlin will have Whitehouse ready to play against anyone, just check his resume, 25-5 in the last 2 years ? 2 playoff losses ? really not that bad. 11-1 in one of the toughest districts in the state ? says enough, kilgore is traditional great, they're always tough and u can usually lock them into a spot. and then theres the wildcard in 12-4A. that 4th spot is gonna be interesting. Off
  13. yeah brady its a def. down year for SOC. and a lincoln team rivaling chris bosh's lincoln team ? ? ? ? they would have to be ranked number 1 in the nation and finish the season undefeated and win a national title. which isnt happening anytime soon. alot of people just DONT know how good that Dallas Lincoln team was that Bosh played on back in '02. That #1 ranked Lincoln team was tried and tested, they beat, at the time, #4 ranked in the Nation Cedar Hill, which is a 5a school, 64-63 at the buzzer. I was at the game, Daniel horton, cedar hills star that went on to Michigan, stole the
  14. ha i dont even gotta read this .... pine tree took a beatdown, plus they're unclassy ?! doesnt get much worse.
  15. glad to see some nice gyms goin up around the area ... i HATE it when i go to some ramshackle gym to watch whitehouse play. whitehouse doesnt have a gym, they have an ARENA ! that gym sounds nice tho.
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