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  1. It is a noble cause when I team comes to play knowing that they are fixing to get stomped. I have played on teams that got stomped 1970/71 for example new coach arrives and we still don't win a game 71/72 next year 10-0 72/73. I said that to say this you should play the game because the experience for those young men is very important. I want to play you because you are good and if I live I will learn a valuable lesson and that lesson is I am not very good right now hopefully we will get better in the future. if Covid is not romping through your football team you should show up to play. Good l
  2. Tucker is the only guy on the team with a OPS above 900 he is at 911, got great pop and is hitting close to 300. Has a great future so it seems hopefully in Houston.
  3. Never ate any Ben and Jerry ice cream but I can't find my old ice cream anymore either
  4. I think EF canceled because Waskom is playing QC JV Thursday night
  5. It has to be terrible to not know a war is being waged on you.
  6. He would have a good practice in Texas tell him to come on down and get out of that lost God forsaken land called Oregon.
  7. The United States has also begun bolstering beleaguered Taiwan’s defenses. The Biden administration approved the sale of advanced howitzers to the island nation last month, another move that Beijing denounced. Taiwan’s government announced a plan on Thursday to spend an additional $8.7 billion on defense over the next five years, over and above its already growing defense budget. This is intended to expand and modernize the nation’s ability to repel a Chinese invasion. The United States should provide whatever weaponry Taiwan requests as part of this package to demonstrate its commitment to pr
  8. But it has served her husband very well or at least crony capitalism has
  9. Somebody said they would get it and wiped the glass off, good job and may I encourage you to keep the good job up
  10. Finally we are to the unfogged part of the glass
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