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  1. Most of the kids playing in the minors will be college age, where they are prepared for the NFL. The kids that are looking toward the NFL can draft early so they don't have to follow collegiate requirements. If you believe college football is as far as you wil go, take the scholarship and develop academically.
  2. Each NFL team creates their own minor league club Future NFL drafts include high school graduates that don't opt out their senior year If you get drafted and sign to play for a minor league club, or straight to the NFL, you forfeit your amateur status and can never play college football If you decline the draft and accept an athletic scholarship you cannot opt out for future drafts until after 4 years, excluding a redshirt year, of college participatio Just my thoughts and I would love to hear other opinions or ideas
  3. Two Jefferson "fans" had to be ejected from the Elysian Fields gym earlier this year for going after a referee during a girls game!
  4. Not going by their record so much but by points allowed. 40 points/game including over 200 allowed through the last 4 games!
  5. Overachiever - Mt. Vernon, 4th in district yet make it to the state semifinals Underachiever - Jefferson, only 3 wins and gave up 402 points (school record)
  6. Don't you get it? If fans don't wear masks or social distance themselves, and they still don't have increased cases, it makes the UIL look like a bunch of idiots.
  7. Not at all! It means you can't play if you've been around someone who's been around someone who's been around someone that tested positive. The lunacy never stops.
  8. "Ankle bone connected to the shin bone Shin bone connected to the knee bone Knee bone connected to the thigh bone Thigh bone connected to the hip bone"
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