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  1. Gilmer will have to figure out a way to stop this guy...
  2. I'm going with Harleton. Everyone keeps saying they're going down, yet every since their loss to L-K they've been rolling opponents, getting stronger and stronger. Not sure how damaged Wallace is but if he's healthy, look out!
  3. Too much hollering and never give the score.
  4. Don't let #12 get in open space and #6 is another scatback. #3 won the 100m at the regional track meet-if he's even, he's leavin'. Jefferson has more weapons than you think.
  5. Jefferson is in the same situation that Malakoff was in last year. Maybe they can play keep away and create a turnover or two. You never know.
  6. Calpreps has it: Malakoff 30 Jefferson 28 (Neutral field)
  7. Mt Vernon High School gets the win.
  8. This Harleton interception is the straw that broke the camel's back!
  9. Really thought Hooks would bring some heat last night but Jefferson was unstoppable.
  10. Only 4 teams make the playoffs (which is too many anyway), so which 4 do you think will make it?
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