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  1. Bulldogs prolly go them a little sore. I say Teneha.
  2. FFA by 10 car lengths Ag class or Home Ec.?
  3. Good entertainment. The rain delay and the SwagWagon were definitely the highlights.
  4. I got my DCFM at Carthage WalMart today. It was in sporting goods!
  5. Think the Lobos will be too much for the Panthers.
  6. O= Manning, Payton, Rice D= Strahan, Sanders, LT
  7. 90% of these Dems want to give illegals free health care and citizenship.
  8. 4thekids


    Conor Mc.G Chuck Norris Or Charles Bronson
  9. Nightcrawlers Canadian Crawlers or Bloodbait?
  10. SFA has a good chance of making noise in the Southland Conference. Hopefully both schools can get things rolling.
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