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  1. How is it ignorant? I made a comment on what a certain group of people say. I am not bashing them for saying it. I was just stating an observation.
  2. Don't answer my question with a question. You made the comment calling it racist, I asked how it is racist. Still waiting for the answer to my question.
  3. Not trying to bash you at all so please do not take this question as a bash. I am just trying to figure out where you stand. Do you want baseball to be played like golf? Where making noise is not allowed.
  4. How in the world did you find that racist? And that post wasn't trying to be funny.
  5. Yes I have. What's your point?
  6. The smell of fresh cut grass mixed with icy hot. That wooooooo sound black folks make during the sprints. *my favorite* A kid getting ready for their event and there is a look in their eyes that says they are no longer with you, they are completely focused on the task at hand and in another world. This is not to be confused with the blank "I have no idea what you are talking about" aka confused puppy look a teenager normally has. As far as clapping for the kid goes. I clap for them cause they still have to stones to finish when they know they aren't going to win and they are dead last
  7. If you think he only cares about winning you are sadly mistaken. But thank you very much for the good laugh comparing him to Charlie Sheen. That is the funniest thing I have heard in a while. But to try and slander a man that has dedicated his adult life to bettering young men and women is nothing less than sad and classless on your part. There aren't many coaches respected more than Adair. You might want to try and go after someone else cause John Adair is way out of your league. That man would do anything for a current or former athlete. There is no doubt in my mind that if there w
  8. Skeeter are y'all using a big decoy spread? How many mojos? Any jerk lines or any other type of decoys? Like a pulsator? We have used huge spreads and small spreads, jerk lines, and up to three mojos. Nothing is working. We will have a few groups of teal come in early and a few gadwalls come in but they aren't liking what they see for some reason.
  9. It has sucked. Even the gadwalls have been skittish when coming into the decoys. I hunted a lake this past weekend and saw about 10 groups of snows fly over. I am afraid the migration is going to hit in full force during the split. I have other friends that have limited out but we have only shot a few ducks each time we go out. Had some hollywoods land in the decoys last weekend but nobody wanted to shoot them.
  10. I have a Remington Sportsman model 48. They aren't too expensive but it shoots true and it only gets taken out (every once in a while) for dove or skeet. The problem I have is I don't look at it as a tool and that for that reason I don't use it that often. All my guns are tools, if I am scared they will get scratched or dented then they don't get taken out except for special occasions. I would recommend everyone buy an 870, it is the best shotgun out there for the price. I have dropped mine in the water twice took it cleaned all the dirt off it and it shot like nothing ever happened. Yo
  11. Was out with a nursing student before the elections, the last presidential elections. She started talking politics. her : I don't think I am going to vote for President Bush again. me: Why would you vote for him, he isn't running. Her : yes he is. me : the first President Bush is running again? her : What? No, the current President Bush. me : ummm you do realize there is a two term limit and he is currently on his second term. her : the is no two term limit. me : (waiting about 30 seconds for her to start laughing cause she has to be joking) her : what school did you go t
  12. I think it is funny how Texas fans are talking about Davis calling bad plays while Nebraska fans do the same thing about Watson.
  13. How so? As a Nebraska fan I felt he was biased for Texas. You could hear the kissing of Mack's rearend on the broadcast.
  14. A pass interference call on a ball that was not catchable and was being thrown away. Two fade routes caught out of bounds that should have been touchdowns(NU's fault not officals). Kunalic's kick out of bounds. I just can't help but wonder what could have been. I still wish they would have left Cody Green in the game. Congrats to Texas. They better pick it up against BAMA.
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