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  1. This is quite an honor - I've been "out of pocket" (as they say) & have not been posting as frequently as in the past -- I'll talk to everyone soon - THANK YOU #hof
  2. Haven't posted for a while but I still like to check this site out. Brent keeps me informed but it is not the same as being "in the battle" every day. I was sidelined by a short hospital visit but think that I am on the top of that deal now ! Love to read up on the latest when I am able to.
  3. Time for the Rangers to finish with the health issues and put their drive for AL West flag back into all ahead full. Let's Go Rangers !!!!
  4. Lost my father and a brother to cancer. Sad day for the Gwynn family and baseball fans all over the world. God will raise him up and bring him home. Godspeed, Tony. You will be dearly missed.
  5. Have been semi-converted on the loyalty list now that Alex is studying in Austin and doing quite well so far. He has a 3.38 GPA and says he will try to get that up to a 4.0 before he is done. Will always be an LSU Tiger fan and loyalist. I guess since Alex is still my hero I will remain loyal to him. I will still wear an LSU hat if I go to an event in Austin. He will just have to get over it.......hopefully.
  6. Rangers need to get the health issues taken care of as soon as they can. We need all the arms on deck to make up for the non pitchers .
  7. Rangers need to get off the edge of the cliff and get ready to play. Hopefully when the healthy Ranger squad comes back we can make a run at the right time.
  8. Rangers reached the "quarter pole" in the baseball marathon. Considering all of the ailing arms they have had they are doing fair being only 3 1/2 games back in the West. Looking forward to a healthy staff that can lift this group up. Swinging the bats would help just a little...............hopefully.
  9. Ah for the days when Cheapy and myself and my son went to Surprise two out of three years. Now with my son at UT the scheduling involved it is harder to get all three of us freed up.
  10. Played with our ol' buddy Red Murff................and a bunch of other All-Stars and Hall of Famers ........!!
  11. Wilt Chamberlain Big Zeke from Cabin Creek
  12. 'just got back from a computer hiatus, but I'm back .......... I saw this on Cheapy's Facebook page & thought it was appropriate .......... especially tonight!!!!!!
  13. When he got a raise and was told that he was making more money than the President, Babe replied....."Well, I had a better year than he had.......!!!!"
  14. Since when do the cowboyz ever hold the rules with any regard. They are "Amaruca's team" remember. Hope they lose by two touchdowns and virtually eliminate themselves from the playoff hunt. How bout dem cowboys rears it head again...........
  15. How bout that Grand Canyon like 483 foot sign in center............that was a long drive by Wertz thatwould have been a homer anywhere else.........Those were the days !!
  16. Cool rainy day in Tyler after High School football kicked off with some scrimmages locally. I went to the Whitehouse-Gilmer game.

  17. If you don't believe that there were more than two shooters involved you are totally disillusioned and frankly not one of the sharper tools in the shed. With a bolt action rifle and a bad view of the actual area where Kennedy was hit, trying to tell the court that Oswald acted alone just is not possible. I have been two or three shades of blue in the face trying to explain this over the years and still have found myself talking to a group of individuals that are either totally lost or just plain ol' lost in space ignorant. Besides that, trying to prove without a doubt, any of what each s
  18. "The Rogers Centre" sounds like a tennis complex or a dance hall in Quitman.
  19. But......by that time it was too late. The bang had already got you !!
  20. Having seen this Heath group last night in Whitehouse, I don't think the Cats have much hope here. Heath has too many weapons, way too many. Love Cats athletics and they have had a great year but this is going to be their last game tonight. Coach Jenkins did a great job this year and this team showed a lot of heart all year. This group will be a good bunch next season. Go Cats, Go !!
  21. Good potential but guy only has 58 plate appearances in his "career". Long way to go before he deserves to worry about Cooperstown plaques.
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