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  1. so when that monster with a huge rack walks in front of you and you kill it with your bare hands in fair fight. Oh wait, you lay it out with one shot from a high powered rifle. sorry, deer hunting isnt my cup of tea.
  2. the bridge is nicer, and since i didnt live there for that long i dont miss the tunnel, everyone says it was cool, but it was only 2 lanes, sounds kinda scary maybe glad i missed that one.
  3. Am i the only person on smoaky totally stoked this is about to come out? WHO LIVES IN A PINEAPPLE UNDER THA SEA?
  4. i dont think the graphics are that bad, but ive liked nintendo snce i was little bitty, and i am a Zelda fanatic. but there is still no question that objectivily speaking, Xbox is the best.
  5. it was really good, i liked alot of the quotes about how if everyone is special thats just another way of saying no one is. and that a graduation from fourth grade to fifth is just another way to reward mediocrity.
  6. no, shrek was dreamworks. they werent affiliated with disney like pixar (not 100%)
  7. any electronics Guru will tell you that X-box is all around better. Game Cube isnt that bad, it has teh zelda and resident evil series.
  8. The Lion King. i still get upset when mufasa dies.
  9. if they are getting tax money as funding, i dont think thats right. but they are a private organization so that means if they dont want gay leadership, then they can eliminate it. its kinda how there can be a Gay club, a Black club, but no White club, or Straight club. boy scouts can be a straight club if tehy want.
  10. yeah, those bullard cops had pretty good aim blowing out those tires, i wonder if it was 5-0????????:thumbsup:
  11. most people misunderstand the way the car and the back seats were arranged. and once again i never said he acted alone, i just said that was the only shooter.
  12. I'm also in favor of child abusers being molested in prison, if that helps establish things. "Instant karma's going to get him, if I don't get him first..." i know a prison guard, he said that child molesters dont last long in prison. with the kind of publicity that peterson got, i dotn think he will last long in a place like pelican bay without some major security.
  13. well in this show they made the same shot with one shooter, in the exact same situation. then they took the demonstration to a doctor without telling him what he was looking at and he said their were multiple gunmen. They even used an austrailian company that specializes in making exact replicas of the human body. I dont seem to be getting any reply for what im saying.
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